"Newbies need to know" the basic knowledge of fetal protection and summary of medication plan

Pre -pregnancy

5 D1 — D5 (phase YJ)

[Empty stomach before breakfast] Drink ginger, red dates and wolfberry;

[Medicine] VE two; A -two; good savory one; a glass of protein powder; Elevavi eats one day;

[Food] Drink black soy milk; 1-2 peanut red dates eggs; a cup of yogurt

[Warm Palace] 50 grams of PL in Ai Leaf stopped the next day; or after YJ finished, soak the hot water feet every day after the end

[Exercise promotion] pause; or PL jump rope 500 times in the morning and evening, jump at home at home at night after ovulation

[LG] Eat the rice with one grain of lycopene; three -grain of zinc selenium treasure; one grain of Wuzi Yanzong pills; honey+VE one;

[Yang Jing Decoction] Oyster with oysters (drink this soup without eating zinc selenium treasure)

1 D6 — D13 (YJ End — Before PL)

[Floating before breakfast] Drink "Ginger and Red Dates and Wolfberry Water" or "Seven Days of Sugar Ginger Water";

One capsule VC;

[Medicine] VE two; A -two; good savory one; a glass of protein powder; Elevavi eats one day;

Soy isoflavones (Ending PL End) (WeChat: Help you good pregnancy subscription number)

[Food] Drink black bean glutinous rice porridge; 1-2 peanut red dates eggs; a cup of yogurt

[Warm Palace] 50 grams of PL in Ai leaves stop the next day; or soak the hot water feet every day after YJ ends;

[Exercise] PL skip rope 500 times in the morning and evening

[LG] Eat the rice with one grain of lycopene; three -grain of zinc selenium treasure; one grain of Wuzi Yanzong pills; honey+VE one;

[Yang Jing Decoction] Oyster with oysters (drink this soup without eating zinc selenium treasure)

6 D14 -D16 (PR stage)

[Empty stomach before breakfast] Drink ginger, red dates and wolfberry;

[Medicine] VE two; A -two; good savory one; a glass of protein powder; Elevavi eats one day;

Soy isoflavones (eaten PL ends)

[Food] Drink black bean glutinous rice porridge; 1-2 peanut red dates eggs; a cup of yogurt

[Warm Palace] 50 grams of PL in Ai leaves stop the next day; or soak the hot water feet every day after YJ ends;

[Exercise] Passing, rest at home for two days

[LG] Eat the rice with one grain of lycopene; three -grain of zinc selenium treasure; one grain of Wuzi Yanzong pills; honey+VE one;

[Yang Jing Decoction] Oyster with oysters (drink this soup without eating zinc selenium treasure)

D D17 — D28 (PL later)

[Empty stomach before breakfast] Drink ginger, red dates and wolfberry;

[Medicine] VE two; A -two; good sale of one; a glass of protein powder; one of the next day of Eleville;

Preparation month: 1 capsule for strong land; 2 capsules in Dafftong; 5g/time of nourishing kidney nursery pills, twice a day

[Food] Drink black bean glutinous rice porridge; 1-2 peanut red dates eggs; a cup of yogurt

[Warm Palace] 50 grams of PL in Ai leaves stop the next day; or soak the hot water feet every day after YJ ends;

[Exercise] From three days after YJ clean up until the next five days before YJ), stop)

Two-3 days after ovulation skipping is to avoid ectopic pregnancy and promote the peristalsis of fallopian tubes

[LG] Eat the rice with one grain of lycopene; three -grain of zinc selenium treasure; one grain of Wuzi Yanzong pills; honey+VE one;

[Yang Jing Decoction] Oyster with oysters (drink this soup without eating zinc selenium treasure)

People with kidney deficiency are very easy to stop and drink, drinking Chinese medicine to nourish the kidneys.Can eat the following foods to enhance renal function: yam, leek, wolfberry, black chicken, large bone soup, soy products, green leafy vegetables, do not eat cold food

After pregnancy (VE+VD+A+Qiang+Hepatin+Master Exemption)

【Commonly used medicine】

1. [Supplement of estrogen]: Bujiale (you can eat it after the endometrium is thin and thin, you can’t eat it before the line), Fen Tong (Cassy vagina, it is said that it will cause the blood value as high), purpleRiver Capsule

2. [Supplement progesterone]: luteinone injection (cheap, good absorption, PP suffer), Xue Nuo Tong (very expensive), cyclogest(A box of more than 100), Qining Jiao Pills (this can also be stuffed)

3. [Supplement HCG]: HCG injections, heparin (It is said that Boba HCG is low in heparin)

4. [The anticoagulant increases the blood supply of the uterus]: aspirin, heparin (is imported from risin, more than 70 one, domestic Geopalin, cheaper, but pain.Fiber -soluble indicators, reducing bleeding)

5. [Others]: Eleville, Vitamin E, VB6 (can secrete prolactin in a small range), strong pine (antibody is positive and needs strong)

6. [increase or decrease of the dosage]: The buds exceeded 3.0 or more, especially hormone drugs, such as supplementing progesterone and progesterone, cannot stop suddenly, and gradually reduce the amount.

