"Pregnant mothers who do not work as soon as they are pregnant are so stupid and unfortunate, I have missed a lot of benefits."

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It is not easy to get pregnant now, and family members pay more attention to after pregnancy.Many women are working well. Once they know pregnancy, in addition to many iron rice bowls, there are women who are particularly loved to work. Many women will entangle whether they will raise their tires or continue to work at home.

In many cases, in order to get the safety of the fetus and pregnant mothers, the family will also ask the pregnant mother to resign and raise the fetus at home.

The cousin recently confirmed that she was pregnant. The cousin was pregnant for three years. The in -law family was very happy. Of course, our mother’s family was also happy.The cousin’s family has good conditions. My mother -in -law wants to let the cousin quit her job, raise a good fetal at home, and say that the home is not bad at home.

The cousin is very entangled. Although her job is not within the system, she has social security and is not tired of work. It is a pity that resignation is a pity.The cousin came to ask me. I said that unless my body is not allowed, I do n’t seem to be happy during pregnancy, but the talents who come to know how many benefits have been wasting.I want to say that the pregnant mothers who have resigned when they are pregnant are too stupid, and they waste a lot of benefits in vain.

Wasted maternity leave, maternity allowances and job opportunities

The state has certain protection and benefits for pregnant women. Unless it is required by women after pregnancy, the company cannot be dismissed.At the same time, the work of pregnant women should also be adjusted appropriately, mainly based on the health and affordability of pregnant women.So if you feel that you are not suitable for the current job after pregnancy, you can ask the unit to adjust the post.

The most important thing is that pregnant women and maternity leave and fertility allowance.Persist in work after pregnancy. In the last month, you can leave maternity leave, and you can take maternity leave for three months.At the same time, there are salary accounts in these three months. Some units pay basic salary, and some are fertility allowances.In this way, it is guaranteed to have basic income when resting.

Maybe many people will say that this is not bad at home.But after production, I still have a job and income, and I really have a great sense of security.And for most families, it is the place that needs to spend the most money after giving birth. Mom’s fertility allowance and salary will really alleviate some pressure.

There are also the most critical reasons. Once many women resign, they will resign as soon as they are pregnant, and it is difficult to return to the workplace in a short period of time after giving birth.Adhering to work only for maternity leave. After maternity leave, women are more likely to return to their jobs and not allow their career to fault in the workplace for too long.

Waste the opportunity to walk out of the house, communicate with people, and maintain good emotions

It is important to get pregnant.Many pregnant mothers resign after pregnancy. Once people do not work, they will become lazy. I do n’t think of it in the morning. I stay up late at night and eat irregularly.The most important thing is that you do n’t go to work. You can do nothing at home all day. It is easy to think about it, so that the emotions are not good, which will affect the emotions of the pregnant mother and the development of the fetus.

Persist in work more, go out of the house every day, and look at the outside world.And work will make life more fulfilling and avoid thoughts and boredom.At the same time, communicating with colleagues with colleagues at the same time can relieve tension and anxiety, and it is more conducive to raising tires.

Of course, I still rest at work after pregnancy. The most important thing is to see the personal constitution of pregnant mothers.Some pregnant mothers just want to rest, otherwise their children may be dangerous.And some pregnant mothers have to exercise, and they are also suffering from suffering during production and respect for the choice of pregnant women.

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