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I received a message in the background. The reader said that she was 20 years old and pregnant. The other party had a family. She wanted to give birth to a child. She brought it by herself. I didn’t know if it was right or wrong.

The news surprised me. When I was 20 years old, I was still in school and felt that she was a "child", but she decided to have a child and raise alone. Does she really know what it means?

After a few words, I asked if I could add a friend, she agreed.

So I knew the girl’s story.

The girl’s parents were divorced, and she worked alone.

The man was a training instructor when she joined the job. The lesson he taught was very good, humorous, and very friendly to colleagues.Since joining, she has appreciated him very much, but she is limited to appreciation.

But one day, this man who had been a training teacher suddenly said he liked her.She has always been very impressed with him before. She has any problems and loves him to ask him. He always helps her solve it.But she refused because he knew that he had a family. On the table of his desk, there was a group photo of their family. The colleagues knew that his family was happy.

It didn’t take long for the other party to confess twice and kissed her. In the end, she failed to resist his offensive and was with him.

This is the first time she likes a person, the first kissing, and the first time with people. Deep in her heart, I also feel that there is a family who do it by himself, but she really likes him.

But she vaguely felt that he was not as good as before, and he told her anything before, what she didn’t understand, and asked him that he would also tell her that after a substantial relationship, she often felt specialawkward.

The following is the girl’s dictation:

"He is very busy and often travels. Every time he returns, he will come to me. I think he just wants to sleep. Because every time we just meet, we are like a loved couple in love, but after we are separated, we are waiting for us to separate.It’s like breaking up, don’t contact me much, he rarely contacted me, I took the initiative to join him, he always said that he was busy. I think I feel deeply affectionate to him, but what do he think of me, but I don’t, but I don’t do it, but I don’t do it, but I don’t, but I don’t, but I don’t, but I don’t, but I don’t, but I don’t.It is clear that because he never said that he likes me like me, so I was very entangled, and I felt that we were more like the relationship between artillery friends.

I don’t like this state very much, and I have been determined to forget him.But every time I almost forgot him, he returned again, and it lasted for several months in this way, and we have never stopped.

Recently, I thought about resigning, leaving the city, and changing a living method.On the 16th of this month, he came back on a business trip again. He came to me again. I refused, but in the end, I compromised.

I didn’t expect that I would get pregnant. After telling him, he said that the work was particularly busy, and I came back to deal with it when I was busy.I asked him, did you kill this child?He asked what you thought?

I know he is ‘selfish’, but I like him, and I like this child.I don’t want to kill this child, but the child dad has a family, and I am not able to raise him alone.I don’t know what to do now?"

A large paragraph of self -described, I saw me a little suffocating.Why do you know that the man is "very selfish" for her, and is obsessed with obsession, and even wants to give birth to a child?Is it deep in the heart and want to use this child to play. I hope a man will divorce and marry himself?

Obviously, the girl met a scumbag.He has a family, but he is still uneasy. He tried to hook three and four outs. He used the goodwill of the girls who were not involved in the world and entering the workplace. Training lecturers and cared about newcomers was his favorable weapon.

I even doubt that this man may not only start with a girl, and he is likely to have done similar things before.

This case reminds me of Luo Zijun’s encounter in "My First Half Life".After Luo Zijun’s divorce, she stepped into the workplace and met Duan Xiaotian, who had tried to seduce her.

Duan Xiaotian is also a small leader. After discovering Luo Zijun’s resume, not only did he dismantle it, but also helped her confuse.

In this regard, Zijun was originally grateful for him, but soon, she found that he actually had another attempt.Not only did he greedy Luo Zijun’s credit to invite the boss, he also tried to seduce Luo Zijun as his mistress, but also said with a word, "My marriage is unhappy, and marriage is the most stupid and absurd form."

Duan Xiaotian’s income is good, his appearance is OK, and he is even "grace" to Zijun.

But how did Luo Zijun refute?Thank you, the money you earn, and you want me to be your mistress, you are too self -motivated!

Luo Zijun used to have excellent family conditions, and suffered injuries in emotion. She knew that it was only herself who could rely on herself. What kind of man like Duan Xiaotian wanted, she couldn’t know it, so she clearly told Duan Xiaotian not to fight any little nine nine, you still, you stillNot enough.

May I ask, if the other party is not Luo Zijun, but a little girl who is not deeply involved in the world, is Duan Xiaotian possible to succeed?When a man who seems to be a little bit of achievement tells you like you, talks with you about ideals, and talk about life, will you have such a little bit of excitement?Even if you do n’t want to understand, can you understand, he just wants to sleep, at a very low price.

Why are little girls who are not involved in the world and are easily deceived?Because they are "true in love", it is easy to treat a man who is better to her as the world.But in fact, this kind of family of men just wants to seduce you, calculate you, and find some fun other than marriage. You think you meet true love, but he is a friend of you.

So my persuasion for this girl is to kill this child and stay away from this kind of scumbag, and learn to love yourself in the future.

In the middle of the night, soothing this girl, I asked Lao Qin, what if our daughter encounters such a thing in the future?Lao Qin was amused by me, I guess, he must not think so much.

However, when this girl told me about this, my first idea was that if this happened to my daughter, how can I deal with it?

Lao Qin asked, what is the situation in her family, and her parents feel good?

I said that her parents were divorced, and she was not with her parents, and she was alone.

I didn’t ask carefully, is there not enough family warmth to get in the process of growth and have a hole in my heart, so in the face of a man’s so -called "care", I grabbing it like a life -saving straw.What about everything?

What should we do to make our daughter a girl who loves, confidently, and discern right from wrong, and can resist the temptation?

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