药 Basic medication after pregnancy

l Vitamin E+Aspirin two capsules (eaten); Eleville two days a day (for three months)

L Daff Tong: Start eating two/day after ovulation; according to the P value, it can be adjusted to three grains/day

l Strong pine grains 5mg (eat 20 weeks), monitor ACA

l Calcked antibodies: "Main Disopoly" after pregnancy after pregnancy

l The placenta powder is 3 grams each time, 3 times a day (E2 eats this immediately, and add two capsules for Jiale)

l A+heparin: Daily small doses of aspirin (60 ~ 80 mg)+heparin 5000 ~ 10,000 units in the skin injection twice a day.Heparin is made 2 every day, one in the morning and afternoon, and then the doubling of HCG is then doubled.It is still very helpful for liter HCG.Special reminder: Because the belly acupuncture and hormone drugs used are particularly damaged to the liver, the liver function is reviewed every 2 weeks, and the normal is not higher than 40.

l Vitamin D+calcium: Prevent osteoporosis caused by long -term heparin therapy, supplemented by vitamin D and calcium;

l others found that they had eaten pregnancy or Po Ling Pregnancy for more than a month after pregnancy.

促 促 ² ² ² ² ² ² 丸 丸 ² ² ² ² (eat before ovulation)

Eat before ovulation or eat on the 5th day of menstruation.

胎 ² ² ² 嗣 嗣 ² ² ² ²

Two capsules at a time, twice a day, and eaten for 3 and a half months.

膏 膏 ² ² ((² ² (help pregnancy, before YJ-yj ends)

Assist in pregnancy, easy to do; start drinking before YJ, drink until YJ ends

滋 ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² (improve the fetal heart, take it after PL or eat it after pregnancy)

Eat after ovulation, increase the appearance of fetal heart

Professor Luo Yuankai, a well -known Chinese medicine gynecologist.The main effects are nourishing kidney and spleen, nourishing blood and nourishing the tires, and improving the function of luteal. In 1992, it passed the identification and obtained new drug approval. The clinical trial stage, the treatment of threatened and habitual abortion, the effective rate of 90%.

Do not eat radishes, coix seeds, mung bean sprouts when taking medicine

维 Folic acid (Eleville, affects ovulation)

It is reported that folic acid affects ovulation (uncertain);

The best "Elevi", which contains folic acid, is the only folic acid -containing drug that has been tested by the mother body

Vitamin E (Laiyi card, prolatoba)

一 When you find that you are pregnant, take two 100 mg of natural VE a day

将 For men’s suggestions, take [VE and Honey] in the same service.

² Aspirin

, It guarantees that the blood supply is smooth, and the small dose is safe for pregnant women. The amount of one capacity is 25mg and the safety is 100mg/day.

After 50 days, the embryo was discovered. If there was no antibody problem, it was the problem of coagulation.

生 Eat in his arms, and 2 weeks before your lifetime (but the general medical doctors in China, you absolutely disagree with you) are forbidden drugs in the country, which causes the baby’s deformity.Need to monitor the coagulation indicator to adjust the dose

林 If aspirin adapts to the proof and has no other choices, you can consider using aspirin 3 months before pregnancy.However, it is necessary to use small doses: it is safe within 75 mg per day.When applying, the platelet aggregation rate, the original time of the coagulantinase or the test tubular coagulation should be regularly monitored.

血 Contraindications: ulcer disease with hemorrhagic symptoms or activity bleeding for other causes; hemophilia or platelet reduction.The side reactions of the mother are mainly gastrointestinal bleeding or ulcer, bronchial spasm allergic reactions, skin allergic reactions, liver or renal damage.

提 Soy isoflavones (increase estrogen)

的 In order to reduce the symptoms of menopause and delay the arrival of menopausal periods, or high FSH, and estrogen are low, JMM can supplement soybean isoflavones in a timely manner. Except for menstrual periods, two capsules are taken for a long time.This is its most basic and conventional method!Intersection

After the Monthyl Menstruation is over, two capsules are erected every day, and ovulation is over.No need to eat after ovulation, because the luteal period is mainly progesterone, and estrogen supplemented

通 progesterone (Daff Tong Dolimkin Akanan)

Æ æ æ æ

1. "The needle is called progesterone. This structure is the most in line with the progesterone structure in the body."

2. "Daff Tong, Dolima, these drugs are all foreign. These drugs are also elegason, which can be used for fetal protection. But these two medicines cannot be measured.", Jiao Wan is wrapped in microfimyle, pure natural progesterone. It used to be from France. It is called Angan Tan. It can be taken orally or stuffed with the vagina. It is safe and effective.The dose of each medicine is too large, which produces a similar pregnancy reaction.) This drug is still a progesterone, so it can be determined "

3. Dhaphoton (ground flexionweltone) instructions: Patients with semi-lactose are not resistant to LAPP lactase deficiency or glucose-semi-lactose absorption disorder Rare genetic diseases should not take this medicine.The proportion of lactose intolerance of Chinese people is quite high (that is, diarrhea when drinking milk). I don’t know if such people are not suitable to choose Daff Tong.

