"After pregnancy, I am insomnia." How do I sleep after my baby?Don’t be nervous, this is the most correct

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Not long ago, the local radio station reported a "terrorist pregnancy" program, and they were panicked at night. Moreover, there was a little bit of pain in the story of the protagonist.

In other words, the two couples who are very in love are finally having a baby over thirty -five years old, but after the baby is pregnant, the wife will get up and walk several times every night, and she opens her eyes with a big eyes and does not sleep. Soon, the wife will be.Due to lack of sleep, the gall was poor, and it was easy to be frightened. When there was a wind blowing the grass, he was sweating. He cried from time to time at night, and often woke up his husband.

Under the care of her husband and psychologist, the wife said that her "crazy" process started to feel that her back pain and stomach were uncomfortable.Because I can’t sleep often, I feel afraid of sleeping, but I dare not take medicine randomly, and I am afraid that my rest will not hurt their children, so they perform very well.

This is actually not a single case. Many new pregnant mothers will face such a difficult situation, but they are just different symptoms. Especially for elderly women, this kind of concern is more likely to have.Different, but the pain must be the same.

① Affects mother health

Ordinary people do not sleep, they will have problems with skin and resistance, let alone pregnant women with one life.Night is the time for the rest of the viscera. If you do not sleep, the hearts such as the heart will not be rest. The chances of various diseases will increase in the long run.

② Affecting children’s development

If the pregnant woman is not resting well, the body function will become worse, metabolism and hormone secretion will also occur abnormal, and they cannot meet the nutrients and environments that the baby needs.Even if there is no abortion, it will cause the child to be incomplete, and the intelligence and body will be affected.

③ Increase the rate of abortion

Women’s bad living habits during pregnancy will lead to an increase in miscarriage rate. Due to the weakening of body function, the growth environment of the fetus will be destroyed, and it is difficult to conceive in the future. Before the body is raised, habitual abortion often occurs.

④ It is more difficult to recover after delivery

Even if the child can be born safely, but due to poor sleep during pregnancy, women will be injured. Postpartum recovery will be more difficult and slower. It is often more happy than women who are in good habits.Ovarian function will also be affected.

What kind of sleeping position during pregnancy is better?

Early intervention of insomnia during pregnancy is very important. In the early stages of pregnancy, the pregnancy belly was not obvious. The mother’s uterine wall could bear external pressure to protect the safety of the fetus.Plant aromatherapy can also be used.

In the second trimester and late pregnancy, as long as pregnant women do not sleep on their stomachs, it is not a big deal, but lying flat can easily make pregnant women feel uncomfortable with breathing, so lying on the right side of the right side, do not worry too much.The function can protect the fetus when it is slightly crashing in the outside world.

★ What should I do if there is no insomnia?

If the insomnia during pregnancy is severe, it is recommended to seek the help of a professional obstetrics and gynecology clinician, and it will not be delayed.

Music is also a good treatment method. Light music and plant aroma, warm color under the warm color, and accompanying her husband, pregnant women are often easier to sleep.Be sure to ensure the quietness of the environment. Do not happy during the day. Warm milk can also help sleep. Women who like to drink red wine to help sleep, as long as they are not available, it is not necessary to drink some as a spiritual substitute.

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