"Large size" Ms. wants to prepare for pregnancy to lose weight first

(Reporter Chu Yan Correspondent Chen Feng) Ms. Chen (pseudonym) is fatter and is nicknamed "fat pier" by friends.Recently, she went to consult with pregnancy, and the doctor told her to lose weight before she wanted to prepare for pregnancy.What is the relationship between pregnancy and weight loss?The doctor explained that the impact of obesity on fertility is many aspects, and we must control weight before preparing for pregnancy.

There are many indicators to judge obesity. The most commonly used is the weight index (BMI), that is, weight (kg)/ [height (m)] 2.The normal BMI range of Chinese people is 18.5-23.9, BMI exceeds 24 as overweight, and more than 28 is obesity.

According to experts from the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital, women need some fat to maintain normal menstruation and reproductive functional needs, but obesity can easily lead to insulin resistance and high insulin ledmia.In layman’s terms, insulin resistance is the failure of insulin and does not work, and the pancreas will compensate insulin to form high insulin ledmia.Insulin resistance can pass a variety of mechanisms, such as causing high hormonemia, which in turn affects the growth and development of follicles. It is common that patients with polycystic ovary syndrome. About 70%of these patients are combined with obesity and are prone to infertility.Moreover, obese women have leverin resistance.Lemonin is a biochemical element. Most of the obese patients have leptin resistance, that is, the level of leptin peripheral blood is very high, but it cannot play a biological effect.Leadin resistance can block the stimulating effect of follicle growth through a variety of mechanisms, inhibit follicular development and ovulation, thereby reducing the fertility of obese women.In addition, leptin resistance can also inhibit the producing poles of the oval membrane cells to produce poles, prevents the effect ofrogenone aromas, and then reduce estradol synthesis, which leads to infertility.

In addition, obese women still have immune system disorders.Studies have found that immune cells may play an important role in weight control. When the body’s immune dysfunction is disordered, it not only induces obesity, hinders immune activity, but also interferes with follicle development and embryo bed, which leads to infertility and abortion.


High fiber diet

Effective weight loss reduction

Women who need to lose weight should pay attention to the following points in daily life:

1 Scientific diet.Properly control the dietary intake, the diet structure is mainly low -fat, low -sugar and high -fiber diet, and eat more vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, and seaweed foods.

2 Aerobic exercise.Persist in exercise for more than 40 minutes a day, that is, after sweating, continue to exercise for more than half an hour, such as skipping rope, kicking, fast walking, swimming, nine jumping aesthetics, and playing.

3 Those who have special diseases, consult a nutritionist to adjust the diet structure and balance nutritional intake.

Source: Xiamen Daily

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