4. There is a method for supplementing P to use vaginal suppository, such as coonorone (about 100 yuan/branch) that sisters who do test tubes.Generally use tires to be rarely used

长 长 ² ² (long follicles, promotion)

One way of eating: I started eating on the third day of menstruation, two capsules a day, 5 days to eat

One way of eating: Day 5-10, one capsule every day (fixed time)

The thickness of the endometrium is small

多 Cromifen (polycystic ovary promotion)

The most commonly used method for Western Medicine to treat the polycystic ovary is to promote the row: On the 5th day of YJ, eat 5 days of grammi.

The correct method is that after the end of Kimi, two soybean isoflavones are eaten every day, and the ovulation is over.

Tip, it is said that Kimi will thinner the endometrium and cannot bed or empty sac.

Jumping rope (long follicles)

Three times and 6 days, jump 500 times a day; pull up, the next day AA, until the body temperature rises, and then add AA again; jump 500 times before the ovulation period, and do not jump within 20 hours after AA;, YJ stopped jump in the first five days; after YJ was cleaned, three days after YJ until the next five days before YJ, 500 times each time.(Pay attention to more fetal knowledge: WeChat signal: help you good pregnancy subscription number)

降 Vitamin B6 (secretion of prolactin, cure HCY)

The normal value of the prolactin is lower than 30ng/ml, and some say that it is less than 25ng/ml. This value is unchanged, and the change is problematic.

VB6. Every day 50 mg to 200mg. Generally, there are very few composite vitamins. You must buy special VB6 to eat to achieve effective amounts. VB has no side effects, because the vitamins of the VB family are water -soluble. Summary naturally naturally.Eliminate in vitro.

泌 泌 降 ² ² (secretion of prolactin, normal value is lower than 25ng/ml)

症 Hyperminemia: The first serving the hidden pavilion should reduce the dose, 1-2 times a day, 1.25 mg each time (half tablets). After taking the meal. After the small dose is taken, no reaction is found to have stomach discomfort.There is no dizziness, hypotension and stool, so you can change to 1 tablet (2.5 mg) each time after 3 days, 2 times a day, and the normal amount of the olfactory pavilion is 1 tablet per time, 3 times a day. Pay attention to it.The maximum dose of this medicine should not exceed 10 mg per day! After HY, reduce the amount immediately, and reduce it in half half until the service is stopped!

点 点 æ æ æ æ cannot be adapted at all. After taking it, the response is great, and nausea and vomiting are not stopped.At this time, the method of administration should be changed.You can plug the olfactory pavilion into the depths of the vagina, once a day, 2.5–5mg each time.Because the genital epithelium comes from the auxiliary nephor, it has a good absorption effect on the drug, and the acidic conditions of the vagina are favorable to absorb. Therefore, 99%of the vaginal administration enters the blood circulation of the whole body, which can avoid directly through liver metabolism.The role of drugs also significantly reduces gastrointestinal reactions.

即 After HY, reduce the amount immediately, and reduce it in half and half until the service is stopped!

芬 Bujiale+Fenma Tong (E2 estrogen alcohol)

Estrogen (progesterone) should be gradually rising after ovulation, and the decline of gradually shows that there is a problem.

法 (Shangwei’s therapy) Bu Jiale does not absorb well, change a fencode to plug the vagina, and eat a capsule.If you are not sensitive to Bujiale, try Fang Caitong

** Bu Jiale, soy isoflavones to eat for a long time will cause fibroids

Bujiale (scientific name pentayl gyanol), e2 rises slowly, and eats Jiale, usually one capsule three times a day, but adjust the dose according to the different situations of each person, and gradually reduce the amount as appropriate (tonic Jiajia JiajiaYou must take the fetal heart before you can stop the medicine)

Bujiale, 1mg per tablet, the dose of the use of tires ranges from 2–6 tablets/day, depending on the situation of each person.Pregnant women’s complement of Jiale is safe every day. Some people who do test tubes have given 15 capsules a day. The children are born well.Therefore, people with low estrogen after pregnancy are very safe to use Jiale.But the key is to determine the amount, time, time, and when the amount of medicine is decided according to your own situation.

白 分 æ æ, split white slices and gray slices, [white tablets] are estradiol (1 mg/tablets), [ash tablets] are estradiol (1 mg/tablets) and ground flexion (10mg/tablets)Mixed films can be taken according to the needs of each person.

H heparin (improve HCG)

There are two commonly used medicines, one is sodium, the price is low, about 20 yuan; the other is calcium, the price is more expensive, about 70 yuan

Special reminder: Because the belly acupuncture and hormone drugs used are particularly damaged to the liver, you must remember to remind the tube bed doctor to help you review the liver function every 2 weeks. Normally not higher than 40.

(Calcked antibodies (also known as the master) need to be used with disputes to be used with caution

People who stop the fetus will be negative (positive).

