"I’m pregnant, the child is yours." He looked iron, "What kind of child is pregnant …

I was pregnant six years after I broke up.

I sat in his emergency room for six years, I was pregnant, and the child was yours.His face was iron -blue, what child was pregnant for six years, and the atmosphere was embarrassed to the extreme for a while, and he didn’t recognize that I would take it.He asked me, and I was silent for a few seconds.Then I go to find him a father.Nine months later, he dragged the doctors of the main sword fiercely.

He loves beauty, and he has a blind date with a blind date, and a child comes out of the physical examination.The marriage was yellow. The matchmaker came to my house and scolded my mother. You said that your girl is a big yellow flower girl. Which yellow flower girl is two months old, the signboard is really smashed by your house, don’t later don’t.I was obscure.My mother was scolded with dog blood, and then the dog blood scolded by my mother.Who is the child’s father, I am boring and not talking.

Chen Jia, you are twenty -eight years old, not eight years old, you are still chaotic outside, do you have brains, do you want to be willing to get angry with your mother.I turned around and locked the door. I was lying on the bed. I thought that my aunt did not come for three weeks.And recently, I always feel that I have no appetite. Usually, my aunt’s cycle is not allowed, and I can’t remember it at all.I thought it was the same this time. I never thought that I was pregnant.

The child’s father is not someone else. He is my ex -boyfriend who broke up for six years. I went to the classmates two months ago. He was drunk very late. I sent him back.When I went to his house, I almost carried him in, and when I came out, I climbed away.The taxi master thought I was wrong, and I dare not say a word in the rearview mirror along the way.After thinking about it at home for a few days, I went to Gu Xiao’s hospital to queue up to pay for inspection.

Finally, I went to his department with a report. At the end of the morning, I just went in and did not lift me in the afternoon. I probably felt that I didn’t go out.He suddenly looked up and saw me. His eyes shocked and his pupils shrinking.A pair of reunion for a long time, surprised, really pretend.Why did my classmate treat me as someone else before?Chen Jia opened his back, and before the words were finished, I put the report in front of him. I was pregnant, and the child was yours.

When I opened the door to see the mountain, he looked down at the mountain, and the report was dignified. I vaguely felt that he was afraid. What child had to be pregnant for six years?His long fingers knocked on the report, "You have amnesia."We broke up for six years, and I was poisoned by him, and his face was embarrassed.You are not serious, I gritted my teeth and asked him, and he looked up at me.Chen Jiahou Mei has to regret it. Why do you think I will be the street?He didn’t look at the report sheet to write a medical record and didn’t want to care about me anymore.

Pick up you … the national essence almost blurted out.I never expected that he would not admit it, and he said that I regret it.As far as he is like a scumbag, I will never regret it all my life, even if I regret it, I must not be seen by him.I let myself calm down for a few seconds to think about what to say.You don’t think the child’s eyes are exactly the same as you.His buried head glanced at the report list, and finally sighed.right?He finally admitted that a 10 -week B -ultrasound, you told me where his eyes were.

For a moment, I felt lost, and I couldn’t wake up a person who didn’t want to be a father.Okay, then I go to find his father.Throwing this sentence, I turned out of his door.Gu Xiao is a high -necked flower of the senior medical school, which is one larger than me, and is very difficult to chase.I licked him for 4 years, and finally chased him a few months before graduation.

They all said that Gu Xiao was with me because I cried and worried Gu Xiao.Otherwise, how can a high talent that is high in the top, the fat and ugly Chen Jia, the history of the history, is like a cup for 5 months when his stomach is full.

They didn’t know, in order to chase Xiao, I lost 30 pounds, and I lost from 120 to 90. I uninstalled all takeaway software.Step apples in the morning and eat cucumber at night.After eating this for a few months, I saw the long -foot mosquito in the mosquito net drooling.Later, I was thin, but my aunt was seriously abnormal, and my sleep was seriously disordered.

All this is just to let Gu Xiao look at me.One day I ran behind him at the playground. He looked back at me for a long time and looked at me. I liked me with shame. He liked me. It must be that I walked nervously.Thinking about my opening, you are Chen Jia’s sister. He splashed me from head to toe like a pot of cold water.

I was angry and funny. I was silent for a while and gave me a bottle of water for you to go back and tell him, don’t entangle me.I took the water he gave.This is the first time that he is so close to him. His eyelashes have a long nose, and his talk is so gentle, but his words are so cold.

So we often met at the playground.After the 10th encounter, he asked for my WeChat. For the first time, I felt that I lost 30 pounds, just because I was from childhood to large, except for advertising on the street, no one had to have WeChat.I asked him to go to the movie and he did not refuse.When I was in love, I did not refuse. Even in the end I proposed that he did not refuse. Instead, I cried in the bedroom for a day and one night.

