"Auntie" after abortion is happy

Xiao Wang had an artificial flow in pregnancy because of accidental pregnancy. He did not have menstruation for more than 2 months after surgery. He found that Xiao Wang was pregnant again, and Xiao Wang instantly collapsed to no tears.She said that she had the same room after a month after the doctor’s doctor’s advice. Besides, she did not have menstruation. Why would she get pregnant again?

After artificial abortion

How long

Menstruation is tide?

After abortion, the previous menstrual cycle was disrupted, and menstruation will come about 30 days after general abortion.There will be a short abnormal abnormalities, and menstruation such as menstrual disorders such as menstrual periods, different periods, and amenorrhea occur after artificial abortion.This situation is generally returned to normal after 2-3 months.Therefore, the menstrual tide of menstruation after abortion surgery varies due to personal constitution and ovarian ovulation time.However, if you do not have menstruation one month after surgery, you should go to the hospital to review in time. The possibility of retention, uterine cavity adhesion, and cervical tube adhesion.Doctors will also give corresponding guidance and treatment based on the results of the inspection.

How long after abortion

Can you have sex?

After abortion, the pelvic cavity is congested, and the endometrium is still to be repaired. If sexual behavior occurs prematurely after surgery, pelvic cavity infections may be brought. Poor uterine endometrial repair may further lead to endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, secondary occurrence, secondary occurrence, secondary cavity disease, secondary occurrence, secondary causeInfertility, so it is recommended to prohibit sexual life within a month after abortion, which can minimize the potential complications brought by abortion surgery as much as possible.

After the abortion surgery, most people have returned to normal ovulation function for about 22 days, but because of individual differences, ovulation may be pushed in advance or pushing back. If you accidentally "wipe the gun and go fire", you must remember to take contraceptive measures.If Xiao Wang can understand the relevant knowledge, there will be no embarrassing things to get pregnant again after the abortion.

Kind tips

There will be a small amount of bleeding after the abortion surgery. Generally, the bleeding will be clean about a week. If the vagina is still dripping after a week, it is recommended to go to the hospital for review.

If the menstrual flow after abortion, the menstrual flow is significantly reduced, and the lower abdomen is accompanied by anal swelling, consider whether there is an endometrial damage, uterine cavity adhesion, and cervical tube adhesion. It is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment.

Focus on

The abortion surgery is definitely not like the "easy three minutes, painless abortion" in the advertisement. It has a variety of damage to women, and some may cause lifelong regrets!Therefore, if female friends have no fertility requirements, they must take scientific contraceptive measures!Reduce damage caused by non -willing pregnancy pedestrian flow!


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