"Play Essence" women pretend to be "Bai Fumei", dress up high -ranking students, and set up a series of crazy frauds 890,000

Pretend to be "Bai Fumei"

Lies saying that it is a high student at the Finance Department of Fudan University

To prove "the family is strong"

Father the father and the mother of the company’s executives

Even one person decorates two corners to create various situations of situations …

Women’s "Xiao Wen" series of pavement and operation

It’s all to weave an emotional secret network

Thus scam the money of the pursuit

Satisfy your desire to consume your own high consumption

However, the lie was finally pierced.A few days ago, the People’s Procuratorate of Baoshan District, Shanghai, filed a public prosecution on the woman for suspected fraud.

Take the initiative to win the favor

In early November 2020, because the blind date arranged at home has always been unsatisfactory, Mr. Ding sent his basic situation and photos to his friends, and asked him to help introduce his girlfriend.Mr. Ding’s friends sent Mr. Ding’s information group to all female friends in WeChat contacts.

Soon after, a woman who claimed to be "Xiaowen" sent a selfie, expressing her willingness to know Mr. Ding.Mr. Ding’s friends forwarded the photo to Mr. Ding. Mr. Ding immediately said that he could talk to Xiaowen, so the two added WeChat friends.

In WeChat chat, Xiao Wen indirectly revealed to Mr. Ding’s family situation, and from time to time, she sent some photos and selfies from her inferior girlfriends and selfies to form a comparison to win the favor and pursuit of Mr. Ding.Unsurprisingly, Mr. Ding quickly felt good about the woman who created herself into "Bai Fumei" and wanted to further develop with her.

Soon, Mr. Ding and Xiaowen met for the first time.Later, according to Xiaowen confessed, after meeting Mr. Ding, she found that Mr. Ding looks very average, and he is also inferior.During the conversation, Mr. Ding told his experience in his blind date and was hit hard, but he revealed that he had a certain economic foundation.This made Xiao Wen feel that his good face should be able to attract Mr. Ding deeply and let him throw a lot of money for himself.

In order to further win the trust of Mr. Ding, Xiaowen lied that he was a local from Shanghai and studied at the Finance Department of Fudan University.His father did business, and his mother was an executive of the company, deepening Mr. Ding’s perception of her "Bai Fumei".After Xiaowen’s careful design, as she expected, after this meeting, Mr. Ding was more liked to her, and pursuing Xiaowen’s determination and strength to increase.

However, where did Mr. Ding who was intoxicated in the sweetness, not only the background information, the woman he liked was fake.After making a good way, Xiaowen began a series of operations that took Mr. Ding as "cash cow."

The test is successful, and there is no degree

Xiaowen’s "borrowing money" for the first time was exhausted, and she found a reason to make Mr. Ding unable to refuse.Xiaowen claimed to Mr. Ding that the ex -boyfriend asked her to ask her a 21,000 yuan breakup fee. The line was full of her wanting to solve the matter quickly, so that she could start a hint of new feelings.Due to the urgent pursuit of Xiaowen to become a girlfriend, Mr. Ding chose "Hero Save the Beauty" and transferred the money to Alipay’s account called Li Moumou’s account according to Xiaowen’s request.

In order to make Mr. Ding feel that he was really "borrowing money", Xiaowen promised to return the monthly installment.But she also told Mr. Ding that her parents were divorced, and her father would hit her as soon as she drank.At the time of the promise to return to the loan, Xiaowen also said that he still had other borrowings, and his life was tuned … A set of words made Mr. Ding sympathize, distressed by Xiaowen’s situation, comforting her not to be under pressure, no need to hurry to pay back the moneyEssence

Seeing that Mr. Ding gave money so happy, he paid him unconditionally. Xiaowen felt that the time was mature, so he began the unscrupulous "borrowing money" path.

From December 2020 to April 2021, Xiaowen began asking Mr. Ding for various reasons.

Xiaowen told Mr. Ding that she wanted to buy a second -hand luxury bag for her girlfriend as a birthday gift, and asked Mr. Ding for 25,000 yuan.Later, he also said that his girlfriend found that the bag was very angry. In order to save friendship, she wanted to buy another new bag to send it to her girlfriend, so she asked Mr. Ding 50,000 yuan.Not long after, Xiaowen contacted Mr. Ding and said that she had no choice but to give her a birthday gift from her girlfriend before — a gold bracelet, and her girlfriend had to make a good deal with her after learning about it. She wanted to buy a gold braceletThis is 33,000 yuan from Mr. Ding.

While constant "entanglement" with his girlfriend, he asked Mr. Ding, and Xiaowen "asked for help" to Mr. Ding on the grounds that he did not want to live in school.As a result, Mr. Ding gave her a quarter rental cost and a cat raising cost of nearly 4,000 yuan according to Xiaowen’s request.

At the same time, Xiaowen also continued to ask Mr. Ding for the reason why her boyfriend asked for a breakup fee. In order to make Mr. Ding willing to give her money, she also emphasized that she also wanted to loan, but because it was a student’s identity, she couldn’t borrow it.In this way, he "borrowed" about 550,000 yuan from Mr. Ding.

