"I am a pregnant woman, can I use skin care products?" What do you have any misunderstandings about skin care during pregnancy?

Modern people are too "south".

Once pregnant, pregnant mothers begin to become "suspicious and suspicious":

"I am pregnant, can I still make a mask?"

"Can I still take the toner when I am pregnant?"

"Do I have to change my skin care products?"

There are also some pregnant mothers for the health of the baby. After pregnancy, they will be idle on the side and turn on the skin care mode.It is believed that as long as you eat well at this stage, you can do everything.

"My skin is very good during pregnancy, so don’t need skin care products?"

"What skin care products do you use when you are pregnant? Just eat it and drink it!"

In fact, after pregnancy, the mother’s stomach becomes larger every day, and the hormone in the body also changes, the skin’s metabolism becomes slower, and the skin is easier to become fragile, sensitive, and dull than usual.EssenceEssence

During this period, special maintenance is needed!

Li Xiang before and after pregnancy

Everyone thinks about it, 10 months pregnant, for such a long time, if you don’t have skin care:

How can I take a selfie with my girlfriend after giving birth?

Do you want to bask in the circle of friends?

At that time, it may not even be saved by Meitu Xiuxiu … Can you tolerate it?

In fact, having children is not sick. The skin care and skin care, the beauty is beauty, and there is no need to panic.We have always advocated scientific skin care, and I will share with you today.

How to scientific skin care during pregnancy!


What ingredients should pregnant mothers pay attention to?

First of all, how much ingredients can the skin absorb?

In fact, the skin has its own natural barrier -stratum corneum.Although both horny cells and cellular gaps can penetrate ingredients, it is necessary to strive to penetrate this thick city wall: the concentration is high, the stay time is long, and many skin care products have not waited for absorption.If it is low; the molecular weight must be small, so it is easy to pass the keratinocytes or cellular gaps; the fat -soluble and oily ingredients close to the skin structure are easily absorbed by each other; there is also an ingredient in the ingredients to help open the stratum corneum.

It is not easy to meet these conditions. Even if you try hard to reach the dermis layer, there is still a little effort to enter the capillary.Therefore, most of the skin care products that are only used in skin and do not need orally. In terms of absorption, it really does not cause any harm to pregnant women.

But in case, what pregnant women need to pay attention to the following 3 components:

01. Vitamin A alcohol and vitamin Adehyde

In fact, compared to vitamin A alcohol, it is easier to affect the fetal acid A acid, especially in orally!If you are preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactation, you must follow the doctor’s advice.

The retinol is used more, and it is relatively close to A acid. If you mind, pay attention to whether the skin care products you buy are available in the skin and all transformation forms.

Class A derivatives that can be used in skin care products are vitamin A and vitamin A.Vitamin A alcohol, that is, retinol, is the most effective anti -aging ingredient in the world.According to clinical studies, pregnant women taking vitamin A with an excess of 2.5 mg may cause fetal malformations.

However, the content of skin care products is small, and the amount of absorbing through the skin is very small, and it does not produce physiological toxicity.But for safety reasons, it is not recommended to use pregnant women in principle.

02. salicylic acid

Salmonic acid is a close relative of aspirin (acetyl salicylic acid).As Aspirin has a clear role in animal experiments, but has not yet concluded that it has not yet concluded that it is Class C in the drug classification of the FDA in the United States. Pregnant women must consider carefully.

In addition, there is another saying that intake of aspirin can affect the coagulation function of pregnant women and babies.Although the amount of salicylic acid is used in the body, the amount of salicylic acid is very small in the body, but if you pay special attention, it is best to avoid using it as much as possible!

03. Diebenzone-3

Benzhenone-3 is a chemical sunscreen.Although there is no clear conclusion at this time, some studies believe that it is easy to cause allergies, and it may cause harm to the body and have a greater controversy.

▲ From "Cosmetics Safety Technical Specification (2015 Edition)"

Although both the European Union and China are allowed to use it, they both require that this component must be indicated on the label.However, the main use of this ingredient is the sunscreen in the United States.There is no need to pay special attention to other sunscreen ingredients ~


Simple skin care during pregnancy

As mentioned earlier, the ingredients of skin care products may also be absorbed into the blood by the skin, so you should streamline skin care during pregnancy. In addition to basic skin care, try to avoid excessive products.

So what is basic skin care?Cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing.

1. Mild cleansing.

Skin during pregnancy is easier to dry out than usual. Washing your face in the morning and evening can help us clean your skin and relieve skin discomfort.The cleansing of the pregnancy should be used as a mild and irritating cleansing product as much as possible.

2. Moisturizing and hydrating

Dry skin is often related to the damage to the skin barrier and the decline in moisturizing ability. Therefore, moisturizing on the basis of repair will be better than simply moisturizing.

If you feel that the ingredients are too troublesome, you can simply summarize: do a good job of moisturizing all things, whitening, anti -aging, acne, and talk about breastfeeding!


Time goes slowly and can be used safely during pregnancy

Many pregnant women brands are circulating on the market, and it is said that pregnant women can definitely use it.But in fact, each brand has a lot of products. It depends on the safety of the product itself and whether it is suitable for the skin needs of all pregnant mothers.Share two major guidelines:

· Choose regular products and use correctly.

· Reading ingredient table to understand product composition.

Xiaokui Mom and Xiaokui

The founder of the slow time, Xiao Kui, also began to realize how much choices and troubles were faced when choosing safe and reliable skin care products when choosing safe and reliable skin care products.

This is also one of the important reasons for her decision to slowly take the brand and the scientific research results from Zhejiang University Tea Research Institute.

Laboratory laboratory in Zhejiang University Tea Research Institute

Pregnancy is very hard, and every pregnant mother deserves good skin care products.And the scientific research results produced by the laboratory are reliable and reliable, and have enough confidence to recommend it to everyone.

Time slowly takes the series of skin care products through national security monitoring, and each product has a separate test report.Details Poke at Time Slow Walk Product Test Report

It is unsafe, and the ingredient table determines everything.You can also use your mobile phone to download the "Beautiful Practice APP" to help you analyze it.

In addition, why is it recommended to use slow skin care products during pregnancy?It’s simple: It is a rigorous scientific research result, and natural security is not added.

Markets are mixed. Women who hope to have a certain understanding of beauty and skin care products will no longer be blindly guided by the market. They can all enjoy natural and irritating scientific research results.

Therefore, not only do you need skin care during pregnancy, but also pay more attention to this stage than usual.As long as it is well maintained during pregnancy, the skin can be reborn in the back.

Be sure to be a beautiful pregnant woman


Xiaokui is now a lively little girl.

Xiaokui mother who pays attention to maintenance,

The skin is still enviable now …

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