"Killing Brother" family outside of the lounge

After 14 days of danger, Meng Yang (pseudonym) was able to get out of bed, but it was still difficult to eat. His tongue and throat were burned, and it hurt when he swallowed.

On July 31st, at the age of 17, he drank about 40ml of closses-a kind of pesticide that was extremely toxic and 5-10ml could be killed, attracting the third onlookers of the media and the public to their family.

In 2010, 9 -year -old Meng Yang became popular as a "killer" by netizens for a popular video.In the video, the little boy’s skilled and fast fish -killing skills, simple and sharp movements, as well as the eyes that did not belong to his age, left a deep impression on people, and then many people accused his parents of not letting their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children not let their children.Go to school and use the child’s reputation to make money.

"Killing Ci" popular video screenshot.Pictures of this article Surging News Reporter Zhang Xiaolian Mingzhang Picture

In 2013, "Fish Killer" was beaten by his father by his father, and his eyes were seriously injured. He may be removed.After the news of Meng Yang’s drinking medicine this time, the false breaking news in 2013 made the media point to his father again, implying that Meng Yang committed suicide and committed suicide.

Meng Yang does not like the name of "killing fish", nor does it like the outside world.For so many years, everyone only cares about the "killer", and few people will care about what kind of life is Meng Yang and his family.

Abandoned boy

The 35 -year -old "post -80s" Meng Chao is the father of six children.He gave birth to Meng Yang at the age of 18.

Born in rural areas in Lanling County, Shandong. Grandma was big. Meng Chao was very naughty when he was a child. His younger brother, one year younger, seemed to be honest. The brothers slept together and went to school together.

Meng Chao’s sleeping room

Grandpa said that the posters on the wall were posted by Meng Chao’s father.

新闻 told the surging news reporter that Meng Chao’s parents were introduced by the matchmaker. The same village rarely quarreled.Meng Chao looked like his dad. His dad was "beautiful" when he was young. He worked hard and had a good temper.His mother is also beautiful and clean. She only cooks at home and washed clothes, farming and planting vegetables.Hard work hard to build a house, and the next year was accidental.

In the evening of November 1997, Meng Chao’s father and several partners fell back to the village. When he unloaded the truck, he was accidentally smashed by the tree. He was only 41 years old.Meng Chao is only 14 years old.The elder uncle recalled that at the time Meng Chao didn’t eat a day and cried very sadly.

Meng Chao’s house was covered by Meng Chao’s father before his death.

Suddenly there was no pillar at home, and Meng Chao’s mother cried all day all day.Soon, she took Meng Chao and her brother to Suzhou to go to Suzhou.Meng Chao was too young, and no one wanted to work. The mother and son were sold to sell roasted potato and the spring rolls of spring rolls.

On New Year’s Eve, Meng Chao went to his friend’s house to sleep.He came back early in the morning in the morning, opened the door, and fluttered the thick smoke, and his eyes could not be opened. He quickly called the public call to the uncle.The younger brother had no breath, and his mother was sent to the Fifth People’s Hospital and returned.Meng Chao and his mother took their younger brother’s body to home. The child did not engage in the funeral, and he buried it directly.

After that, Meng Chao went to Suzhou alone, and his mother stayed in his hometown. In less than half a month, he found an old man and left without a sound.After hearing about it, Meng Chao rushed home from Suzhou and called his mother back.But a few days back, I secretly left.

希望 said that Meng Chao hoped that his mother would stay at home, and he went to work to earn money to support his family.Later, after giving birth to Meng Yang, Meng Chao once managed to ask his mother to return to bring the child. She did not come back and lost contact.

After the mother left, Meng Chao went back to school for the first day. After reading it for less than a year, he talked with a female classmate at the age of 17, that is, his current wife Wang Xia (pseudonym).Wang Xia has a very similar family with him. His father died early, his mother remarried, and a sister died of pesticides.

At that time, Wang Xia’s mother did not agree with the two of them together. Meng Chao took her to Suzhou to sell vegetables. After a few months, she could not earn money and returned to her hometown.Meng Yang was born at this time, which was the spring of 2001.

Wang Xia recalled that on the day of the birth of Meng Yang, the stomach began to hurt at the eight or nine in the morning. Meng Chao sent her to the county hospital. After eating a large bowl of ramen and two sesame cakes at noon, I ate potato and strawberries at night. Meng Chao said that he could eat more.Points to have strength.I entered the delivery room at more than ten o’clock in the evening.Meng Chao was holding his young life, "too happy", and couldn’t speak.