Based on the confidence of Xiaowen’s "Bai Fumei" identity, Mr. Ding has been asking her.But until this time, Xiaowen did not promise to be Mr. Ding’s girlfriend.

Plan the retreat, disappear

It wasn’t until April 26, 2021 that Xiaowen finally established a relationship with Mr. Ding.After that, she obtained more than 110,000 yuan from Mr. Ding for various reasons.

But it is strange that Mr. Ding’s money to Xiaowen mostly transferred Xiaowen’s request to Xiaowang’s Alipay account.What is Xiaowen’s intention to do this?What role Wang Moumou plays throughout the process?

In fact, Wang Moumou and Xiaowen are the same person, and Wang Moumou is the real name of "Xiao Wen".At the beginning of contact with Mr. Ding, Wang Moumou used the false identity of "Xiao Wen". In order to allow Mr. Ding to transfer money to her account, she lied that Wang Moumou was her own younger.

Wang Moumou also registered WeChat trumpet to chat with Mr. Ding in his own identity. One person decorated two corners, conveying various information to Mr. Ding through the "small" tone, making it easier for "borrowing money".

In early 2021, Wang Moumou realized that Mr. Ding had transferred a lot of money on himself, for fear that the East window had happened, so he began to plan for himself.As a "Xiao Wen", she wrote two "gift contracts" in Mr. Ding, indicating that the transfer to about 700,000 yuan to Wang Moumou was given to Wang Moumou.Since April 2021, Mr. Ding will pay attention to Wang Moumou every time he transferred to Wang Moumou according to "Xiao Wen".

In early May 2021, "Xiao Wen" asked Mr. Ding to list the money he gave her.After Mr. Ding sent the electronic file, "Xiao Wen" said that he did not want to talk about feelings before he paid off the money. He just wanted to make money and proposed to Mr. Ding to break up.At the same time, "Xiao Wen" also asked Mr. Ding to delete Alipay transfer records and chat records, claiming not to involve Wang Moumou.After that, "Xiao Wen" turned black and disappeared.

Restore the truth, it is embarrassing

At this step, it is obvious that Wang Moumou is not "white and rich". What is her true identity?It turned out that Wang Moumou came to Shanghai from other places when he graduated from junior high school. He was a waiter in an entertainment venue. His parents were working farming.

After the case, Wang Moumou explained that the name "Xiaowen" used when she had the same time with Mr. Ding actually had a person. It was Wang Moumou’s classmates. The conditions at home were very good.Wang Moumou has always been inferior to his origin. He feels that his parents are divorced and the name is very earthy.Occasionally, Wang Mou found that he used the name "Xiao Wen" to communicate with others to make herself very confident, like a real "Bai Fumei", so she began to use the name of "Xiao Wen" to associate with others in orderThis satisfies your vanity.In order to consolidate his "people", Wang Moumou began to enter and exit high -end places, buying luxury goods, taking luxury cars, and the Michelin restaurant who had eaten.It is these behaviors that make Mr. Ding and some friends around Wang Moumou confident that she is "Bai Fumei".

According to the survey, in the face of the "Xiao Wen" requirements, Mr. Ding had almost responded and gave her a total of more than 890,000 yuan.In fact, Mr. Ding is not so generous. In addition to teaching less than 200,000 yuan of deposits, the money for "Xiao Wen" was borrowed by Mr. Ding through online loans.

At the beginning, Mr. Ding was very generous, and it was very refreshing to give money, but he couldn’t hold the favorite girl’s request.Seeing that Mr. Ding couldn’t pay any money, Wang Moumou, who was wearing the "Xiao Wen" mask, instigated him to borrow online loans.But then Mr. Ding was really unable to make ends meet, and Wang Moumou asked for various reasons to break up with the tone of "Xiao Wen", and pulled Mr. Ding to blackened.All the money from Mr. Ding, Wang Moumou used to buy luxury goods and spend on the bar.

In May 2021, Mr. Ding found that he couldn’t contact his "girlfriend" before he woke up like a dream and reported the case to the police.

After the case, Wang Moumou refunded some of Mr. Ding’s money and obtained understanding, and pleaded guilty.After reviewing the Shanghai Baoshan District Procuratorate, Wang Moumou was aimed at illegal possession, fictional facts, concealed the truth, and cheated the money of others. The amount was particularly huge.responsibility.After trial, the court sentenced Wang Moumou for five years in prison for fraud and fined 50,000 yuan.

Prosecutor reminds

In recent years, there have been cases of marriage fraud, and they need to be vigilant.The scammers often use the other party’s urgent pursuit of the psychology of beautiful love and marriage, put on the false coats of "Gao Fushuai" and "White Fumei", seduce layers to implement fraud in the process of cultivating feelings with the victims.Essence

The victims of this case, under the careful design of the scammers, thought that they had encountered true love, pursued themselves bravely, and did not want to be exhausted in the final debt, and left a huge psychological shadow for themselves.The defendant must bear the punishment he should bear.

Prosecutors remind that love is beautiful, but always keeps sober and rational. A pure and sincere relationship should not be based on money.If the other party keeps asking you for money in various reasons in various reasons, then you may wish to press the pause key to consider the authenticity of this relationship.

Author | Xu Li Liu Xiaoxi

Source: Shanghai rule of law

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