"Queen of the Korean Wave" Li Zhenxian announced his pregnancy, and he was pregnant to the middle of pregnancy, lamenting his mother’s hard work

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The unique finger wheat, glorious fan dance, wizard -like shape, explosive dance music, when mentioning these labels, presumably many post -80s and post -90s friends will think of one person, she is the originator of Han Liu —Li Zhenxian.

The mother -in -law’s mother is too familiar with Li Zhenxian. In those years, the song "Unique", "Eyebrow Flying", and "Wow" were spread all over the streets. Even in the era when the Internet had not risen, Li Zhenxian still relied on virtue of virtue of virtueHis unique style sings the entire Asia, and has also opened the door to the country’s entry into the country.

After Li Zhenxian got married, he began to reduce his workload. He was at home as a housewife at home. We rarely heard news about her.

On December 7, Li Zhenxian posted a video saying: He has good news to tell everyone that his family has ushered in a new family, a cute baby, and the news that he will announce his pregnancy.

Li Zhenxian and her three -year -old plastic surgeon husband married in 19 years. After two years, Li Zhenxian finally ushered in the crystallization of love and successful pregnancy.

Of course, Li Zhenxian, 41, can be regarded as a proper elderly pregnant woman, and the physical functions are bound to be greatly affected after pregnancy.

Li Zhenxian said that after he was a mother, in addition to joy, he was more tortured by pregnancy. He was very bad from the beginning of his pregnancy.However, pregnancy vomiting still has not stopped, and these hard experience also made Li Zhenxian feel how respectful and great the mother was.

At the same time, Li Zhenxian also revealed his workload next year. It can be seen that during pregnancy, Li Zhenxian did not give up his work completely, and even participated in the shooting of two films. Even new works are preparing., I also have to invest in work, it really is very hard.

During the process of pregnancy, it is not easy, especially the elderly pregnant women like Li Zhenxian have more discomfort and risk than those old -age pregnant women.

Pregnancy vomiting is a situation that women will encounter in the early stages of pregnancy. About 80%-90%of pregnant women will have a pregnancy experience.

Bettering is fundamentally related to age, and many young mothers will also have pregnancy.However, it is worth noting that the physical function of the elderly pregnant women is relatively weak, naturally the regulation will be weaker, and the feeling of discomfort will be more obvious. It looks like it is more serious.

Although pregnant vomiting is more tortured, it is a good thing to a certain extent.The survey shows that the possibility of abortion of expectant mothers who have not experienced nausea and pregnancy in the first three months of pregnancy is three times higher than expectant mothers with a pregnancy reaction, especially those who are over 35 years old.Come to "protect" the baby in the belly.

Professional doctors said: Although pregnancy vomiting usually indicates that the level of hormone in the body is high enough, and then maintain the healthy development of the baby, if the pregnancy vomiting is too severe, or long -term pregnancy, like Li Zhenxian, it is still in the state of pregnancy in the second trimester, then pregnancy is pregnant, then pregnancy is pregnant, then pregnancy is pregnant, then pregnancy is pregnant, then pregnancy is pregnant, then pregnancy is pregnant.Mom is about to attract attention.

If severe pregnancy vomiting, especially due to the weight loss of more than 5%, it is necessary to immediately attract attention, because excessive pregnancy can cause poor mother’s nutritional intake, which is not conducive to the baby’s growth and development.Naturally, the same is the same as the long time of pregnancy.

In general, hormone levels will decrease from the peak at about 10 weeks of pregnancy. The placenta of the placenta of three months of pregnancy will grow, and the baby will be more stable.

However, some mothers are the exception, such as Li Zhenxian who is still vomiting in the middle of pregnancy. This is because the hormone levels in each human body are different, the physical fitness is different, and the dietary habits and spirit are different.There are also great differences.

Pregnant women’s pregnancy is very hard. It is not only reflected in pregnancy, but also subsequent production. Therefore, to ensure that the rest is good, it implies that the checkup is the safest.

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