"My wife is pregnant, I dare not wash her hair." The prospective dad cried and complained about the quirk of pregnancy.

"Since my wife is pregnant, I dare not wash my hair at home. People can’t smell the smell of shampoo. I vomit when I smell it. No matter what the smell of shampoo is, I will wash it with water.No, say that when I see me washing my hair, I remembered the smell of shampooing, or was disgusting vomiting. Is this a pregnancy reaction? Isn’t it the mother who is a partnership to pit me? "

After listening to the quasi -father Xiao Gang’s cry, my husband and I laughed.Although his wife sounds difficult to understand during this pregnancy, it is really normal.For expectant mothers who are affected by hormones and are prone to vomiting, there are too many factors that cause their vomiting, and each person’s condition is different.

Thinking of my pregnancy, I like to eat meat very much. Since the beginning of the first pregnancy, I can’t eat meat, and I feel nauseous when I see it.Therefore, I do n’t cook meat for myself. My husband wants to eat it by himself, and you ca n’t eat in front of me.

Those who have never been pregnant and have not experienced pregnancy, it is difficult to understand why pregnancy is coming.And it can trigger the factors of pregnancy, and some sounds unbelievable.

【A certain smell】

After pregnancy, a friend CC cannot smell the smell of oil fume, and it doesn’t work at all.Therefore, the husband of CC is cooking during pregnancy.Every day at meals, the CC is closed in the bedroom, or waiting downstairs. When her husband cooks a good meal, she will go to dinner.

At the beginning, CC’s husband felt that he couldn’t be so exaggerated. Whether he was pregnant, he was afraid that he didn’t want to cook.Therefore, one time he had not fried food, so he let the CC go home downstairs. As a result, CC entered the door and walked to the door of the kitchen to vomit.Since then, the CC husband has been convinced and meals honestly.

The sensitivity of expectant mothers to the smell is really greatly improved after pregnancy, and a little smell can smell it.Washing powder, shampoo flavor, soap flavor, some also have the taste of a certain brand, as well as a variety of odors that can be encountered in daily life, the ink flavor of books, the taste of disinfection water, gasoline flavor, gasolineTaste, woody flavor, various fruit flavors and so on.

Each expectant mother has a deep smell of impressions, some of which cause vomiting in some odors, and some especially like to smell a certain smell.I heard several mothers said before that she liked to smell gasoline when she was pregnant.The smell of expectant mothers hates all kinds, and the smell I like is also strange.

【Some kind of food】

Many expectant mothers have changed a lot in the taste of diet after pregnancy.Some are foods that they like to eat before pregnancy. They do not like to eat after pregnancy, and some are the opposite. They do n’t like to eat after pregnancy before pregnancy.For the food you hate, it is easy to cause pregnancy.

Others are because they eat some kinds of food before a certain pregnancy, but they never want to eat this kind of food after vomiting.A few months before my friend Lulu, I especially like to eat oranges. There are two or three every day, or the kind of sour orange.Later, Lulu had a pregnancy vomiting after eating oranges, but he never wanted to eat oranges from then on.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers’ obsession with food is not only hate, but it is also difficult to control it.If you want to eat whatever you want, you have to eat it, or if you want to scratch the liver and be uncomfortable.And the more you can’t eat, the more you want to eat, such as spicy crayfish, ice cream, barbecue, etc. are not suitable for eating during pregnancy.


In addition to the smell and food, there are certain specific things that can cause expectant mothers to vomit.Some of them vomit when they are pregnant after pregnancy. Some are disgusting when reading books. Some people who ca n’t see a certain color, and they ca n’t play a mobile game or use a certain app.All kinds of quirks, it sounds funny and amazing.

A colleague did not dare to go to the mall when he was pregnant. When he saw a lot of people and the clothes hanging on the shelves, he was disgusting.I thought it was a lot of hypoxia, and then I went twice and vomited, so I didn’t dare to go.

Faced with the quirk of expectant mothers during pregnancy, the prospective dad understands a lot, even if you can’t understand it, don’t say that they are arrogant.Seemingly incredible, but it is really not controlled.

During pregnancy, the emotions of expectant mothers play an important role in the growth and development of the fetus.Therefore, for the smell, food, things that you hate, try to avoid contact, so as not to cause pregnancy and affect your mood.

In addition, if the expectant mother has the smell that she particularly likes to smell, but it is not healthy, such as gasoline flavor, paint flavor, etc., try to control herself as much as possible. Don’t smell too long.If you like food, you must also control the amount, do not eat too much.

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