"Gong Han" do you know?

Among the women who are preparing for pregnancy, "Gong Han" is a very hot word. Often, people around you remind you that "so long for such a long time, is it Gong Han?" Or "Doctor, I haven’t been for so long for so long, I don’t haven’t been in such a long time.Pregnancy, my palace Han … "So what exactly is" Gong Han "?Why is it so disgusted?Will "Gong Han" really cause infertility?

What are the symptoms of Gonghan?

"Cold" has the characteristics of "quotation" and "stagnation" in Chinese medicine. Therefore, when "cold" affects the cell palace, it will affect the qi and blood circulation of the cell palace.Chang will have a small amount of menstruation and accompanied blood clots.If the "cold" affects the whole body, it will cause insufficient yang, it will be manifested as fear of cold, cold hands and feet, mental weakness, weakness, and dark complexion.

Will Gong Han really cause infertility?

"Gong Han" often manifested as symptoms such as delayed menstruation, low menstrual flow, menstrual blood color, blood clot, menstrual cold pain, etc. This is because the cell palace lacks the warmth of qi and blood, the qi and blood operation is slow, the qi and blood stagnation are stagnant, and the stagnation of qi and blood stagnation is stagnant.EssenceIf the cell palace cannot get the warmth of qi and blood for a long time, it will also affect the growth of the endometrium and the tolerance of the endometrium, and it is not conducive to the embryo’s bed and development.Therefore, "Gong Han" indirectly affects pregnancy.

What if Gonghan is?

First of all, avoid eating cold foods, such as mung beans, kelp, bitter gourd, cucumber, pear, watermelon, winter melon, persimmon, field snail (large cold), mule, duck blood, duck meat, crab, etc.When cooking, you can add hot condiments such as star anise, cinnamon, cumin, and cumin to neutralize the coldness.

Second, exercise appropriately.Exercise can mobilize the body’s yang, make the yang abundant and warm the body.However, if the amount of exercise is too large, in the state of sweat, yang will go out with sweat, but it will be unfavorable.

Thirdly, moxibustion can be performed appropriately. Ai leaves have the function of Wenyang, which can increase the body’s yang and have achieved the effect of Wen Jingtong.Women who are easy to get angry can match acupoints during moxibustion, such as the "Taixi acupoint" of the heel, and the "Sanyinjiao acupoint" at the ankle.Of course, moxibustion is not the longer the time, the better. When moxibustion is warm, reddish red, without bubbles, it can stop without pain.

Experts from Chinese Medicine reminds that the treatment of moxibustion is not applicable to everyone. If there are already symptoms of yin deficiency and heat in internal heat such as heat, thirsty, and night sweats, do not make moxibustion to avoid consuming fluids and aggravating symptoms.Therefore, whether moxibustion is needed, it is recommended to find a professional doctor to consult, and you can do it before you do it.

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