多 People who have an early fetal stop or multiple biochemicals, or people who are not developing or developing slowly 50 days ago, have miscarriage more than 2 times, and if no problems are found, it must be used for it (closed treatment)

孕 HCG (assisted pregnancy, abortion)

Muscle injection HCG daily P≥3.18nmol/L (1.0ng/ml) should be considered as elevated

好 HCG has doubled. Because the embryo lacks nutrients, it may be slow or even stopped. Instead of progesterone, the embryo will be unstable in bed, causing bleeding or even abortion

是 Judging whether the embryo is normal is the key to the absolute value of the HCG, but the growth rate of the HCG value

剂 Injecting HCG injections is equivalent to HCG that gives the maternal fake, maintaining luteum immortality, waiting for the embryo to develop further.When the embryo can secrete a sufficient amount of HCG to maintain the luteum, you can no longer need to get the HCG needle.The absorption rate of HCG injections is very low. According to Dr. Deng Chengyan, if the HCG of 2,000 units is injected at a time, only 20 or 30 units can be measured in the blood

孕 progesterone (progesterone)

后 Checking time: On the 3rd or 5th day and 7 days after ovulation, check the progesterone and LH.

On the seventh day of high temperature, progesterone is measured.If it is less than 15, it is necessary to supplement progesterone. If 15-21 is better, it is very good for 21 or more. You can usually eat more bean food to consolidate.

VE can increase progesterone and prevent abortion, but control the amount, twice a day, 100 mg each time

醇 E2 estradiol (fetal heart indicator)

The important indicator of the fetal heart to be related to the fetal heart is best to keep more than 1,000, which can generally ensure that the fetus appears after 7 weeks.After ovulation, E2 is best greater than 150. It is better to get more than 200 when you are tested.

7 When E2 below the 137pg/ml (1pg/ml = 3.67pmol/L), it is foreshadowed that there is an inevitable abortion or an ectopic pregnancy.

的 Medication: The most common supplement to E2 is tonic (scientific named pentaicol), 1 mg per table, and the dosage of the use of tires ranges from 2 per day to 6 tablets/day.Determined.There is also a kind of medicine called Fen Tong, white slices and gray tablets, white slices are estradiol (1 mg/tablets), gray tablets are estradiol (1 mg/tablets), and ground flexion (10mg/tablets)Mixed films can be taken according to the needs of each person.

(Platelet gathering (below 0.6 is normal)

Bao’s indicator requires that below 0.2 is normal.

Platelet gathering is directly for pregnancy examination. Its elevation will block the fine blood vessels at any time, so strict control should be strictly controlled at the pregnancy level and even early pregnancy.

Drug: Aspirin

Β β2 -glucose 1 antibody (less than 0.2 normal)

D CDFI of the uterine arteries (the normal value of the normal value is less than 15)

Ⅰ. Non during pregnancy: Around the seventh day after ovulation, ultrasound check the blood flow of the uterine artery

Ⅱ. Pregnancy: Early pregnancy 6-7 weeks/mid-pregnancy uterine arteries; umbilical artery ultrasound examination at 20 or 30 weeks of pregnancy

The increase in data is prone to suffering from stretch hypertension. Pay attention to the detection of blood pressure and urine routine.

The uterine arteries were added below 12 before 14 weeks of pregnancy, and the uterine arteries below 8-28 weeks were below 8 and 28 weeks below 6. It was normal.

Medication: High uterine arteries, heparin must be used!(Lin Qide’s therapy);

Luteriole function (reference value+medication)

Diagnosis of luteal dysfunction (LPD): luteal mid -term P <32nmol/L (10ng/ml), or 3 days after ovulation, 3 times after ovulation, 3 times to test P, total and <95.4nmol/L (30ng/ml) are LPD;Or P <47.7nmol/L (15ng/ml) before 10 weeks of pregnancy is the standard of diagnosis of LPD; 10 weeks before pregnancy, P <15ng/LM can be diagnosed as luteal function; P <10ng/lm will lead to pregnancy failure.Risk increase

Medication: multiple methods

The lack of luteal function needs to be played in time after ovulation, and the metabolic time of HCG is half a month.

Fighting from the day of ovulation, one 2,000 units of HCG for three days.

:Black bean glutinous rice porridge: Eat it twice every morning and evening.(30 grams of black beans, 60 grams of glutinous rice)

天 天 æ æ æ æ æ æ Drink soy milk every day; after YJ, eat soybean isoflavones capsules for 5 days

After coming to YJ, drink 2 times the Chinese medicine "Bazhen Granules" twice every day.

Thyroid function (must be checked after pregnancy)

The monitoring of TSH, FT3, and FT4 during early pregnancy is important. Generally speaking, it is safer to keep TSH below 2.5.The TSH level will change after pregnancy. If it is elevated above the upper limit, it will cause fetal dysplasia or even fetal stop.

