"Obstetrics and Gynecology" for five misunderstandings during pregnancy, have you recruited it?

Everyone knows that for the safety of the baby, we should try to avoid medication as much as possible during pregnancy, but do you relax your vigilance with relatively safe nutrient supplements?Is it safer to use Chinese medicine during pregnancy?Today I will introduce five common medication misunderstandings during pregnancy. I hope you can attract aspects.

Misunderstanding 1:

Can health products use health products instead of drugs to treat diseases?

Of course not!

Some people think that it is three -point poisonous medicine, and health products are much safe.However, it really needs to be solved by drugs, because regular health products have no functional governance and cannot play a role in cure.During pregnancy, the consequences of delaying treatment will be more serious when you do not dare to use medicine.In addition, the health care products market is chaotic, and we or relatives must eat health care products. We must also see the identification and screen it well.

Misunderstanding 2:

The more vitamins during pregnancy, the better?

It must be incorrect!

Can vitamins be so safe?Most of the demand during pregnancy is definitely right?

Although vitamins are over -the -counter drugs and are relatively safe, there are safe doses and poisonous doses of drugs, and vitamins should not be taken at will.For example, excessive vitamin A may cause infant skeletal malformations, urogenic reproductive system defects, and hard palate cracks; excessive vitamin C can cause abortion; excessive vitamin E will cause abnormal fetal brain development; excessive vitamin D will cause the fetal arterial and dental development of the fetusThere are problems; excessive vitamin B6 will cause the fetus to "vitamin B6 dependence".

Therefore, the dose of vitamins also needs to strictly follow the doctor’s advice.

Misunderstanding 3:

Chinese medicine is safer than western medicine. Should I take Chinese medicine as much as possible during pregnancy?

Not always!

The explanation of traditional Chinese medicine is very simple, so many people think that taking Chinese medicine during pregnancy is safer to the fetus, but it is actually not sure.On the one hand, some traditional Chinese medicine ingredients themselves are harmful to the fetus. For example, safflower can cause miscarriage, and male yellow can cause fetal malformations, so it is prohibited during pregnancy.

On the other hand, the composition of traditional Chinese medicine is complex, the mechanism and adverse reactions are unclear, and the harm to the fetus is unknown.And some western medicines have been confirmed to be safe for fetuses for many years. Although the hazards of medication in the instructions may account for a lot of space, it is precisely because of this, our research on western medicine on the baby is more thorough.Therefore, it is not possible to think that taking Chinese medicine during pregnancy is safer than western medicine.

Misunderstanding 4:

Reduce the dosage during pregnancy is safer to the fetus?

Absolutely not!

In order to avoid the effects of drugs on the fetus, some pregnant mothers are taken with reference to children’s dosage. In fact, they cannot achieve the purpose of treating diseases.Because only when the drug reaches a certain concentration in the body, the efficacy can be exerted, and the dose is too low in the body to achieve the effective concentration, and only side effects are left.On the contrary, the fetus may also be harmful due to the delay of the disease. Therefore, the medication during pregnancy cannot be blindly reduced.

The last one, misunderstanding 5:

Milk and calcium are more calcium with calcium?

Just the opposite!

Since both milk and calcium are calcium supplement, isn’t it half -effective to send calcium tablets with milk?In fact, it is not the other way to send calcium with milk, which can lead to a reduction in calcium absorption and cause waste of calcium. It should be taken separately, at least 1 to 2 hours.

Do you have a thunderbolt for these common medication misunderstandings during pregnancy?If you still have some drug doubts during pregnancy, please follow the public account of Beijing Medical Tong WeChat -Consultation Service -Registration -Beijing Maternal and Gynecological Hospital -Drug Therapy Management Outpatient Clinic. After the registration is successfulServe.

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