"I accidentally got pregnant, but my child and my father and I were unstable and I didn’t want to get married!"

"I accidentally got pregnant, but my child and my father and I were not very stable and didn’t want to get married. Can I" go to my father and stay in the son ‘? "Recently, Ms. Li, 38, encountered difficulties.Because the two sides have not considered marriage, the accidents this time distressed both sides."I am already a mother -in -law. Even if I don’t get married, I want this child." Ms. Li’s wishes were firm.

This is the so -called "new single mother" we now. These single mothers are not because they become single mothers after divorce, but because they choose to be single mothers when they are pregnant.

At present, the national fertility rate is constantly innovating low. In order to promote fertility, it is no longer cared for the marriage rate. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get married, as long as you have children, etc.

Many female netizens are happy. They can have their own children without getting married. They do n’t have to deal with the contradictions between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law. They have a hind leg with some bad and unreliable men. Such a life is simply beautiful and so cool.

But in life, is the lack of father love really good for children?

In fact, the personality and person of the father will have a direct impact on the growth and health of the children.

When a dad uses a warm embrace and a kind smile, he will feel the infinite sense of security and care.

If a father shows his resolute and courage, the child will get strength and courage from him.

Most mothers are very gentle. If a boy only gets along with his mother for a long time and lacks his father’s company, it will make them develop an indecisive personality and lack masculinity.The men’s mansion is more influenced by his father. During the growth process, the image of his father’s great shore can help them become brave and resolute.

In the TV series "All Good", Su Mingyu lacked his father’s love throughout his life. His father’s selfishness, timid and cowardly could not play the role of normal father’s love.

Zhu Chaoyang’s parents divorced in the TV series "Hidden Corner". His father Zhu Yongping remarried, but his new wife was relatively thin and did not let Zhu Yongping economically help Zhu Chaoyang and his parents economically.Zhu Chaoyang, who has lived in a mother who loves to suffocate for a long time, and the shadow of his disregarded parents, has caused his "anti -society" personality.

Moreover, the majority of men or women in life do not have enough financial ability to raise children alone. The reality is that the majority of ordinary women can’t even raise themselves, and raising children alone will become more and more poorer.

Ms. Li’s work is very unstable, and she often does not guarantee the night. Her boyfriends also work on the construction site. The two often quarrel together and their feelings are very unstable.Will persist together.

Do you think Ms. Li’s decision is correct?

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