"Bringing the ring" is still pregnant. Will the baby given to?Moms think too much!

A few days ago, Little Orange received a private message from a pregnant mother, saying that he could avoid choosing a "ring" in order to avoid accidental pregnancy.But recently I found that I am pregnant. I heard that the baby who was pregnant with a ring will have deformities. Want to ask if it is true?

Although the method of "ring" is widely adopted, it is often this method that is not very insurance, but some women are accidentally pregnant after going on the ring, so at this timeCan you ask?


The "ring" scientific name is an in -palace, and the abbreviation is IUD.Place them in the uterine cavity of children of childbearing age, achieve the purpose of abortion contraception through mechanical stimulation and chemical interference. It does not suppress ovulation and does not affect the endocrine system of women, so it avoids the adverse reactions of general drug contraception.Most women in my country achieve the purpose of contraception in this way.

Can the baby who is pregnant with a "ring" be pregnant?

The answer of Little Orange is that it can be!

In clinical clinical clinic, women often have a ring of nursery ringing.Stop the baby to bed.As the gestational week is extended, the baby will squeeze the ring to the side.In case of pregnancy, there is no need to stop pregnancy or ring at this time.

Why are you pregnant after going on the ring?

Under normal circumstances, the birthplace of the uterine cavity should be located at the bottom of the uterus.If the model of the birth ring does not match the size and shape of the uterine cavity, the uterine cavity is too large (greater than 10 cm), and the support of the contraceptive ring material is insufficient, or because the uterine contraction is strongly moved downward, the contraceptive can not be used normallyThe role.

In addition, the ring surgery may be a bit uncomfortable, but for most women, the pain is not too severe and can be tolerated.If you are really afraid of pain, you can do a painless surgery.The operation process is the same as ordinary ring surgery. It is just a little anesthetic in the intravenous injection. After falling asleep, the surgery is started. It will soon wake up after surgery.If menopause has been atrophied for a long time, some drugs can be used before the ring surgery to improve the atrophy of the uterus, making the surgery smoother, and the pain may be lighter.

Want to keep the precautions for babies who are pregnant

When the birthplane fails due to displacement, falling off, or too long, cause contraceptive failure, the surrogate does not need to terminate pregnancy for the birthplace factors, and maintain the ring for the time being.deal with.

That is to say, if there are no other harmful factors (such as colds, medication, etc.), pregnant mothers strongly want to ask this child, and they can choose to continue pregnancy.

However, the little oranges should remind the pregnant mothers that the pregnancy risk of pregnancy is greater than the normal pregnancy risk.Development report.

Therefore, during pregnancy, we must strictly monitor the development of the fetus in the fetus, and increase the number of output tests appropriately.

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