With a child, the mother’s family also compromised, so she stabilized in her hometown.In order to support his family, Meng Chao tried everywhere to make money.

He has a bad land, and the ground is full of grass, and others laugh at him as a "abandoned person."He bought a three -wheeled car passenger and went to the surrounding river to fish and catch shrimp.

I said that Meng Chao could endure hardships. When he was dark, he touched the lobster. At eleven or two in the night, he was strangely cold and without gloves.When many times, catch hundreds of pounds of lobster and sell one or two hundred.

Meng Chao recalled that he used to have a good constitution. In winter, he was the coldest to minus 10 degrees Celsius.,can not afford.After sprinkling the net and going ashore, it takes half an hour to one hour before receiving the net.Riding a motorcycle home, the hair is all ice.

One night he washed 36 sneakers to buy sports shoes. The next morning, he was still wet. He put it on directly, rode a motorcycle out, the shoes were frozen, just got off the car a few steps, and the soles were broken.

"At that time, I couldn’t feel cold, and now I can’t." Meng Chao said that he started to commit Chinese arthritis at the age of 30. The air conditioner blown and his knees could not bear.Now every day at the hospital, the air conditioner is blew up. By the end of the night, the knees and waist began to hurt.

In those years, he traveled alone at night and went to the waters that were unmanned.He had been bitten by a poisonous snake many times and met a woman crying in front of the grave in the middle of the night.

In 2003, after giving birth to the second child, the Meng Chao couple took a few months old daughter to Suzhou. It has been until now. Only a few days after the New Year. Meng Yang stayed in his hometown before the age of 8 and often moved to two aunt.Home.On the one hand, it is to avoid super -raising fines, and on the other hand, to earn more money.

Village cadre Director Meng said that because Meng Chao has been in Suzhou, the four children in the latter are born in Suzhou, and they can’t be fined. Furthermore, the village cadres also feel that he is quite poor.It is really difficult and did not accept his fine.

It was not until 2013 that the Meng Chao couple made up the marriage certificate, and six children went to the hukou.

Grandpa said that when the children came back during the Chinese New Year, they slept on the bed in the living room.

When the Meng Chao couple first went to Suzhou to work hard, they first sold vegetables on the side of the road. When the city management came, they ran, resold the fruit, and could not make money.At the most difficult time, there were only two or three hundred yuan, and there was no money to buy.At first, I asked my uncle and aunt to borrow money, but later I was embarrassed to speak.

"Other people can’t control it. Each has their own children, and their own uncle also have four children. They can’t feed it." Director Meng said.

Auntie recalled that about ten years ago, Meng Chao fished in Suzhou, and his seventeen -year -old son took the winter vacation. He used to help him.It was snowing and rainy outdoors. The younger son had not eaten hard. After a twenty or twenty days, his hands were frozen, and he returned."My son told me that it was too bitter. I said you were hopeful.

After the "killing brother", many people did not understand why Meng Chao had six children.Several relatives think it is related to his family.

"There are so many children, it’s lively. No one helps when I am in trouble, only myself. My child can help each other in the future." At the evening of the night after the lamp was turned off, Meng Chao revealed to the surging news reporter’s heart.In the early death of his father, his mother left him away, and the only brother died. He was alone. When he encountered something, no one discussed it. Sometimes he felt lonely and helpless. He didn’t want his child to do the same.

In fact, after the fourth child, Wang Xia didn’t want to regenerate, just two children and two daughters.The small five and six were discovered after five or six months of pregnancy. One photo B -ultrasound is very healthy. One life, "How can you be willing to flow?"

From 2000 to 2010, Wang Xia was either pregnant or feeding children. Basically, he had one year, 18 years old and 8 years old.From pregnancy to her birth, she worked as usual, and no one child did not delay.

After a few days, Meng Chao advised reporters that do not get married before the age of 30, and children have a maximum of one.

"Then why do you have so much?"

"((At that time) can’t think of it. It can afford it, can’t afford it."

Childhood that grew up in the fish basin

When he was a child, Meng Yang would take his younger brother and sister to bend and worship the New Year. He went to the uncle (Meng Chao’s uncle) and watched TV.At the meal, I will take my brother and sister to go quickly, wait for meals, and come to watch TV again.