Anti -heart -based phospholipids

Special introduction to the treatment of pregnancy combined with anti -phospholipid syndrome

The treatment and efficacy of pregnancy combined with APS are related to the pathological organizational science of the placenta. At present, the main treatment methods are anti -thrombosis, anticoagulant, and immunosuppression. The specific schemes are as follows.

② Anticardin antibody is positive and/or accompanied by platelet aggregation: Apply aspirin.

② Anticin phospholipid antibody is occasionally positive+accompanied by high -coeaic state: Apply low molecular heparin.

③ Anticardin and phospholipid antibody is occasionally positive+accompanied by platelet aggregation and high -coordinated state: apply aspirin and low molecular heparin.

④ Anticin -phospholipid antibody is frequent or persistent. It is not accompanied by platelet aggregation and high -coeaic state: strong application.

⑤ Anticin -phospholipid antibody is frequent or persistent, and is accompanied by platelet aggregation: strong pine and aspirin.

⑥ Anticardin antibody antibody is frequent or persistent, and is accompanied by a high -coordinated state: strong pine and low molecular heparin.

Anticin -phospholipid antibody is frequent or persistent, and is accompanied by pine, aspirin and low -molecular heparin with high platelet aggregation and high -gel state applications.

Six detailed explanations of hormones (Bao Shihua)

素 Follicular growth hormone (FSH): It is a kind of glucocrin hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary cells. Its main function is the development and maturity of the follicles of the ovary.The concentration of Blood FSH is 1.5-10U/L in the early stage of ovulation (some said that the reference value of the follicle period is 2.8-11.3), the ovulation period is 8-20U/L, and the late ovulation is 2-10U/L.The FSH value is low in the treatment of estrogen, progesterone treatment, and Xihan syndrome.The high value of FSH is found in premature ovarian failure, unsightly ovarian syndrome, and primary amenorrhea.

激 Promoting lutein to form hormone (LH): It is also a kind of glycoprotein hormone secreted by analogenic cells anterior pituitary cells.The main function is to promote ovulation and form lutein secretion hormones.Blood LH concentration, 2-15U/L in the early stage of ovulation (also said that the reference value of the follicle period is 1.1-11.6), the ovulation period is 20-100U/L, and the post-ovulation is 4-10U/L.It is more reliable to indicate that the gonadotropin function is low, and it is seen in the Hantan syndrome.If the high FSH increases the LH, ovarian failure is very affirmed.LH/FSH> = 3 is one of the basis for diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome.

Cycidal (PRL): Actoria and nourishing cells secreted by one of the eosinophils of the anterior pituitary lobe is a simple protein hormone. The main function is to promote the production and milk of the hyperplasia of the breast.In non-lactation, the normal value of the blood PR1 is 0.08-0.92nmol/L.Higher than 1.0nmol/L is hyperthydemia.(Some also say that the reference value is 1.9-25)

:Testosterone (T): Women’s testosterone, 50%from peripherals of peripherals, 25%is secreted by adrenal cortex, and only 25%come from the ovaries.The main function is to promote the development of clitoral, labia and pussy, which has an antagonistic effect onrogens and has a certain impact on systemic metabolism.Women’s plasma testosterone levels are at 0.7-2.1nmol/L. They are high in T, called hypertension, which can cause female infertility.(Some also say reference value 15-81)

E Estopia (E2): Then the follicles of the ovaries secrete.The main function is to grow the endogenic gland into a proliferation period and promote the development of the second sexual characteristics of women.The concentration of Blood E2 is 48-52lpmol/L in the ovulation period (there is a reference value of the follicle period of 15-160), the ovulation period is 370-1835pmol/L, and the late ovulation is 272-793pmol/L.Low -value is found in low ovarian function, premature ovarian function, and Xihan syndrome.

:Progesterone (P): Ovanian gland cortex is secreted by the luteal of the ovaries.The main function is to promote the transformation of endometrium from proliferation to secretion.The blood P concentration was 0-4.8mnol/L in the early stage of ovulation (also said that the reference value of the follicle period was 0.2-1.13), and the late ovulation was 7.6-97.6nmol/L.The blood P value in the later period of ovulation is found in luteal dysfunction and ovulation -type uterine dysfunction bleeding.

This is just a reference value. Each hospital is different. In any hospital, you need to consult which hospital in which hospital. The doctor will formulate a detailed treatment plan according to your examination results.

Premature ovarian failure: It is mainly to make up for the lack of ovarian function by proper exogenous female and progesterone, and delay the pathological process.Generally, periodic hormone replacement treatment is used, that is, 28 days as a treatment cycle, 1 to 21 days, take low-dose natural estrogen daily, and use natural progesterone on the 12th to 21th day, then stop the drug 7 7sky.

Premature ovarian failure.You can eat deer plants, snow clams, DHEA

功能 Ovarian atrophic function decreases, and premature menopause will occur. You can try Ke Hao Tian Female Capsules. This medicine is specifically targeted at women.The effect is very good.Many female friends are taking it now.

1. Ovarian maintenance prescription

Formula: 250 grams of red peanuts, 150 grams of red dates, 250 grams of lotus seed meat, and 3 to 4 trotters.

