"Don’t peel the ginger, eat the wrong life"?Do you want to peel the ginger?Don’t eat wrong

Although ginger is a common cooking auxiliary material in life, it is also a traditional Chinese medicine. Ginger meat and ginger skin can be used as Chinese medicine after the peeling of ginger, but the medicinal properties are different.

In traditional Chinese medicine, ginger is a Chinese medicine with a warm and warm taste. It has the effect of relieving colds, relieving vomiting, phlegm and cough, which is suitable for preventing cold and cold, gastric pain and vomiting caused by stomach cold, dysmenorrhea caused by female palace cold, etc.It has a relief effect.

The ginger skin is spicy and cold, and the opposite is just the opposite of ginger. The ginger skin is mainly swollen.In addition, ginger skin is anti -sweat, and ginger is sweating. The role of the two is also the opposite, so the drug nature of ginger meat is different from the drug nature of ginger skin.


"Don’t peel the ginger, eat the wrong life"?Do you want to peel the ginger?Don’t eat wrong

Ginger skin contains a large amount of cellulose, lignin, vitamin C, antioxidant, etc., cellulose and lignin can promote gastrointestinal motility, prevent constipation and bowel cancer, vitamin C and antioxidant, which can improve the body’s immunity.Prevent colds and cancer.

However, ginger and ginger, ginger, and ginger may cause gastrointestinal irritation and discomfort. Stomach pain, diarrhea, and hot stomach are discomfort. Especially people with sensitive gastrointestinals will cause more discomfort after eating ginger skin.

It is recommended that most people remove ginger skin when eating ginger, because the nutritional value of ginger skin is relatively low, removing ginger skin can avoid unnecessary gastrointestinal stimuli and discomfort symptoms.

If you like to eat ginger skin, you can also choose not peeling. When using ginger skin, it is best to cut it into thin slices or silk to make it easier to digest.

To understand your physical condition before using ginger skin, for those who have indigestion or allergic to ginger skin, try not to eat ginger skin.

If ordinary people want to eat ginger skin, they need to control the amount of consumption, and do not eat too much, so as not to have unnecessary risks. In addition, before eating ginger skin, wash it with water to remove the surface dirt and impurities.


Is there any other precautions for eating ginger?

When choosing ginger, you must choose fresh, fresh ginger, have the effects of turbulent wind cold, warm the lungs and relieve cough. However, these effects that are not fresh will be greatly weakened. Buy the ginger home home and store them in the refrigerator.

It is best not to buy ginger with soil, because the soil will cover up the defects of ginger. You must choose fresh and non -rotten rot, no insects, no frozen and heated ginger, if there is soil on the commercial frame, it will affect the judgment.

Do not continue to use ginger after mildew, because it will produce a toxic substance that can cause cancer, and the toxicity of this substance is very toxic.

Although it is said that the worm, cold, and heated gangsters can be eaten, it cannot guarantee that there is no mildew or rotten nearby. For safety reasons, it is best not to eat it anymore.

It is edible for ginger with buds, because it does not produce toxicity after germination, but it will reduce the efficacy. When eating, remove the germination place.


Extended: Who should not eat ginger?

Internal heat

People who have hands and feet, dry mouth, dry skin, dry throat, dry throat, heat and bad breath, etc., belong to the typical heat of the body. For people with internal heat, Aggravate symptoms and are not good for the condition.

People with gastrointestinal diseases

The digestive tract mucosa of patients with gastrointestinal diseases has a certain degree of damage to a certain extent. During the treatment, the secretion of gastric acid should be suppressed through drugs to reduce the damage to the mucous membrane.

There are also volatile oils in ginger, which will promote gastrointestinal motility and stimulate gastric acid secretion. Therefore, people with gastrointestinal diseases may increase their condition after eating ginger.

Patients with liver disease

Ginger contains ebaccoin, which can easily induce liver cell necrosis and degeneration, and even cause liver cancer. Therefore, a large number of liver patients with liver disease will increase the risk of liver cancer.

And often eating ginger can cause strong liver fire in the body, damage to the liver function to induce disease, so patients with liver disease should not eat ginger.

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