One year of the Spring Festival, Meng Chao was killing fish. She had never killed before and could not handle it.When Meng Yang saw it, Grandma would not kill fish. Let me kill you.I saw that his hand was frozen and cracked, and he would not let him kill.At that time he was about eight or nine years old.

In the eyes of the elders, Meng Yang has been a child who has less introverted words, obedient and sensible children since he was a child. As the boss, he pays more than other children.Only when he played with his peers, he had a lot of words. He said and laughed and was very happy.

"When I was a child, I was in my aunt’s house and caught fish by the river every day. Except for catching fish, it was caught fish. It was okay, and the water was not deep. I just wanted to play with other children.Laughing, revealing two dimples.

Meng Yang had studied in his hometown for two years. His uncle said that he was going to school at that time. He was relatively free. He would go if he wanted to go.His parents called once a week, and Meng Yang took the phone time and laughed and laughed.

In 2009, 8 -year -old Meng Yang was taken to Suzhou.Because "No one in the family brings, either catching fish or touching shrimp. What if they fall into the river and drown in the river?" Another child was born one by one, and the couple could not be busy.The second child and the third child returned to his hometown.It wasn’t until Meng Chao’s grandmother died that all the children were taken back to Suzhou, leaving only 87 -year -old grandpa in the family.

Grandpa Meng Chao is still planting land so far, and has been planted for more than three acres, and he can’t get idle.He raised sheep, chickens, ducks, cats, and dogs.Go grass to feed the sheep every afternoon.

I heard that I was going to take a picture. Grandpa hurriedly put on the shirt bought by Meng Chao for him and stood straight.He repeatedly said that Meng Chao was filial and obedient.

Many years ago, Director Meng and his wife went to see the Meng Chao family. At that time, the youngest son was more than one year old and would not leave. Wang Xia was "busy"., "Dirty and hungry, look weird."

Except for Meng Yang, all five children grew up in the fish basin.In the winter, the second child wearing a small cotton jacket accidentally fell into the fish barrel filled with water and almost drowned.When Xiao Liu was born, Wang Xia was too busy to care about her, so she put her in the room and turned on the air conditioner. After 48 days, she had an air -conditioning disease. She was almost breathing when she was taken to the hospital.

"Everyone said, who has so many sins like your children." But there is no way. There are so many children. "When you go out and open your eyes, you have money.

There were no fixed stalls before, running around, not covering it, and it was not until 2011 that there was a store.Due to the long -term sun and rain, the Meng Chao couple no longer had white skin when they were young, and the whole body was as dark as her body.

Because of selling fish, Meng Chao’s family was so dark.

Meng Chao said that his hands are soaked in water for a long time, cold in winter, frostbite, hot summer, fingers will rot, and water is painful.Doing aquatic products, you cannot slack off 24 hours a day. If the temperature is high, add ice in time. In case the power outage, there is no oxygen, and it will die in half an hour."These two days are hot, and the fish is always dead. 20 yuan per piece of ice cubes, it is boring."

When Meng Yang just went to Suzhou, he was catching up for two months of holiday time. He was idle. He saw his parents killing fish and selling fish every day.

Once the holiday, he went to private primary schools to study, 200 meters away from the vegetable market.He has a bad grade, does not like to study, often escapes, sleeps in class, does not do homework, "only one week in a semester", "three days of fishing and two days to sunbing the net", sometimes when I go to school, I am embarrassed to enter the classroom, Hiding in the toilet.The teacher didn’t like him. He was also afraid of the teacher. When he heard the teacher, he was afraid. After two days of talking, he returned to his original.

Ermei Jingzi said that when the "killer" became popular in 2010, the media report was not accurate. At that time, his brother did not drop out of school, but it was just Sunday that day.Because I was too busy, my brother often helped fish to sell fish at home when he was not in school.His parents did not let him read, mainly because his brother did not want to read.

After Meng Yang became a "killer", his family business was better than before.In early 2011, Meng Chao and Meng Yang went on a TV show "Come on!""Dad", was questioned by the small judge: Why do you let your son kill fish on the stall?Are you using your son to make money?Do you want him to grow up like you?He is still so young, don’t you feel bad?

Seven years later, the surging news reporter asked Meng Chao’s feelings on the show. He frowned and did not answer.

In the show, the 10 -year -old Meng Yang explained for his dad: "I want to kill it myself." "I saw my dad’s hand frozen, and I helped him kill (fish)." "I think my dadIt is the best person in the world. "" When I grow up, I won’t let my dad kill fish, and I will let him live a good life. "Finally, the father and son cried.

