"Don’t peel the ginger, eat the wrong life"?Do you want to peel the ginger?Tell you the answer

The 40 -year -old Mr. Liu (pseudonym) opened a small restaurant last year. He was particularly healthy and the weather was getting hot recently. He also remembered the proverb of "eating radish in winter and eating ginger".The restaurant often has the leftover Chen Jiang. Mr. Liu is used to cook tea, and sometimes Jiang Jiang is worn into powder.

At the beginning, Mr. Liu had nothing to do with his body. He thought it was "efficacy". After taking it for more than a month, he did not expect that his body started to get tired and had no energy. Later, he even kept diarrhea and anorexia.

When he noticed that he had a strange body, he came to the hospital, and he really found big problems.The doctor told him that his alemidase far exceeded the normal value, and other indicators were very high. The initial diagnosis was early liver cancer and further treatment was needed.

Liver cancer is the nightmare of countless patients with liver disease. Unfortunately, Mr. Liu, who is simple, does not have much savings. He did not treat it in a timely manner in a timely manner, delaying the best surgery period. After more than a year, cancer cells spread.

In the above case, Mr. Liu was causing cancer because he ate ginger?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published a study, pointing out that there is a carcinogenic effect of eczain.The study conducted experiments on mice and found that the ethyl of the camphor was transformed into acetate or sulfate. Under the long -term accumulation, he could induce liver cancer in mice.

Ginger contains ebaccoin, and many people avoid it for a while.However, there is no need to "talk about ginger change" in life, because the ebaccoin contained in ginger is 2 types of carcinogens, and there is no clear evidence to prove that human cancer is directly related to the substance.

On the other hand, not all ginger contains camphor.The Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences had tested 151 ginger, and the results showed that only 23 samples of ginger were detected to detect ebaccoin, and the amount of detection was not much.Therefore, eating ginger in moderation will not actually cause additional health risks to the body.

However, ginger cannot be taken blindly.If you find signs of rotten ginger, it is prompted to not eat it anymore.

In the rotten ginger, the camphor’s content will increase, and it is likely that there is a strong toxic and carcinogenic effect in the substance.Even if the rotten part is cut off, the toxin may spread and diffuse inside the food, so the part that does not rot cannot be taken. The whole piece of ginger should be discarded.

Most of the experienced people know that "the ginger skin is cold, and the ginger skin is hot."Although they are all ginger, the efficacy of ginger skin and ginger meat is different.Whether it is necessary to leave the skin does not have a fixed standard, mainly depends on personal constitution and ingredients.

It is generally believed that the ginger is warm, which can healthy stomach, stop vomiting and detoxify, and the ginger skin is cold, which can water and swell.When there is symptoms such as edema, constipation, and bad breath at home, it is best to bring ginger with skin. At this time, the effect of ginger skin "Li Shui" can be maximized.

When the dishes are relatively cold, you can peel and eat ginger, use ginger meat to neutralize cold, and the cold foods include crab, celery, bitter gourd, etc.In addition, patients with cold colds and cold spleen and stomach deficiency need to peel when eating ginger, otherwise the cool ginger skin is not conducive to sweating and may aggravate the condition.

There are still many misunderstandings about eating ginger. For example, some people think that eating ginger in the morning, and eating ginger at night is like eating "frost". Is this saying that it makes sense?

Ginger contains an ingredient of ginger, which has a stimulating effect on the heart and blood vessels of the human body, which can accelerate the heartbeat and vascular expansion.In the morning, the amount of activity of the human body is relatively large. Edible ginger helps to accelerate blood circulation and energy is released, so it has certain benefits.

At night, people need to rest calmly. At this time, too much ginger may be due to excessive blood circulation and excessive nerve excitement, which makes it difficult to fall asleep. Therefore, the ancients summed up the statement that did not eat ginger at night, not coming out of thin air.

However, at present people’s sleep schedule is generally late. When people sleep at dinner time, there are often five or six hours of digestion in the middle. Gingerin will not cause so long -lasting effects.On the other hand, only by taking excess ginger can accelerate vascular dilation, and the amount of normally eating ginger will not cause significant effects.So everyone can rest assured that eating ginger at night will not look like frost.

Having said so much misunderstanding of ginger, how should we eat ginger scientifically?

1. Ginger in the morning and noon to eat the best

The yang of people during the day is more vigorous. You can move more and eat more warm -tonic drugs such as ginger.The yang of people should converge at night, and eating ginger should be a small amount or not to eat.

2. Eating ginger is not as much as possible

Although ginger has a certain effect, because it is a hot food, it may occur in excessive fever such as dry mouth, thirst, sore throat, and sweat.

3. Those with yin deficiency and fire should not eat ginger for a long time

Ginger is generally warm in general, and those who have inferiority, or have pneumonia, pneumonia, lung abscess, tuberculosis, gastric ulcer, cholecystitis, pyelonephritis and other patients. Ginger should be eaten in moderation. Long -term consumption of ginger may aggravate the disease.

4, wind heat and cold should not eat ginger

Ginger boiled water should be used for cold cold, or the symptoms of cold body. It will be counterproductive when the summer heat has a cold or a cold.

Ginger can be said to be the most common ingredient in the kitchen. It is right to eat and is very beneficial to the body; if you eat wrong, you may also harm endlessly. Do you remember these ginger knowledge points?

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