Production and consumption: Wash the pork trotters with hair removal first, boil with 1500 to 2000 ml of water for 3 hours, and put the peanuts, red dates and lotus seeds for 1 hour.Drink 1 small bowl on an empty stomach every morning and before going to bed.

In addition, eat more cabbage, cauliflower, sunflower oil, sesame oil and other foods rich in vitamin E and vitamin B2 -rich animal viscera, eggs, milk and soy products, as well as vitamin B6 grains, beans, thinner, thinnerMeat and other.

2. Ovarian maintenance medicinal prescription

12 grams of lotus seed meat, 12 grams of wild lily, 15 grams of fairy spleen.

Production and consumption: After the fire boils, fry it with a fire for 1 hour, take it before meal, twice a day, 1 bowl of 1 bowl; after menstruation is clean for two weeks, take it after the menstrual period of the menstrual period, and then serve continuously.3 menstrual cycle.

3. Ovarian maintenance massage prescription

The blood sea on the knee joint, the three yin interses on the ankle joint, the reunion, the sea of the sea next to the ankle joint, the rushing spring on the soles, the acupuncture points of the lower abdomen, the qi sea, and the gods, etc.Press, 2 to 3 times a day, 20 minutes each time, can promote the improvement of women’s endocrine and reproductive system functions, which is beneficial to ovarian maintenance.

孕 Honey+constipation after pregnancy (not long -term drinking of honey after pregnancy)

Pregnant women drink honey for a long time or the baby girl of the bee jelly, the labia lip hypertrophy, the big baby baby baby baby will easily be precocious

Brown sugar ginger water (warm blood circulation, after yj, eat seven days in the morning)

The next day after YJ is clean (add K oil K oil: 10 贰 1861, learn more), eat brown sugar ginger tea, the effect: warm palace, promoting blood circulation.Use 250 grams of brown sugar and 150 grams of ginger, chopped the ginger, steam for 30 minutes, divide into 7 copies, and start serving for 7 days the next day after menstruation. It is best to eat it in the morning.In the past 7 days, they are not in the same room with my husband, and they will be together 7 days later.If you don’t want this month

On the next month, it will be almost the same as the next month.

(Black bean glutinous rice porridge (after the PL posterior body is rising, drinking the luteum is insufficient)

Material: 30 grams of black beans, 60 grams of glutinous rice

Method: Soak the black beans+glutinous rice for more than two hours, put it in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook porridge with warm heat.Take daily.

Drinking after the temperature of the PL rear, it can improve the lack of luteal function.If you like to eat lotus seeds, you can add some of the red dates in it

肚 ² 二 ² ² (insufficient luteal, the same effect as black bean glutinous rice porridge)

Ingredients: 10 grams of wolfberry, 100 grams of pork belly, 30 grams of fish belly, an appropriate amount of seasoning materials

Method: Wash the pork belly, sliced, and post the fish belly; put it in the pot with wolfberry, and cook in an appropriate amount of water until the belly is cooked.You can drink soup, eat belly and wolfberry, or use seasonings.

葡 Lotus seed stewed raisins (the same as the function of black bean glutinous rice porridge is insufficient)

Insufficient luteal function, in addition to the black bean glutinous rice porridge mentioned above, introduce a recipe.

Lotus seed stewed raisins: about 20 lotus seeds, 15g raisins, cut the core of the lotus seeds, put it in Wabburg with the raisins, add water, boil the fire after boiling the fire.You can eat every day after pregnancy.

小 Black fungus (gathered platelets, no need to eat)

The results of the research at the Beijing CPCCC have been confirmed that it has obvious anti -platelet aggregation, anticoagulant and cholesterol effects of 10 to 15 grams of black fungus daily.

促 Black bean soup (easy to ovulation)

, Soak it for a night, and then boil the soup for about 1 hour, and the beans are softer. Eat about 50 bowls of soup every day and drink for 6-7 days (after YJ finished).

After the end of menstruation.47 black beans, soaked in advance, boiled in water for 30-40 minutes the next day (a bit bad).After cooking, put brown sugar and mix well, eat it, and eat for 7 days.After eating, you will find that the leucorrhea during ovulation is long and thorough.Then after 7 days, I started to use PLSZ. After testing 2 red lines, I was in the same room, and it was successful!

助 Pigeon eggs (help the fetal buds to increase the fetal heart)

I look forward to eating more high -protein food pigeons in the past few days when the fetal buds have been eaten. When friends keep their fetuses, the old Chinese medicine said that they are good for embryos and grow fast.

Royal royal jelly+honey (both sides of the two sides)

Royal jelly, conditioning the body, the ratio of the royal pulp and honey is 1: 4, two spoons each morning and evening.

The royal jelly is the king of the bee. The queen king is giving birth for a lifetime.

Just start taking N months before pregnancy.At the same time, the man can add another spoonful of pollen.