In 2011, Meng Chao’s father and son were on the show.

Jingzi didn’t understand why his brother became an Internet celebrity.In her eyes, my brother sells fish from her parents from an early age, and she is like a little adult at home.She felt that her brother was normal to kill the fish. When the family couldn’t come, she and the third sister would help kill fish to sell fish. They started cooking at the age of eight or nine.Parents have to feed them six, and it is not easy for them to read books.

When I returned to my hometown in the Spring Festival in 2013, Meng Yang picked up two firecrackers to play. After litting, it did not explode. When I saw it, I suddenly burst, so I hurt my eyes.He took Meng Yang back to Suzhou for examination. The doctor suggested that it was best to go to the hospital in Shanghai to see it. He went to Shanghai for treatment and spent a lot of money.So far, my vision is damaged and I have to wear glasses.

Jingzi remembers that one day after returning from Shanghai, my brother took the three girls to deliver the goods to collect the account. The third sister ran to other places to play. When the brother went to find her, he lost more than 2,000 yuan.Sanmei has always been guilty about this and blame herself.After returning home, my brother was beaten by his father, but he did not beat his eyes. He mainly beat his arm and lower body, and his mother also guarded his brother.

A few days later, some people in the market broke the media that the killer was hurt by his father, and then he was passed on. Even the villagers of his hometown thought Meng Yang’s eyes were destroyed by his dad.

On August 8th, the reporter visited the market and could still hear this voice- "Father is fierce", "Fighting the fisherman with a whip" … But when he asked if he saw it, they said that they wereI heard.A Shandong fellow said that many people in the market are good at their family business before these things happen.

In order to control Meng Yang’s study, his parents sent him back to his hometown to study in junior high school and attended a closed boarding school.But it ’s useless. Meng Yang often slipped out to play, went to Internet cafes to play games, eating and living in Internet cafes.I didn’t finish my second grade, dropped out of school, and returned to Suzhou to sell fish.

Meng Yang said that at that time, I didn’t want to read books. "I am not good at studying, and I was completely disappointed with myself." Now think about it, it is a bit regrettable that I did n’t read it well.Just know two.

In the show, when asked what to do after growing up, he casually said an answer: open the factory.In fact, he said that he had never thought about what he was going to do at the time, and he had never thought of it so far.

In the Harbor House in a foreign country

The Louhua Market of the Health Factory in Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City belongs to the urban -rural binding department. Every day, the car is full of water, crowded crowds., Block together on Louhua Street.The Meng Chao family has lived here for more than ten years.The owner of a number of stores told reporters that it was going to be demolished in the second half of the year, and "many faces are closed."

The corner of Louhua Street.

There are a large number of Shandong people, Jiangxi people, Anhui people … there is an industrial park next to the market. When the population in 2008 was the most populated, employees in the industrial park poured into the vegetable market, becoming the most prosperous history of Louhua market.Later, the industrial park factories gradually moved out and the population was slowly lost, but the business of the killer’s home has always been good. According to the market, it has been more than 10,000 yuan for a month.

Meng Chao said that now he earns hundreds of dollars a day, but there are many children and spending a lot. Basically, how much you make, you ca n’t save money.

Now the second child is in the second junior, the second child is in the first grade, the primary fifth grade, the primary five grades, and the second grade of the primary sixth.Usually when you go to school, the five sisters get up at six in the morning, hold dozens of breakfast money left by the mother, take an hour bus, go to the mouth of Likou Middle School 10 kilometers away, and study in the second primary school of Likou. That is a regular public school.Essence

Earlier they were studying in friendly primary schools near the market. Each person’s tuition for one semester plus Chinese food, which cost more than 2,000 yuan.Three years ago, Friendship Primary School was demolished. They transferred to the nearby Guxiang Elementary School to study. This is a transitional school. It only exists for three years. Then Meng Chao handled social security.Essence

The friendly elementary school that Meng Yang has been studying now has become a parking lot in the market.

Not only Meng Yang hates to school, but also a few younger brothers and sisters do not like reading, because the grades are not good, I have to do a lot of homework. I feel that reading is boring and useless."Examination questions are guessing ABCD." Sanmei said that parents’ expectations for them mainly depends on the test scores."For example, if I take 90 points in Chinese, they ask me to take no less than 80 points."

