"Pregnant mothers have a cold! Baby suffer?" I caught a cold during pregnancy, what should I do?

Cold king patronize us several times a year. Do you also encounter a cold visit during pregnancy?Headache and hotness, a snot, uncomfortable … It’s really bad!

Pregnant women who have a cold are often afraid that medication treatment will have adverse effects on the fetus. Many people eventually drag the consequences of severe colds or even fever!

Colds during pregnancy are really painful. This pain is not only physical, but also psychological pressure and torture.

In fact, for ordinary people, colds are common things, but this little thing is unusual on pregnant women.

"One person is sick, and the two suffer." It was originally uncomfortable during pregnancy. If you encounter a cold visit, you will undoubtedly worsen the snow. At this time, you need to worry about the fetus.

Today, I ’m going to give you a child.And how should you prevent colds during pregnancy?

In fact, many pregnant women have discovered that the body is more vulnerable than before, and the body’s ability to resist disease during pregnancy is greatly reduced than before.

In fact, this is mainly because the expectant mother’s immune system will be adjusted after pregnancy.

And after a cold, various uncomfortable symptoms of pregnant women may last longer, and they will even be much worse than pregnancy!

If a pregnant woman has a cold, it is necessary to distinguish what is caused by?Which stage of a cold during pregnancy?Is it severe cold?The effects of different colds and the effects of the disease and severity on the fetus are also different.

Ordinary colds, mild symptoms and slow seizures. If there are sneezing, nasal congestion, sore throat, mild soreness and other symptoms, but not fever, the symptoms are still mild.Around the week, you can heal itself. In this case, pregnant women have no impact on the fetus.

The other is a popular virus cold, which is more harmful to pregnant women, and pregnant women need to be particularly vigilant.The virus may enter the fetus through the mother’s placenta. Once the mother is infected with the filtering virus, the fetus may also be invaded by the virus, and the baby will also catch a cold with the mother, which may have a certain impact on the fetus.

In reality, it is difficult for us to distinguish what kind of cold is it?Is it strict?Therefore, as long as the pregnant woman finds that the cold is uncomfortable, and the symptoms are getting more and more serious, they need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. The doctor gives a accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

1. Cold may cause the virus infection with the fetus;

Viral colds may cause viral infection fetus, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, viral colds have a greater impact on the fetus.

Virus infection may cause fetal deformity, such as fetal congenital heart disease, rabbit lips, hydrocephalus, brainless and small head deformities, etc. In severe cases, it may be recommended to terminate pregnancy.

2. Drugs taken when a cold may have an impact on the fetus.

"It is three poisonous medicines, let alone pregnancy!" Pregnancy was originally very sensitive to the drug, and he could not take the medicine if he could not take medicine.But if the cold is too serious, taking medicine under the guidance of a doctor will not guarantee 100 % safe.During the pregnancy, we only choose a plan that is less harmful to the abundance and disadvantages.

3. Fever also has a certain impact on the fetus.

Generally, a cold cold will be accompanied by fever, don’t underestimate the dangers of fever.During pregnancy, fever is also threatened to the fetus. Long -term high fever may affect embryonic cell development, harm the nervous system, and severely cause fetal abortion.

1. After pregnancy, the enzymes of pregnant women have changed to a certain extent. Many drugs are not easy to detoxify and excrete, and may have accumulated poisoning. Therefore, there are risks of eating cold medicine for pregnancy.

2. All drugs should be disabled 3 months before pregnancy, because the first three months are the critical period for the formation of embryos. If the pregnant woman suffers a mild cold, it can be dealt with in a non -drug manner; if it is a severe cold, you need to seek medical treatment immediately.Essence

3. Whether it is proprietary medicine or western medicine, you must not buy medicine yourself!Of course, don’t resist it if you catch a cold!The cold medicine on the market is basically used by pregnant women. For colds, the safest way is to seek medical treatment in time.

4. If a cold hurts the child and mother, at this time, we should weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Under the guidance of a doctor, use reasonable medical methods for treatment, such as the use of drugs with relatively safe pregnant women.But keep in mind: Doctors use medical treatment to treat severe colds, which is the helpless move of "two is harmful and choose their lightness", not to say that it is absolutely safe!Therefore, you must prevent a cold during pregnancy, it is best not to get a cold, everyone remember!

No one wants to catch a cold during pregnancy, but if the cup has happened, you must face it!What should pregnant mothers do in this case?

1. Most important medical treatment in time!

If you have a cold, your body is uncomfortable, and you are still worried about harming the fetus. At this time, the best way is to see!medical!born!The medical treatment in time is better than all thoughts, do not resist the delay, and actively treat it under the guidance of the doctor.

2. Don’t take medicine casually!

Do not take traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, it is better to do medical advice if necessary.

3. Drink plenty of water!

Drink plenty of water and urinate more. The waste generated in the metabolism in the body can be excreted in time, which helps pregnant women to cure the cold. Don’t be afraid of frequent urination.

4, diet!

Drink more hot porridge when you have a cold, drink some ginger water, lemonade, drink some chicken soup, supplement composite vitamin. Generally, the pregnant mother will lose appetite after a cold, and the gastrointestinal digestion is not good. Drinking porridge can promote absorption. Ginger water can drive cold and warm the stomach.(If it is a cold caused by the fire, don’t drink it), chicken soup can supplement nutritional enhancement.If you have a throat discomfort, you can rinse your mouth with salt water or drink a cup of warm saline.

5. Open more windows and ventilation!

There are a large amount of bacteria, viruses, dust mites and harmful gases in the indoor air, which has a great impact on the body of pregnant women and is one of the main reasons for pregnant women to catch a cold.The room should be ventilated frequently. After getting up every morning, open the window to keep the indoor air fresh and clean, and use the air purifier if necessary.

6. Take more rest and ensure adequate sleep!

Pregnant women find that they have a cold. They should not work, avoid tiredness and pressure, reduce other problems together, rest more, ensure sufficient sleep and regular living life.

7. Keep your mood happy!

Once a cold occurs, don’t be depressed and troublesome. Psychological pressure is not conducive to the healing of a cold!Strive to eliminate tension and stress, and maintain a good mood.

During pregnancy, we must prevent colds, colds, and cold!Emphasized things three times!It is really a thing of hitting a cold.How to prevent it?look here!Every word below is worth reading carefully!

1. Stay away from the source of the cold.

Pregnant women try to go as little as possible or not to go, as much as possible, as far as possible from those who have a cold, stay away from the source of a cold, so as not to be infected.

2. Drink plenty of water every day.

Drink plenty of water every day. Although this sentence is suitable for all kinds of unwilling care, it is really concerned about pregnant women. Drink plenty of water when any symptoms.

3. Avoid cold.

Pregnant women are almost afraid of heat. Don’t be more comfortable and cool. Many times, either the temperature changes or not dressed in time, or if you sleep at night without covering the quilt and cause a cold, you must pay attention to keep warm!It’s cool for a while, often you have to lose money!

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