"Enjoy eating" in Guiyang, no one can say "no" to potato!

With such a crop, a small one is unhappy, but many people love it.

It has a dozen names, potatoes, potatoes, yam eggs, potato … but Guiyang people are more like the name "potato".

The word "foreign" knows that the word "foreign" knows that this small crop is not produced in the native, but from the exotic objects from other peoples. In the past, it belonged to the topic of only nobles.

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From South America to China, the earliest record was Shaanxi in the 16th century. With the development of cultivation technology, when the Ming and Qing dynasties alternated, potatoes also slowly appeared on the dining table of ordinary people.

It is easy to store and high yield. It is also the main force to solve the problem of meal when the soldiers are chaotic.

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Being a staple food is also universal side dishes. Various cooking methods of fried and stir -fry and stir -fry. How can it be not loved by so many advantages.

Although everyone loves potato, it is necessary to mention Guiyang, where you love to eat potatoes in the country.

In the past, Guiyang hid in the mountains isolated from the outside world. In the era when material resources were scarce, a large number of output of potato naturally won everyone’s love.

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No need to deal with too much, throw potato on the fire and baked, the entrance is full of fragrant mouth. Although it is not as good as chickens, ducks, fish, it has an irreplaceable status in the hearts of Guiyang people.

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Guiyang children have almost all experienced the experience of secretly buying fried potato at the entrance of the school. For Guiyang people, they have eaten fried potato together on the stalls. Everyone is a good friend.

Togo, more like a ingredient, it is a snack from street hawkers, and the protagonist on the table.And its approach is divided into different factions according to the form, cut into crickets, cut into pieces, cut into silk, chopped into mud, each has a voting supporter.

Chop into mud and knead it into a pile of potato, the crispy skin is wrapped in the soft glutinous core, poured sweet noodle sauce, sprinkled with pepper noodles, and fascinated with a bite.

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The thin -cut potato chips are widening in the pot, and finally sprinkled with soul pepper noodles. This potato chipyl powder that can be seen everywhere in Guiyang’s small streets and alleys is numerous.

Togo silk and potato chips belong to the same faction, but the best way to eat the "ghostly hand" of Zheng’er’s eight classics is to grab a lot of throws into your mouth. You can show a big bag in one breath!

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Cut into a piece of potato, fried into three flavors: half a life, all cooked, and scorching crispy flavor. Then sprinkle with the unique hemp pepper noodles in Guizhou, insert a few bamboo sticks and eat it!

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Cut the potato into a wave -like wolf -like wolf. After the hot oil is removed, pour in soy sauce, vinegar, acid radish, coriander, folding ear roots, and pepper stirring.Potato!

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The method of eggbags is that the golden egg skin is wrapped in glutinous potato puree, which is very popular among Guiyang people’s breakfast choices.

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Repeatedly touched potatoes, adding crisp whistle, radish, folding ears, and more abundant taste.

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The "exposure" of Togo in Guiyang is unacceptable by other ingredients. In hot pot, cake, silk dolls, rice, and dishes … Only we can’t think of it, without it.

It is also a carrier that carries the beautiful memories of the Guiyang people, large and small.Take a bite, not only satisfied his mouth and stomach, but also warmer.

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