The roommate asked me that I was so sad that I was so sad. I cried and said that it was okay. It was like sending away an old man.He was like a pool of water at the bottom of the lake, calmness so that he was afraid.I just heard that his friend never dared to mention my name in front of him, and he turned his face when he mentioned it.This feels that I understand him. Such a big yacht turned the boat in my Xiaoyin ditch. Depression and atmosphere are inevitable.But say that he hates me that I am not worthy.

After graduating, I returned to my hometown to work. The monthly salary was 4,500. My mother arranged for me 10 times a year.After the other party knew it for a month, we finalized the marriage.The other party is a primary school teacher in the town. He is 30 years old and has a stable work. His parents stay in the countryside. There is a younger brother in high school. He is not easy to find such conditions.How much money can his brother go to high school?You are all 28 and you can only find a marriage if you do n’t get married.Now that the second marriage brings a baby, you must know that there is still such a sister in your house, it is estimated that it is difficult.My mother nodded at the table with a low voice. You asked clearly, do you mind our family right?You tell them to rest assured that Sister Jiajia will not drag them, we can still work when we are young.

Every time I look at my mother, I am a bit annoying. I seem to be the product that is clearly marked, or the cheapest one.My mother sent away the matchmaker, and when she left, she stuffed her a big red envelope, and everything was ready.As a result, I came out of that gear. I didn’t talk to me for several days. I was angry for a few days.

My mother came to see me in the city with a carton egg, and the rice box was wrapped in her jacket and put the rice.My mother’s hair was almost scattered, and the eggs were not bad.Did you go to the hospital for examination?

My mother carefully put the eggs in the refrigerator and asked me what to check. I didn’t play with my mobile phone. See how the child looks like?Why don’t you be at all at all.My mother said that she would pull me out, and I broke away.You really don’t plan.My mother looked at me worriedly, the atmosphere was a little embarrassed, and I was silent.It’s not that I don’t want it if he doesn’t want it, you are not too young. What should you do if you don’t want to be bad this time?Anyway, you have been on a blind date anyway, and you see that boy over me and my dad.If a person is pretty good, just knotted the marriage.When he got married, he thought about it from a distance.

Don’t take care of me to go to the hospital for surgery in two days. I sent my mother away. My mother listened to me so decisive, and I wanted to persuade me to not impulse. It was a life.When I was close, my mother was still struggling.You gave birth to Chen Yu like this that year. I took it back. My mother closed her mouth, and her eyes were very injured.Chen Yu is my sister and my mother’s dead point.Because he was an epilepsy, he couldn’t speak after 10 years old. After getting angry, I was panicked. Every time I said those words, I felt revenge but soon regretted it.

I picked up my phone and hung a number to the hospital.On the way to the way, I even seriously considered my mother’s words, otherwise I would get married.I’m thinking about if I am willing to marry Gu Xiao?How could it be unwilling.This is my dream.

When I was passing by the first floor of the emergency department, I saw Gu Xiao at a glance. A group of nurses surrounded a patient who had just sent.And he was wearing a white coat to insert the trachea for the patient, and I was fascinated by a side face. I breathed a mess, so I thought, even if I had another classmate, I couldn’t push him that night.At the moment I saw him, he also saw me, and he hurriedly looked at me and retracted his eyes to continue to rescue.

He was so busy that I didn’t dare to come forward to disturb, so he had to sit in the chair outside and waited for him.I think clearly, even if he rejected me again, I have to ask clearly, why did the classmates be as enthusiastic about me that day, but then did not recognize.Even if he doesn’t recognize the operation, he should accompany me to do it.I have no money to wait for his ten minutes.Black.Gu Xiao, six pounds, six pounds, mother and son.I shook my heart, as if being dried up.He got married and had children.Just born today, no wonder he did not admit what night was that night, no wonder he didn’t want children.

I feel a little ridiculous.He was drunk that night. Are you Chen Jia?I hesitated for a moment, but he glanced at me at a discouraged way, then what do you talk about looking for him?I asked him with a smile, debt.What debt does I smile on my debt?The whole person looked pale and helpless, and no one had played me.I heard that I lost my God’s debt, and he kissed me in the next second, and I didn’t push it away.Of course, I lost control in the future. I have the ingredients of my indulgence. On the ambiguous, I thought that at that moment, I might still love me.I don’t know how I went to obstetrics and gynecology.The whole process was harsh, and the doctor said that the HCG content was low, and the risk of thin abortion in the uterine wall was very high.The doctor wants to give me a fetal needle.I refused.

