"I’m pregnant, turn off your WiFi" Pregnant women are afraid to knock through the neighbor’s door, and the reply is on

Speaking of funny, it seems to have a natural mission to be a mother, and protecting yourself and your children have become an instinctual response.

One thing happened in myself. I still remember the Wenchuan earthquake that year. Although it was not in Wenchuan, the area was also very obvious. At the moment of the earthquake, in the office, I watched the wall and my colleagues like this.dialogue:

I said, "How do you feel the house moves."

The colleague said, "It’s like an earthquake?"

I said, "Well, it is indeed an earthquake."

The colleague said, "Then let’s run!"

I said, "Well, you go first, I lock the door before going down!"

Then I became the last person to go downstairs, and my colleagues laughed at me, saying that I was calm!After that, many people did not dare to sleep at home. They ran to sleep in empty places. I just dressed neatly before going to bed. I just thought:

If there is a unfortunate thing that happened, then when I was dug out, my legacy should not be ugly!

My experience was laughed at me for a long time by my friends around me.To be honest, at that time, it was really the energy of "the newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger."

I always thought that I was not afraid of death. When I met, I would always be so calm. Until I had a child, I had symptoms of aura abortion, and I was really scared.Resign directly at home to raise tires, do not play computers, do not move your mobile phone, and turn yourself into a "baby slave" alive.

It is really hard to imagine that a person who is not afraid of being careless has one day because the child will become like this. This may be the difference between the mother!

But recently, what happened to a pregnant mother made people feel very angry.

It turned out that the pregnant mother has been very careful after pregnancy. The electrical appliances who feel radiation are isolated in the family. Even so, the pregnant mother still feels unreasonable. I accidentally saw that her family’s mobile phone can search for many neighbors nearby.wifi.

This incident makes this pregnant mother feel too uneasy. WiFi can cover her home, maybe it will have an impact on the child, so the pregnant mother does not say anything, not only posted a copy in the community, I hope that everyone will close the wifi.The letter of the notification went directly to knocking on the door of all neighbors nearby.

The purpose is to let the neighbors turn off WiFi. Do not affect their children. The pregnant mother is too sturdy and directly said to the neighbors:

"I’m pregnant, turn off your wifi! Otherwise it will affect the children in my stomach."

The neighbors were so angry after listening:

"You are pregnant, what happened to my wifi hinders?"

"Can you cover my house, do you say that there is an impact?"

"Now technology is so developed, there are radar and satellites everywhere, or you’ve turned off this!"

I have to say that this pregnant mother really has a sense of prevention of all soldiers.The mood of protecting the child for pregnant mothers can be understood, but it is so moving and disregarding others, but the mentality of my independence makes people dare to compliment.

In fact, the baby baby is far from what we think of it. Although the protection requires protection, after all, as a social person, no one can exist in vacuum, and after all, it is necessary to adapt to this popular environment.

To survive in this popular environment, we must adapt to the rules of this environment:

1. Others have no obligation to change for you

Everyone can change only themselves, but they cannot ask others to change. This is a very naive behavior.Stubbornly think that others should think for you and change for you, which is a selfish performance.

Stop asking for others, and take the initiative to adjust yourself to survive in a way to make yourself comfortable without affecting others. This is a sign that a person starts to mature.

2. No one should be responsible for you

Everyone’s life, even if it is painful or joy, is still opened by themselves, and it should be affected by themselves.Because no one should be responsible for your life, your life is only responsible for yourself. This is a decent and noble way, and it is also your only way out.

3. Learn to adapt to the environment

Mengtian once said such a sentence:

Since I can’t control the outside world, I can control myself; if the outside world does not adapt to me, then I can adapt to them.

No one can change the world, but can change themselves, so try to let go of self -centered attachment, and learn to adapt to the environment, and you will find that everything is easier than imagination.

Just like the pregnant mother in the article, she can do all her hard work, but she cannot ask the neighbors to give up using WIFI for her. This is only her own expression in her eyes.

Today’s topic: Will you let your neighbors turn off WiFi because of pregnancy?

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I am a mother, a second -born mother, writing left hand, and raising my right hand.With the attitude of learning and thinking, try to walk on the way to be a good mother. Friends who like me can follow me!

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