配 The man to improve the sperm formula (effective after one month)

Every day, the Liuwei Dihuang Pills in Tongrentang or Wuzi Yanzong Pill+natural vitamin C+fresh tomato 200g+yam or 100g of sweet potatoes,+wolfberry make tea.

At the same time, we usually eat more wild turtles, wild scutellaria baicalensis, loach, pumpkin, etc.

[This recipe is recommended to the men’s use of sperm quality, and it will see obvious effects for a month..

的 Food medicine to improve sperm quality

Food: leek, sea cucumber, sparrow, whip soup

Tonic: lycopene, zinc selenium treasure, kangaroo essence, silkworm pupa capsule

Western medicine: Vitamin E (Medicinal), Kim Schurkang

Chinese medicine: Zuo Gui Wan, Buzhong Yiqi Pills, Shouwu Yanshou Film, Xiaoyao Pill, Liuwei Dihuang Pill

² ² ² ² ² ² egg brown sugar (inadequate menstruation, blood deficiency luteal, YJ can eat twice)

Main ingredients: black beans+angelica+two eggs+brown sugar

Original is "Angelica 50 grams+15 grams of honeysuckle+10 red dates +150 grams of black beans+100 grams of brown sugar+quail eggs 20+purple car car 10 grams)

Methods: Angelica and honeysuckle are wrapped in gauze, and the others are like cooking medicine together.Tap the quail eggs every 6 to 7 minutes, let the soup enter the eggs, and then knock on the cycle 3 to 4 times, stop knocking, and keep the soup in about 90 minutes in low heat. The soup is enough.Except for the honeysuckle and angelica in gauze, everything else is eaten.Of course, the shell of quail eggs cannot be eaten.(After drinking the soup, all the red dates, black beans, and eggs are eaten.)

荷 ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² (Eggs Warm Palace)

Main materials: Ai leaf, brown sugar and eggs

Method: Put 10-15 grams of wormwood in the cold water and boil over low heat and cook for 15-20 minutes, then drain the Ai leaf, and put it into 1-2 eggs.Turn off the fire, put brown sugar after the eggs are cooked, and eat eggs and soup. Serve 40 days!Drink a little more water after eating eggs!

For palace cold or infertility, Ai leaf has the effect of warm palace to stop bleeding tires, helping to raise high -quality eggs!

水 Ginger and red dates and wolfberry water (warm palace recipe, can replace Ai leaf brown sugar eggs)

Main materials: ginger, red dates, wolfberry

Method: Ginger peel, red dates to nuclear, chop the ginger, put red dates, cook wolfberry together, put brown sugar at the end, drink a large bowl before meals in the morning. If you are not afraid of getting angry, you can drink a large bowl at noon.Can replace the Eggs.

You can also cover your stomach with a hot water bottle every day, and you can also have the effect of warm palace.

((² ² ² ² ² (warm uterine)

[Tips] Ai Ye cannot be soaked every day, because after soaking, people are very tired, and when they are soaked in Ai Ye, don’t eat cold things.

(Peanut red dates egg (low amethytone)

Peanuts, red dates, eggs (boiled in water first, peeling) are stewed together, and then they are eaten. It is said that this is a recipe with low progesterone.After eating continuously for a week, no matter whether it is effective, at least peanuts, red dates, or eggs are good.It is recommended to eat it in person.

种 Black rice porridge (two types of white hair)

(1) Three black porridge: 50 grams of black rice, 20 grams of black soybeans, 15 grams of black sesame, 15 grams of walnut kernels.Boil porridge with brown sugar.Frequent food can moisturize and beauty, nourish brain puzzle, and can nourish blood.It is suitable for patients with early white, dizziness and anemia.

(2) Black rice lotus seed porridge (delay aging) 100 grams of black rice and 20 grams of lotus seeds.Cook the porridge together, add rock sugar to season.This can nourish yin and nourish the heart, nourish the kidneys and spleen, suitable for pregnant women, the elderly, and those who are physically weak after illness.

炖 炖 ² ² ² stewed black chicken soup (tonic and blood, drink after PL)

This is qi and blood. You can drink it before and after the PL stage. Husband can also drink together. Drink qi and blood, the soup Chinese medicine is very strong, and there is a taste and bitter taste on the black chicken.Drink the soup.

[Method]: Black chicken half, 10g of angelica, 20g of Codonopsis, 6g of tangerine peel when stewed, and seasoning for two hours of stew. Remember to use distilled water (pure water, mineral water instead, or sediment after half an hour.Tap water), do not use tap water, otherwise it will be stewed in vain, and stewed in water!

(² ² ² ² ² ² ² 药 qi and blood (twins)

It is qi and blood, and it is said that you can eat this twins frequently

[Method] Taupel a large root, the yam will set it by itself (like to eat more, don’t like to put less), cut into small sections, use hot water first, remove the foam on the ribsPut warm water, add ginger, garlic, cook for half an hour on high heat first, and then turn it in low heat for 1.5 hours. When the yam is cooked for about 1 hour, it will be poured in for 2 hours.

