"Pregnancy" is comparable to large -scale pregnancy dream analysis (expectant mothers)

I do n’t know, the prospective father and mother, whether there have been dreams or hallucinations comparable to large blockbusters during pregnancy, these dreams in common are vivid and real.

In these dreams, the sounds are gorgeous, the sound effects are realistic, and they must question whether they are just dreaming when they wake up.

Of course, the types of dreams are all kinds of strange monsters. There are nightmares and dreams, bizarre aliens, and cute Doraemon Dreams. No matter how these dreams are healthy and stable for your emotions.

During pregnancy, when anxiety, fear, expectations, and anxiety all poured into your life, these dreams have become a channel for subconscious venting, and they cannot find a better emotion (contradiction, fear, happiness, excitement).The expression method, then I found such an exit.

Take them as a antidote to help get stable sleep, which will be easier to relieve and decompress. In addition, hormones can also cause dreams and make dreams more vivid.

Generally speaking, the probability of waking up in the fast eye movement is greater.At this time, dreams still clearly stay in consciousness, and the content and details of the dream are still vivid.

We summarize the common dreams during pregnancy to several categories. If you happen to have a strange dream, then you can compare it. Next, follow us with a granddaughter to solve your dreams.

Guilty dream

1. Dreaming about lost or putting things wrong (from the key to the baby);

2. Forgot to feed your baby;

3. Leave your baby at home or in a car alone.

Analysis: The baby is about to be born, but you are not ready to be well prepared. These dreams indicate that you are afraid that you can’t be a competent mother.

Painful dream

1. In the event of the attack or harm of robbers, thieves, and animals;

2. Being over or slipped;

3. Fall from the stairs.

Analysis: These dreams may suggest that you are very fragile at this time, and appropriately find your father, family or friends to ask for help and talk about trouble.

Dream of help

1. Dreaming that you can’t go out somewhere, such as subways, cars, houses;

2. Donor in the pond and muddy lake.

Analysis: This may suggest that you are worried that the new family members will control your freedom.

Surprised dream

1. Dreaming that I did not follow the diet plan, the result increased too much, or it turned into a fat man overnight;

2. Eat constantly in dreams;

3. Eat wrong or drink something wrong.

Analysis: These dreams are common among expectant mothers who are trying to control their diet.

Hate dream

1. Dreaming that you lose your charm and are no longer attractive to your husband;

2. I hate my husband very much in the dream;

3. Dreaming of her husband’s heart or derailment.

Analysis: This shows that expectant mothers are worried that they will destroy their image because of pregnancy and even affect the relationship between husband and wife.

Dream of sex

1. Dreaming of the husband and wife’s life or flirting (whether it is active or passive, it makes you feel pleasure or guilty).

Analysis: This is because the expectant mother’s hormones are sending signals, which may bring sex wake -up or even orgasm.

Dream of memory

1. Dreaming that the relatives who have passed away are resurrected and appeared.

Analysis: This may reflect that you associate the previous generation with the next generation in the subconscious, thereby making up some regrets.

Dream of childbirth

1. Dreaming of pain during childbirth, or unable to give birth to the baby.

Analysis: This may reflect that you are afraid of pain and delivery.

Dream about baby

1. Dreaming about having a baby, or playing with your baby.

Analysis: This indicates that you are practicing as a parent and trying to establish contact with him before your baby is born.

2. Dreaming of the baby’s deformity, illness, too big or too small;

Analysis: Dreaming of your baby means you worry about many problems, especially children’s health.

3. Dreaming that the baby has unusual skills (such as talking or walking);

Analysis: This dream implies that you are worried about your baby’s intelligence and look forward to his future;

4. Dreaming that you have given birth to a boy or girl, or the color of your baby’s hair or eyes, and the appearance is more like a father or mother;

Analysis: This may imply your psychological tendencies about your baby’s gender, appearance and other issues.

5. Dreaming that the baby is born as an adult.

Analysis: This dream means that you are a little scared to face a baby.

In theory, because hormone problems are more likely to have some weird and lifelike dreams than the prospective dad, no matter how weird dreams are, do not have pressure, let alone superstitious. Dreams are just the mapping of your subconscious during this period.Just.

I woke up in the morning to communicate with the prospective dad to communicate with the prospective dad, and inspire my teammates, not only can increase the closeness and participation of each other, but also decompress it.

In any case, please remember not to treat these dreams too seriously. After all, they are just a dream.

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