Wang Xia feels that the child will affect each other all day long. The big one does not like to learn, the small ones are not good, and there is no atmosphere.I have no culture with my husband, and I can’t help help with my homework.In the market, there are only one or two children in the market, and they will send their children to tuition classes and interest classes.

In order to cultivate the boys at home, Meng Chao, who likes Bruce Lee, sent two sons to learn from Sanda. The tuition fee of 45,000 yuan a year, but Meng Yang was unwilling to learn.

In Jingzi’s view, Dad is very good to his brother. He often takes his brother to buy clothes, four or five hundred T -shirts, and Nike shoes. Generally, she will not buy her and brother and sister, but my brother usually worked very rarely to wear.In the summer, he often sells fish barely, and it is dark.

"The guy is growing up, I have to find a girlfriend, not to wear it." Meng Chao said that his hometown was married (referring to drinking wine, with their statement, not being married), early at the age of eighteen.After the twenty -twenty, people will find that you have a problem, so it is difficult to find, so when you go back to Grandpa in the past two years, he will urge marriage and say that he will hold his grandson."Once home, I hurt my head, and I also have pressure."

Compared to "looking at an adult", the Meng Chao couple cares more about a few small, especially the second child is the least worry -free and difficult to discipline.(Overnight) Drop. Now if you think about it, you will be big. "Wang Xia said.

After Meng Yang drank medicine, his grandmother rushed to Suzhou from his hometown to take care of five children.There are two bedrooms in the shop, a living room outside, and two beds in the living room, which adds up to 40 square meters.

In the past, the family was sleeping here, and the two sons were old, so they rented another house for a year and a half.Since the incident of my brother, the fourth brother Xiaodong didn’t want to go back to the house. He wanted to cry as soon as he returned, but he slept in the fish shop with his sister and sister, and they would also worry about holding together at night.

Brothers have the best relationship. They sleep together every day and play games and basketball together.The glory of the king, against the battle, Xiaodong looked at his brother.Xiaodong thinks that his brother is very powerful, he can play games and kill fish. He is envious of his brother.

He sometimes wants to learn to kill fish, and his father does not let him kill.Dad said that he hoped that he would be better and hoped that he had a different life, but he didn’t feel that he had this ability.He doesn’t like reading, he doesn’t want to go to school. A game can play for two hours.During the interview, he played two games to win all opponents in the game.

Xiaodong was very distressed by his brother, and he felt that his brother rarely had friends.Jingzi remembers that there were friends who came to play with my brother before, four or five times a year, and then slowly did not have less.

Meng Chao said that his friends were "more blindly mixed", and they were all "small mixed" without reading, so he did not let his son play with these people.

Meng Yang said that there is no sincere friend who has always been so big. If you have any thoughts, you tell your mother at most, but now every day "is busy with killing fish", there is very little communication with parents.Essence

After dropping out of school at the age of 13, he spent almost every day in busy and fishy.

My father got up at one o’clock in the morning to get the goods, and the mother got up at three points to run the other place. Compared with the price on both sides, the goods were cheap.He got out of the stall at four or five, and he was busy until eight o’clock in the evening. It should be almost asleep.No one at noon, his parents would make up for it. He was responsible for the stall. Generally, he would play games and watch TV series.He loves watching costume dramas and watching movies, but he has never been to the cinema.

About three years ago, Meng Yang secretly removed tattoos, not using 600 pieces of hemp medicine, and a few thousand hemp medicines. He did not use anesthetic, and he resisted for a few hours.He was trained by Meng Chao.Meng Chao has tattoos on his body, when you are young.He felt that his son was very similar to himself in many ways, such as like fishing fishing, but Meng Yang said that he was too busy to go.

Brother and sister usually go to school, and he and three parents are busy at home all day.Mom’s body was not very good since the previous two years, and nephritis was found in July.So he wants to work as much as possible to let his mother rest more.

From a young man, he told him that you are the boss. You suffer a little bit more and pay more.Sometimes he wants to let go of it, but when he thinks of a few children at home, he can’t bear it."Especially when I saw the youngest sister, I thought, when she grows into me so big, I can let go."

I bought a lot of grass a month ago

On the day of the incident on July 31, their family gave 100 pounds of cuttlefish to a aquatic shop in the market. Meng Yang went to check out in the past. He had sold 11.5 yuan a pound before.Knowing that he was still sold at the previous price, he quarreled with the owner of the shop.

Afterwards, the owner of the shop told reporters that his peers were the enemies, and there were some frictions, but she refused to talk about it.

