"Daily Pharmaceutical" antitussive medicine

Author: Guo Zhongzhou, Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University

Drug classification: Central town cough medicine

☆ This medicine belongs to the antitussive drug in the respiratory system, which is subdivided into central cough drugs.

☆ You Mishafen has a cough effect.It is mainly used for dry cough, such as bronchitis, cold, pharyngitis, etc.

Note: You Mishafin cannot be used for patients with asthma cough or sputum.

Note: Doctors may give you a prescription drug for other reasons.

☆ This medicine is a central cough medicine, which can inhibit the coughing effect of delaying brain cough.The general treatment dosage does not suppress breathing.

☆ If you have the following situations, you may not be able to use You Mishafen. Please tell the doctor to tell the doctor all the diagnosed diseases and the treatment plan that are being accepted:

① There is a history of mental illness;

② Severe lung disease.

☆ If you have taken monoamine oxidase inhibitory drugs (such as furazolidone and Si Lai Galan) within 14 days, you cannot take You Mishafin.The combined use may cause serious or even life -threatening toxic response, and may also cause short -term psychiatric or strange behavior.

☆ You Meishafen may affect the development of early fetuses.Pregnant women who are less than 3 months of pregnancy are disabled.If you are pregnant for more than 3 months, please consult a doctor or pharmacist before taking the medicine.

☆ Milk may contain right Michafen after medication.

① If breastfeeding women need to take medicine, please stop breastfeeding.

② If you are in breastfeeding, please inform your doctor to make better treatment options.

Oral administration.

☆ You Meishafen can be taken with or not with food, but please keep it.If you cause stomach discomfort, take it with food.

☆ Differential tablets can be served or swallowed, or you can add the pills with an appropriate amount of water to dissolve.

☆ Chew the tablet, please take it after chewing.Granuasa should be taken with warm water.

☆ Please swallow the medium -release tablet completely, do not chew or crush, so as not to produce toxic side effects.

☆ Slow -release suspension, please shake it fully before taking.

☆ After cleaning the nostrils, insert the spray head into the nostrils on the side or sides, and spray into the dose specified by the doctor.

☆ Periodic injection or intramuscular injection.Avoid repeated injection in the same part.

Note: Do not follow the doctor’s order or instructions to affect the effect and increase the side effects of toxicity.

☆ During the medication, drinking can enhance the central inhibitory effect of the right Michafen.Please avoid drinking or drinks containing alcohol.

☆ After taking the medicine, you may show drowsiness and dizziness. During the medication, please try to avoid driving, high -altitude operations, mechanical operations and precision instrument operations.

☆ If the symptoms have improved significantly after 7 days of medication, please go to the doctor.

☆ After oral administration, dry mouth, dizziness, headache, drowsiness, easy excitement, qi, lack of appetite, constipation, nausea, skin allergies and other side effects can disappear after stopping the drug.Excessive medication may also have side effects such as unclear consciousness, bronchial spasm, and respiratory suppression.

☆ After the nasal dose, the side effects of nasal stimulation symptoms, dizziness, mild drowsiness, dry mouth, constipation, nausea and other side effects may occur.

Note: You may have other side effects. If you feel uncomfortable after taking the medicine, please go to the doctor!

☆ 15mg of hydroceloracete.

☆ Pyromodoltic acid Right Meishafen Role (1) 5mg.(2) 15mg.

☆ Disted tablets (1) 5mg of hydromodiablytic acid.(2) 15mg.

☆ 30mg of hydrocelatic acid right Mishafen cache tablets.

☆ Please be stored in the shading place.

Review expert: Yu Shanshan, Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University

The above is the original work of the "Drug Safety Cooperation Alliance" volunteer. If you reprint, please indicate the author and source!

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