"Daily 5 questions" junior social workers are prone to the wrong questions

1. When the social workers estimate the problems of the service object, we must focus on analyzing from the two dimensions of horizontal and vertical.Among the following contents, it belongs to the horizontal analysis of attention ().

A. The development and change of service object problems

B. An important impact event of service object experience

C. The multi -level influencing factors formed by the problem of service objects

D. The efforts made by the service object to deal with the problem

Answer: C

Horizontal analysis: multi -level, multi -angle, vertical analysis: development and change process

2. Social worker Pony said to the service object, "I have a basic understanding of what you just talked about, including when you have troubles, what happened at the time, and how did you face and deal withIt can be seen from this conversation that the pony uses ().

A. Psychological diagnosis

B. Diagnosis

C. Classified diagnosis

D. Dynamic diagnosis

Answer: B

The keywords of the diagnosis: when, what happened, what the impact was

3. Help the service object to understand the important impact of events in the process of growth, the influence of others around others, etc. This counseling skills are ().

A. Support

B. Psychological reflection

C. Personality development reflection

D. Reality reflection

Answer: C

Keywords of personality development reflection: when, what happened, what impact is

(Note: The keywords of the second question are the same keywords of the question 3. The reason is that diagnosis is one of the characteristics of the psychological and social treatment model. Personality development reflection is one of the reflection techniques in this model)

4, (multiple choice questions) Xiao Jia has excellent grades, the goal is to admit to first -class universities.But due to the failure of the college entrance examination, he lost his arms with the ideal university.To this end, Xiao Jia kept herself in the room for a long time and refused to communicate with his family.After the social worker Xiaoliu was closed, he intends to use the crisis intervention strategy to provide services.In the following practices, those who are crisis involved in basic service content ().

A. Treatment Xiao Jia’s lost emotions

B. Guide Xiao Jia to learn relaxing skills

C. Improve Xiaojia’s ability to deal with frustration

D. Please have a successful cousin who has lost the college entrance examination and has a successful career to enlighten Xiao Jia

E. Help Xiao Jia understand the important impact of his growth process

Answer: ABCD

5. Xiaofang’s 7 weeks of pregnancy, strong reaction during pregnancy, has seriously affected normal work.According to the "Labor Law", in the following practices of the unit, the correct one is ()

A. Properly reduce the workload and work content of Xiaofang

B. Arrange Xiaofang for 3 hours at noon every day

C. After deducting Xiaofang’s half salary for people to find someone to work for Xiaofang

D. After the Xiaofang contract expires, he renewed with Xiaofang for 5 years.

E. In order to facilitate Xiaofang’s pregnancy test, agree with its elastic arrangement working hours

Answer: ABD

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