Meng Chao said that the family was a distant cousin. Earlier, the son quarreled with each other several times. Meng Chao also beat his cousin twice or three times., Dafa (Meng Yang’s nickname) will not drink medicine. "

On one occasion, the son went to deliver the goods, almost touched the car with others, and scolded each other and got on a physical conflict.Other people called him. He did not fight for several years. He immediately brought a few brothers over and beat those people.

From the perspective of my sister -in -law, the temper of the father and son was a bit irritable. Lao Tzu was angry when he saw that his son did not do the eye, and the son looked at Lao Tzu, and he was also angry.

"I often make noisy with him, and I have hit it a few times." Meng Chao felt that the young man was young and vigorous, and it was normal to fight. "He was much younger than when I was young. I played every day like him." He played every day. "From 17 to 23, they often fight and drink.In the past, we caught the fish in my hometown to grab the site. When someone went to Suzhou to grab business with him, he would fight.In 2013, he also entered the detention center because of fighting.

But Meng Chao had suffered a loss and didn’t want his son to repeat the same mistakes."He said one is one, the other is the other, and the brain cannot be turned, and he will suffer a lot in the future. He will be annoyed to say three words, fight with others, no."

So after receiving the phone call, Meng Chao immediately ran over and scolded his son.Meng Yang ran home whispering.

Jingzi said that after returning home, my brother stood at the door of the shop and was accused by his mother: "I only know that no matter how quarrels with others, the price is not right, do you not know how to call and ask?" Usually my mother protects him, and this time my mother also scolded him.He, even the neighbors next door were talking about him.

Meng Chao stood on the side and pointed at him kept scolding. He was also very emotional. He pushed his father’s pointed hand, and then the two began to fight, each punch each other, holding each other’s neck.Meng Yang’s nails grabbed blood stains on his father’s neck and arm.

After several people pulled Meng Yang, Meng Chao burst into tears, and he couldn’t get angry and tremble his hands.Meng Yang sat down on the stool and said lowly and said, "It’s not my fault, you all say me …"

Meng Chao said that four adults, including his mother at the time, were talking about him, and a classmate was watching opposite.Seeing Jingzi, who was selling shrimp next to him, his brother sat down, stood up again, stood up, and sat down again. I didn’t know when, and cried.She remembered that the last time she saw her brother crying, but her grandma died a few years ago.

Soon after, Meng Yang went to the backyard, and Wang Xia asked Jingzi to follow.Entering from the alley on the left of the fish shop, there is a yard, there are several warehouses, and they have been playing here since childhood.Jingzi saw that his brother came out of a gas tank warehouse and held a bottle of "ice black tea" in his hand, which was equipped with a green liquid.

Meng Yang said that at the time, he was panicked, and his head screamed, impulsive, and swallowed in a bite.

Jingzi was scared and ran back to tell his parents.Wang Xia asked him if he drank pesticides, and he always denied it.Meng Chao was very angry and asked him to take out what he was drinking. He walked back to the backyard warehouse and took out half a bottle of drinking the leftovers.

The Meng Chao and his wife quickly rode a battery car to send her son to the nearest Eastern District of Suzhou City Hospital. The speed was adjusted to the maximum, and the red light was run all the way. It took a total of ten minutes.When Lu Yin, the director of the emergency department, saw Meng Yang on the same day, felt that his emotions were okay, and he also cooperated with vomiting and gastrointestinal, but his parents seemed very anxious and painful.

Meng Chao couldn’t say that his son could say, his mouth spit blood, "it was scared to death."The doctor told him to get the medicine and get the list. He couldn’t find the direction, and the whole person panicked.The doctor told them that the mortality rate of paraquat was close to 100%.He searched online and said that there was no medicine to solve the medicine and died 100 %.

That night, Meng Chao cried and called his uncle.Uncle said that Meng Chao was a person who could hardly cry. For so many years, he only cried when his father and brother died.The uncle’s family and his uncle drove to Suzhou overnight. Watching the Meng Chao couple not eat or drink all day, because there was no bottom, I didn’t know if they could be saved.

On August 4th, the Meng Chao couple transferred her son to the hospital in Shandong Qilu Hospital for treatment. The hospital’s and poisoned professional pathogenic department was the largest domestic Baicao dead poisoning base.A series of rescue work such as blood replacement that night, the next day Meng Yang woke up from the coma.

