"Never give birth again!" Zhong Jiaxin’s emotional collapse in 10 weeks of pregnancy, and he announced that he would "seal the belly" before he was born.

Some time ago, after the post official Xuan Huai had three births, Zhong Jiaxin shared the state of early pregnancy.

In the video, Zhong Jiaxin said that he had a serious response in the early pregnancy and his body was very uncomfortable: a lot of foods could not be eaten, and the chest became particularly painful and sensitive. Sometimes it was like being hit by a person, and he had to go to the toilet 5 or 6 times at night.

In addition to these physical pain, what makes her unbearable is the spiritual "torture".

Zhong Jiaxin said: "I became very irrational, emotional, and it was difficult to imagine that I suddenly felt scared, because I couldn’t sleep well because I was uncomfortable, and I even had tears."

Although she also laughed and encouraged everyone to "encounter such a problem in the future. I hope that women will not be shy and bravely say to find help."Pregnancy once. "

Indeed, compared to physical discomfort, spiritual pain will make expectant mothers overwhelmed.

In October, the expectant mothers who were childbirth during the pregnancy would become very fragile and sensitive. Even a small thing on weekdays would cause emotional collapse and feel anxiety and depression for no reason.Even some expectant mothers will feel that they lose hope, have sleep disorders, and suffer from "prenatal depression".

Especially when the family does not understand and supports, the emotions of expectant mothers are regarded as "prestigious", which will make it feel more painful, and emotional fluctuations become more obvious.

So why is the mothers’ emotional fluctuations so great during pregnancy, and how should we deal with it correctly?

First of all, expectant mothers have great emotional fluctuations after pregnancy, which has a lot to do with hormone levels in the body.

After the baby is pregnant, the level of estrogen, progesterone, thyroid hormone, etc. in the expectant mother increased significantly, and the estrogen will even increase by more than 100 times after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Therefore, under the severe changes in hormone levels in the body, it is easy to cause the emotional fluctuations in expectant mothers, making it with negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, and sensitivity, and they will also love to cry more.

Secondly, huge psychological pressure after pregnancy can also cause emotional fluctuations of expectant mothers.

When many women are pregnant for the first time, they are not only concerned about the babies in their stomachs, and they have no relevant experience. It is easy to have some unnecessary worries, such as their physical condition, whether the baby is healthy, how to look at it in the future, and so on.

Moreover, the sudden changes in identity, the future uncertainty, and physical discomfort will increase the psychological pressure of expectant mothers and then trigger emotional fluctuations.

Finally, poor sleep status will also cause emotional fluctuations.

Studies have found that with the increase in the pregnancy week, the sleeping time of expectant mothers will be significantly reduced. Many women will have snoring after pregnancy, and the quality of sleep becomes worse and worse.

And due to difficulty falling asleep, shortening sleep time, and decreased sleep quality, the daily life of expectant mothers will be seriously affected, which will lead to emotional instability. Even if you encounter some small problems, emotions will easily fall down and show negative pessimism.status.

1. Share your feelings with your family

For the mother -in -law, it is very necessary to recognize that pregnancy is not a matter of themselves, and lovers and family members have the responsibility of "crossing difficulties."

So when we are worried, when we feel uncomfortable in the body, and occasionally feel down, we may wish to share our feelings with our family and friends. If you can express your negative emotions, it will often feel much better.

2. Make life full

Sometimes the reason why expectant mothers often feel anxious and nervous is actually because the state of life has changed suddenly, and it cannot be adapted for a while.

When we are idle during pregnancy, we can try to divert our attention, relax the tight nerves, and make life re -enrich, such as the hobbies that I like to learn very much before, but have no time to learnA friend to go shopping, walking with your lover to take a walk, etc., can soothe your emotions and relieve anxiety.

3. Seek medical treatment in time

In the end, although emotional fluctuations after pregnancy are normal, "prenatal depression" has to be guarded. According to relevant data, about 10%of expectant mothers will suffer from moderate depression during pregnancy.

Therefore, if the expectant mothers find that their emotional fluctuations are very serious, and even notice that her personality has changed, the duration reaches more than 2 weeks, they must seek medical treatment in time to conduct regular inspections and evaluations in the psychological psychology department, and take further treatment measures.

Lao Miao concluded:

The mood of expectant mothers fluctuated during pregnancy and became anxious and irritable. The support of family members was important.

Especially as the lover of expectant mothers, we must understand the huge impact of pregnancy for the physical and spiritual of expectant mothers, and give sufficient understanding and support. After all, it is not easy to give birth. This responsible couple should share it together.

Today’s topic: Is your emotional fluctuations obvious when you are pregnant?

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