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When a pregnant mother encounters a new crown

Q & A pregnant mothers exclusive epidemic prevention tip, please check the mask and disinfection without gathering

Author: Beijing Maternal and Child Health Hospital ICCC

Audit: Yang Huixia, the First Hospital of Peking University; Zhao Yangyu, the Third Hospital of Peking University; Li Li, Beijing Earth Altar Hospital

Is it more serious if the pregnant mother infected the new crown?

Is it different from ordinary pregnant women?

Under what circumstances need to go to the hospital?

This may be the most doubts that pregnant mothers.

Below we are pregnant mothers

FAQ!1 New crown will not increase more adverse effects on pregnant mothers

According to existing data, new crowns infection during pregnancy, asymptomatic and mild cases are the most common.The symptoms are similar to ordinary people, such as dry throat, cough, runny nose, sore body, fever, etc., almost about 7 diseases, generally 3-4 days of symptoms will improve.In general, there is no more adverse effect on the health of pregnant mothers.

2 Will the new coronal virus be transmitted to the fetus?

After pregnant women are infected with new crowns, the ending of newborns is usually good.There is no clear evidence that the new coronary virus can pass through the placenta and infect the fetus. Pregnant mothers do not need to worry too much.

3 Do you want to terminate pregnancy in early pregnancy?

In early pregnancy, positiveness does not need to end pregnancy, and often does not increase the teratogenic rate.However, like ordinary pregnant women, if bleeding and abdominal pain occur during isolation, they still need to seek medical treatment in a timely manner, especially for patients who do not have the location of the pregnancy capsule without ultrasonic examination.4

Does a positive pregnant woman need a cesarean section?

As long as the protection is done, if there are no other obstetric cesarean section indications, it is not recommended to blindly use cesarean section for delivery due to the new crown infection.5

Which pregnant women are prone to serious situations

Pregnant mothers with basic diseases, such as severe hypertension, poor diabetes control, severe liver and kidney, and immune system diseases. After the new crown during pregnancy, the disease may be aggravated or severe manifestations.Therefore, it is particularly reminded that these pregnant mothers should strengthen self -protection and self -monitoring.6

What are the symptoms of pregnant mothers who are infected with the new crown?

You only need to treat the symptomatic symptoms at home. For example, if you take physical cooling, wipe the forehead, underarms, the root of the thigh with a cold towel, drink plenty of water, increase sleep and other rest time, and pay attention to replace sweaty clothes in time.In particular, the body temperature rises to 38.5 or above. You can take antipyretic drugs, or you can take Chinese medicines such as golden flower clear granules appropriately.

If the fever time exceeds 3 days, the body temperature exceeds 38.5 ° C, there are symptoms such as headache, asthma, breathing difficulties, or the symptoms of basic diseases, or fetal abnormalities, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, flow fluid or pre -child signs in the obstetrics.Medical.You can contact your community or inspection institution doctor in advance, and your supervisor will help you.7

What help can pregnant mothers seek during home isolation

Keep a call for the establishment of a community and the inspection agency in order to communicate in time.

For example, the pregnant mother of the positive home cannot be inspected at the appointment time, and can communicate with the inspection institution and change to remote diagnosis or appointment for the next time.

If you need an emergency consultation, please contact the community or the inspection agency in time. You can go to the consultation through special channels. Pregnant mothers need not be too panic.


What should we pay attention to when preparing for pregnant women

· It is best to inoculate the new coronal virus vaccine before pregnancy to increase your own immunity.

· Do a good pre -pregnancy examination, strengthen the diagnosis and treatment of basic diseases, adjust the physical condition as much as possible, and get pregnant before the doctor allows.

· Avoid new crown infections, go out, wear masks in public places, wear N95 masks when you go to the hospital, and go to the place where you can gather.At home or when in the office, it often ventilates to keep air circulation.Come back and wash your hands frequently.

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