I thought Gu Xiao’s talked about what tires were still kept, and I went back in the car.The phone suddenly rang, it was a strange number.Where is Gu Xue?I haven’t made a call for six years, and I still heard his voice at once, arrogant and cold.I adjusted my breathing calm in the car. What did you find me just now?I stewed for a second and now it’s okay. He was silent for a while on the phone.We are not likely.The line was hung up, and I was just going to hang up, but he was unwilling.

I listened to your attending doctor, saying that your situation is not very good. You should come back to protect the fetal needle.I will tell the doctor, and I can only help you here.He and I hung up the phone. Whoever asked him to help him, but he sent another text message, and asked me in a hurry: Why did you become so rude now?How can I be polite?

You have to educate me here, and you might as well change two more urine to go home.He issued a question mark, and I was too lazy to return to him. He thought I was Chen Jia who was the one he was holding him that year?At that time, he sent a saying that I had to figure out carefully for a long time, chatting with him, and never dared to end his answer, and tried to find various topics.

As a result, his reply always slept. I went to take a shower. When I got home, I lay in bed and took out a group photo with him to cut it, and then rushed his head into the toilet.Dog men see ghosts, but tears still flow out.When I went to the toilet, I found a little bit of blood, thinking that my child was gone, but I didn’t fall asleep one night than I thought.After another weekend, I went to the hospital for a registered examination. This time, a female doctor named Liu Qian very beautiful.

You know Gu Xiao, why don’t you say it earlier?Dr. Liu’s sudden enthusiasm made me a little uncomfortable. Is it that he would have a girlfriend at school? What type of?I was stunned, and the question he asked was a bit beyond the doctor -patient relationship.I seem to understand that he has the idea of Gu Xiao, but Gu Xiao ’s children do n’t know. Does Gu Xiao not told his colleagues to lie to the outside world and say that he was single.

His girlfriend in college was very ordinary, and I answered truthfully: Do you have photos?I want to see him, he really didn’t die in the Yellow River.I looked directly at him and asked him to see it for 2 seconds. I was following what the photo was. He seemed to forget that I was here to check.When I thought of Gu Xiao, I had a family, and I still said that I was single, and now I was standing in a single person in the hospital. I was angry. Is he getting married?I reminded him euphemistically that he was obviously shocked to get married. I didn’t hear it. Why did you say that?

His expression was a little unnatural. He seemed to feel that I was lying. I had a headache. Is he being stolen?I had to show him that.He watched that talked about the shame to the flowers, and Dr. Gu had children.Just after you came out, a cold sound sounded behind me, and I was startled.Gu Xiao is finished, and he will definitely become angry because I break his secret.

Gu Xiao, why are you here?Dr. Liu stood up a little excitedly. When I turned around, I saw him in a white coat. It was obviously a pair of Yushu Linfeng, but his face was very dark.I had no time, he was a little angry. I thought about what he was doing. It was obviously that he was wrong, so he went out with his head.He took me to his office and locked the door after entering the door. My hand was a little nervous to hold my arms. When I spoke, I talked about what you lock the door. I looked at the door lock and didn’t want to be disturbed.He threw a word and sat on the office chair.

Then you say that in this closed room, I actually dare not look at him. You told someone everywhere that I have children. He raised his eyes and looked at me.I talked about the facts, and Dr. Liu was very good. You can’t lie to others. He didn’t look at my stomach and watched my stomach.

Hum, he smiled indifferently, and he really reached me.Why is the blind date that is not satisfied with you? When did I rely on him?The child I said is not this child. Is he a brain? Don’t be passionate about yourself. I am speechless, and I know you so much.Are you different from when you chase me now?He looked at me with funny way, and I admitted that I was stimulated by his words. Then, it is impossible, your little tricks are confused about me, do you think I can still be played by you in six years?He snorted coldly, I heard that you are about to get married, don’t entangle me, want me to get you a red envelope to get married, he feels that I want him to be a red envelope, and he really stimulates me.You really feel that you are so handsome that year, you have all the folds now.

For second -hand old men like you, I don’t think I will be interested.After I finished speaking, his smile would note that his face became even more ugly.Chen Jia will be useless to me.He got up with a calm white coat, and we broke up. Even if there was no division, I could not spoil you.I laughed, what he spoiled me, and he pretended to be emotional.You have a smile to the door with a smile, walking to the door, thinking about what you turn around, there is a kind of one don’t get drunk, hold me, cry and call the name, so I misunderstand, you still forgetI still have it, you are heavy, I point to my stomach.

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