The chief physician of Qilu Hospital, Kan Xiangdong, explained that there is really no special effects drug to solve the solution, but it is not unable to treat it. Their rescue rate for the prone is 61.8%., But do not give you a chance to live. "The second half sentence is inaccurate.

On August 12, a person who drinks crusade died in the same ward died. Meng Yang was thinking, why is there such medicine in the world?I do n’t know if I do n’t drink this medicine. I know it is really poisonous when I drink it, which is too tortured.

On August 8, Meng Yang’s heart rate was still too low.

On August 9, Meng Yang frowned uncomfortably in bed.

In 2016, Bai Caoku has stopped selling and use in China.Before transferring to the hospital, Meng Chao had prepared the case in the public security. He said that he would let the person selling all the kravis know that he would know that he would be powerful.

The bottle of Baicao was bought from a seed shop a month ago.

He remembered two years ago (Meng Chao said it was four years ago) and returned to his hometown in the New Year. He quarreled with his husband and wife. His wife died of a grass. He heard that Baicao was dead and died in half an hour.Feel?At that time, he didn’t want to live.

A month ago, when Meng Yang and his brother and sister watched the TV, he saw a herbicide on the TV and suddenly asked: What would happen if you drank pesticides?After that, Wang Xia heard that his daughter said this, and worried that his son would really buy pesticides, he told him that after drinking pesticides, people died and could not do anything.Meng Yang said at the time, "I don’t want to die, I have a lot of things to do."

After a few days, Sanmei saw that her brother bought a bottle of green liquid back, and she didn’t know what she bought.

Afterwards, Wang Xia asked his son why he couldn’t think of it, and he said that psychological pressure was too great.The pressure mainly comes from the increasingly frequent quarrels of parents.This year is even more noisy than in previous years, sometimes two or three times a day.

Meng Yang said that at that time, because his parents were noisy every day, the noisy was too bad, and he couldn’t stand it.I wanted to drink it, but I thought about it again and hidden in the warehouse.It was also impulsive to take it out that day, and I regretted it for a few minutes, because it was uncomfortable to burn in the stomach.Later, his parents said that he thought that there was Grandpa Tai and so many younger brothers and sisters at home, and his mind was a little sober.

Meng Chao said that there were five or six things that were unhappy this year. One of them was some time ago. The mother who had lost contact for many years suddenly called him and made it more than once.The wife does not want her to come, and the child does not want her to come.

"You did n’t come to take care of the child when you were young. I haven’t seen it once. Now the child grows up and you suddenly emerge." Wang Xia has never seen this remarried mother -in -law. They have a mobile phone number.The business has not been changed for more than ten years. My mother -in -law has always had this number, but "I have never asked, there is no phone call."

The surging news reporter learned from the villagers’ mouth that the "old man" that Meng Chao’s mother had remarried for the first time died in a car accident and "married" again. LaterAt home, the grandfather and grandmother refused to take it and sent it back.Because after remarriage, everyone never dared to prevail her in Meng Chao, so Meng Chao didn’t know it.

The moment he did not contact in 1899, the moment he received the call, he was in a complicated mood, uncomfortable, "angry and hate!"

"I don’t come to see my son like this! Just because she always called me in those days, my wife quarreled with me and killed my son, don’t mention her!"

Since hate, why should I answer her call?Meng Chao was lying on the vacant bed, and replied: "That’s a mother." Then he sang the song and sang the song: "Ah, this person is a mother, this person is a mother, this person gave me life, give me me, give me me, give me meA home. "After singing, I laughed first, and when I looked up, I glanced at his tears.


Before being rescued, Meng Yang was fortunate and regretted, and regretted spending so much money at home.Meng Chao said that it has spent more than 100,000, and half of them have been borrowed.On August 12, Wang Xia told reporters that there were only more than 1,000 left, not enough today.Meng Chao listened and complained: "It’s all harmful!"

During this time, he was troubled by the frequent visits of the media, "afraid of you reporters."There were previously reports that the fisherman has entered the period of uremia. He was very disturbed after seeing it. "You said you want to pass it, how can you find your girlfriend?" The doctor means that the kidney is damaged and the symptoms of uremia occur.This is reversible, not really uremia.

After his son’s situation was relatively stable, he was relieved and accepted an interview with a TV station. The reporter always laughed at him. He also smiled at the camera. As a result, he was scolded by netizens."I’m so angry! You have to explain it for me."

On August 8th, the doctor was surrounded by the media during the inspection.

