"Auxiliary drugs" of cancer patients

In these two days, the temperature drama dropped, and many areas even fell below zero. Coupled with the rain in the next day, everyone could not avoid the cold and the body, which caused the yin and yang to decline.

So during this period, we need to make up for nourishment.Especially for tumor patients, this "supplement" is more particular about it.Therefore, the author recommends supplementing food therapy.

"Han Yitong" states: "The beef beef gas, the same merit with Mian Astragalus." "Five Miscellaneous" cloud: "Sea cucumber warmth, foot enemies ginseng, so it can be seen." It can be seen that many foods are used well.It can also be the value of equivalent drugs.

Therefore, Chinese medicine always said that medicine supplement is not as good as food supplement.In particular, some medicines are homologous, and the nature is relatively peaceful, almost non -toxic, and there are no side effects when eating often.It is equivalent to treating diseases, and food can be hungry.

Yam, tonic

Among these medicines and foods, what the author has to mention is the most familiar and most commonly eaten thing -yam.

In the era when the Southern Song Dynasty was deserted and his per capita was less than 60 years old, Lu You was 86 years old and he was in his early life.He loved yam for half a life, and even wrote a poem for yam.Prior to Lu You, the Tang Dynasty Poetry Du Fu also mentioned poetry for yam.It can be seen that as early as ancient times, yam had existed as a "net red".

Li Shizhen’s "Compendium of Materia Medica" once evaluated yam can "strengthen the spleen, nourish and solid the kidneys, treat all diseases, and heal five labor and seven injuries."In "Shennong Materia Medica", it is also listed as a supplement to the top, and has the reputation of "villain ginseng".

In addition, yam is also rich in many trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. It is warm without sharpness, slightly fragrant and not dry. Clinically, it is often used as a "auxiliary drug" for cancer and chemotherapy and postoperative body deficiency.

But how to eat and eat, and how can medicines use medicines, how can medicines and eat yam in the same source of medicines exert their maximum effects?The way of eating is sophisticated.

There are many ways to eat this thing, steaming, frying, and stewing, but the most recommended thing in the author is to make yam into desserts, such as yam cakes, yam rolls, or directly dip the yam to dip sugar.

Because the production process needs to add a large amount of sweetener, syrup, jam, etc., and sweets can hinder the digestion of the stomach and easily cause symptoms such as fullness.In addition, the starch content of yam itself is high, and it will also be converted into glycogen in the body. In addition, it will not only play the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, but it will hurt the spleen and stomach.

In addition to the method of steaming yam that I have always mentioned on weekdays, Zhang Xichun, who is known as "Zhang Yam", also recommends a good yam food method -yam+egg yolk.It is very suitable for cancer, which can enhance appetite. It is very applicable to those who are weak after chemotherapy or often feel accumulated on weekdays.

Yam egg yolk porridge

[Ingredients]: 1 catties of Shenghuai Yam, 2 to 3 cooked egg yolks.

[Method]: Crush the cooked egg yolk, squeeze the yam into powder, add cold water to the pot, add cooked egg yolk, boil on low heat, and constantly stir the ingredients with chopsticks during the period.Porridge.

In addition, there is a food and nourishment of the stomach, which also uses yam.From the "Shoushi Baoyuan" of Gong Tingxian, a well -known Chinese medicine medicine in the Ming Dynasty.It can strengthen the spleen and qi, and the stomach is damp."

Bayu Food Sanixing Stomach Fang

[Ingredients]: Yam, Pueraria, corn, Atractylodes, Poria, red dates, wolfberry, stalk rice.

[Method]: Peel the yam and Pueraria to peel and paste, and grind corn, Atractylodes, Poria, red dates, wolfberry, and japonica.Take it in the morning, the best time is from 7 to 9 am.

Although the yam is very good, everyone needs to polish the eyes when buying, and try to choose the fresh raw Huai Yam.

If you want to be lazy to buy yam and dry, be careful not to choose particularly white when choosing.The good yam is slightly yellowish, and the taste is slightly sweet powder. If it tastes sour, it is mostly smoked with chemical agents, and it is not eaten as much as possible!

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