杞 ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ²)

1-2 capsules of longan (not afraid of getting more on fire), 4-5 Chinese wolfberry, 2-3 red dates, soaking in water, can make the crescents on the nails more.

[In the second trimester, this party has a role in the birth of the delivery]

The second type of [ingredients] 1 pair of pork waist, clear the kidney roots inside, small pieces of peel, two slices of Huaishan, 2g of cites, 30g of lean meat, 4-5 red dates, 5g of female Jeongzi Chinese medicine, (piglets (pigsThe waist is the most important thing with Joan Zi)!

[Method] Put the boiling water with these materials into the stew bowl. This can shorten the time of stewing soup, boil the water in the water, and simmer for 45 minutes on low heat. OK is OK!

Three or four days of pearl soup, pork waist soup a day, this effect is good!IntersectionIntersection

红 Angelica head red dates and brown sugar eggs (ovulation -promoting)

Usually eat more black beans (this is good for follicles).Usually after menstruation, you can boil red jujube brown sugar eggs. Specific methods: Angelica head, red dates to nuclear, brown sugar, eggs, eggs, and cook together.EssenceIt is necessary to eat after clean period, you can eat it every day, and do not eat it one week before menstruation

There are motherwort, brown sugar, eggs, eggs, and eggs.Boil together, you can eat less menstrual period, two days before the menstrual period.Can eat for three days

You can usually cook red dates, wolfberry, longan, rock sugar water, and promote ovulation

蛋Ama safflower pregnancy and eggs (easy to eat, eat in front of PL)

ILL5964 pregnancy preparation method:

That is the safflower gestational egg, one egg egg, 1.5 grams of red flowers, pour out a small mouth and pour some egg white to put the safflower in the cage for 15 minutes.4 red flowers, 5 minutes of saffron, because the saffron is 50 yuan, so expensive, the safflower eggs eat ovulation one day, and they do not eat it after ovulation.The old Chinese medicine said that the pregnancy aid was very good. Anyway, I bought 2 grams of saffron, 20 grams of red flowers, and did not eat 20 eggs. I was pregnant this month.

中 Custom -closed antibody Chinese medicine prescription (with website)

12 grams of mulberry parasites, 12 grams of Sichuan, 12 grams of Eucommia, 12 grams of silk, 6 grams of Codonopsis, 6 grams of frying atractylodes, 9 grams of frying white peony, 15 grams of barn, 6 grams of Soviet stalks.Two packets are made, 15 grams per pack.Generally taking one or two courses of treatment, about March or exceeding the number of miscarriage.

This prescription is excerpted from the thesis "The Chinese Medicine therapy for the Lack of Natural Abortion of Antibody"

药 药 ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² ² (ACA anti -heart and phospholipid positive, antibody -positive)

Anti -resistant Dihuang Decoction treatment.This prescription is based on Liuwei Dihuang Decoction.

Pharmaceutical composition: Cooked Dihuang 25 g, 12 g dogwood, 12 g yam, 10g of Zexie, 10 g, peony peel 10 g, Sands 30 g, chicken blood vine 30 g, angelica 10 g, astragalus 30 g, 菟 silk 30 g 30 g, Tao Ren 10 G.Add 500 ml of water, fry the fire to 150 ml, fry each time in the morning and evening, take warm clothes, and check the ACA after taking 45 d (1 treatment).In this course of treatment, no more yin is still observed.Add or subtracted with the permit: those who are also hot and fever with cork 10 g, 10 g of mothers; those who are both qi and qi plus Codonopathy 15 g; and those with hot and humid hot and humid white flower snake tongue 20 g, scutellaria baicalensisDosage; even the stasis, add red flowers 10 g, 15 g, and the blood deficiency is 10 g.

菌 菌 ² ² ² ² (cure mold inflammation)

Washing vulva in wormwood or cold water.This method can remove fungitis, and do not recur. Use a small pot or small pot to boil water. It must be stainless steel. It must be boiled in water.The vulva, if you feel that the vulva is a bit itchy, add Ai leaves to cook water, the effect is really good.

治 Traditional Chinese medicine tune luteum (insufficient treatment of lutein)

Remember the name of the medicine, you can’t remember the regulation of low Chinese medicine low in accordance with the regulatory luteum. You can refer to the symptoms of regulating hormones from the perspective of qi and blood. At that time, my symptoms were low that the body temperature was low. The two -way luteal value was very low.

The prescription is: American ginseng wolfberry antlers gum gum lytic Astragalus, pink boiling water, after mixing water, and taking it with honey sooner or later

(Traditional Chinese medicine for fetal preservation (similar to Chinese medicine prescriptions)

Angelica 15 grams of Sichuan dome 25 grams of white peony 100 grams of Yuanzhu 150 grams of scorching 100 grams of amomum. 50 grams of Chenpi 150 grams of leaf 150 grams of shell 100 grams of fried jujube 100 grams of Yuanzhi 100 grams of licorice 25 grams 100 grams 100 grams100 grams of cooked Dihuang are noodles, drink water, drink 10 grams at a time, three times a day the previous seven days, and twice a day on the eighth day

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