Relatives and villagers said that Meng Chao’s personality has always been cheerful. He never looked at him with frowning. He never mentioned his affairs at home, and did not borrow money from others. No matter how difficult it was, he smiled."On the Internet, many people scolded him and said he was still laughing. But he was such a person.

Meng Chao feels that Meng Yang and his mother don’t like people like him.He has a lot of words, likes joking, likes to tease Meng Yang.But Meng Yang was unwilling to ignore him.As soon as he came, Meng Yang turned his head closed. As soon as he sang, Meng Yang covered his ears.He was very depressed. He sat on the bed next to him, and painted two laps with his index finger and middle finger, pretending to point to his son, and then seemed to be successful.Like a child. "

"Actually, my dad is really good, but sometimes it is really annoying. The more you do n’t worry about him, the more you look for you, and the same as you play with a child." Meng Yang feels that this is growing up with his father.The experience is also related, "Like me, there are my moms watching. Think about my life much better than my dad."

Meng Chao felt that his son must not want to kill the fish. "After he is sick, he just wants whatever he wants." Then he made up and said, "What can he do, nothing can be done."

When the killer becomes popular, the Meng Chao couple will not surf the Internet yet.They used to use more than 100 elderly machines before. Later, the guests who bought fish gradually paid with their mobile phones. It was not until 2016 that they changed their smartphones and bought the second -hand "Apple 6" for 600 yuan.Recently, he was addicted to watching Kuaishou. He looked at the hospital every day. He also wanted to wait for his son to get sick. He opened a live broadcast room in Kuaishou.

On August 12, Meng Yang was able to get out of bed and walked.Meng Chao said that his son had at least a dozen pounds.

On the evening of August 11, Meng Chao showed his son to a fast -hand video.Because he was too hurried when he was transferred, the clothes he brought were not enough. In the afternoon, he bought two 15 yuan T -shirts, and the father and son were one.

Wang Xia does not like to play mobile phones. Her life is a child except her work. There is no hobby. Occasionally watching the TV series, I have never chased.She would rather sleep more for a while.After finishing the stall every day, it is eight o’clock, and then take the hot water to take a bath for the child. There is no water heater in the family. Go to the next door of the buns next door to pave two barrels of hot water and charge half of the cold water. Take the child to the bathhouse once a week in winter.Yuan.After taking a shower, it was nine o’clock, lying on the bed, rarely looked at the mobile phone, fell asleep after seeing it, and almost dreamed of pillow.

365 days a year, except for the few days of the Spring Festival, basically do not rest and go out of the stall every day.For more than a decade of hospitalization, Meng Yang has been resting for the longest time for many years.

The fish pond at the entrance of Meng Chao has been empty for more than ten days.

There is no place to play near the market. Children come back from school every day to help, write homework, watch TV, take a bath and sleep.Occasionally they take the children to the lake to play and sing.The children are noisy and want to go every day, but they can’t be tired every day, and they don’t go when they are sleepy.

In April this year, they rarely drove their children to Shanghai Bund for a whole day.Meng Chao does not like the bustling cities like Shanghai. "Especially in the city, it is not suitable for me." With so many cities in Jiangnan, he likes Suzhou, many lakes, road width, few people, and good scenery.However, he only likes the suburbs, like his Xiangcheng District, half of the countryside, half of the lake, making him feel comfortable.He wanted to settle in Suzhou, but he had no money, no house, and no hukou. He worked hard in Suzhou for 20 years, and he only fought a rental store and a residence permit.

"I have always believed in fate. Human life is doomed." Meng Yang’s tone, like his hands, have the vicissitudes that he should not have.His father often said that he heard that he had heard it since he was a child. After he was old, he found that life is indeed the case.He has no confidence in changing his destiny.

"Actually, in the past few years, I think about it …" He couldn’t find a suitable vocabulary to describe the confused, lonely and muddy state.

After he was discharged from the hospital, he planned to return to his aunt’s house for a month or two, sober, think about what to do in the future, what is suitable for doing.Grandma’s house is now well built, and all of them are changed to two and a half floors, where there is a large river. He touched fish and grab crabs on the river all day, where he spent the happiest childhood.

After lying in the hospital for more than ten days, most of the time he closed his eyes.On the day the ECG monitor was withdrawn, he pulled the curtains away, let the sun shine, holding his chin with his right hand, and looking out the window quietly.A carefree teenager.

On the afternoon of August 12, Meng Yang looked at the window and laughed.

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