"Pregnancy is normal, don’t care"?However, please go to the hospital immediately!

Picture: Women’s frowning frowned, suddenly covered her mouth and rushed to the sink/bathroom, vomiting for a while.As soon as the camera turned, the doctor said to the woman and his family with a smile: "Congratulations, you want to be a mother.

This is the usual scene we are commonplace in the Film and Television Drama, so that many girls have always thought that pregnancy is the earliest sign of pregnancy.

Because of Tai Xi, many novice pregnant mothers and family members did not take pregnancy to heart.

but!Xiaobian will give you a prevention needle today: If there is severe pregnancy, you must seek medical treatment in time!Because it is very difficult for pregnancy intervention to treat too late, early intervention effect is better, and the impact on the fetus is also small. There are safe and effective drugs available clinically.

What are the hazards of pregnancy?

The main harm is that the fetus cannot be obtained by eating enough energy.In severe cases, it is not unable to consume the energy required to maintain their own survival, leading to keto acid poisoning, which will affect the IQ of the fetus and affect the health of pregnant women.

How to determine whether pregnancy is serious

For pregnant women itself, the main symptoms are:

The symptoms of pregnancy vomiting are obvious, cannot eat, dehydrated and urine, and the weight decreases significantly

In addition, the test of urinary ketone body is positive, and medical intervention needs to be performed.

How to treat pregnancy

Pregnant women with severe pregnancy need to be treated for treatment. The commonly used ingredients are saline, glucose, amino acids, ions, vitamins, etc. These ingredients have no teratogenic effects and can be used to supplement the liquid and energy necessary for embryonic growth and development.

In addition, blood tests are required to test liver and kidney function and ions. When the data appears abnormal, it should be corrected in time.

The ultrasound should be interrupted during the treatment of pregnancy to clarify the development of the fetus. Individual severe pregnancy reactions may also be caused by abnormal pregnancy, such as hydatidal tires, and hydatidiform can only be diagnosed by ultrasound.

Q & A;

Q: How long will the pregnancy vomiting last?

A: Pregnancy is usually about 6 weeks of pregnancy, reaching peaks at about 8 weeks, and this situation will gradually be relieved after 10 weeks.However, duration and severity will also vary depending on the physical fitness of pregnant women

Q: What can I eat to reduce pregnancy?

A: Eat less and eat more, avoid greasy and overheated foods, neither hunger nor can you eat, and you should appropriately extend your sleep time.

For pregnant women who are unbearable, you can try the following foods to relieve pregnancy: fresh fruits, freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables, white porridge, pickles, bread slices, soda biscuits, and vegetable salad.

Q: Does pregnancy vomiting suddenly disappear normal?

A: The sudden disappearance of pregnancy vomiting may be related to the stop development of the embryo, or it may be naturally terminated by early pregnancy reactions. You can go to the hospital to check the B -ultrasound to clear the fetal development status.

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