"Rural Love 16" preview the announcement, Song Xiaofeng’s mother -in -law is pregnant, Qinglian is going to be a sister

On the evening of February 15, the TV series "Rural Love 15" ended in a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere.

Episode 40 The first half of the episode was still jumping to the table in the chicken flying dog. In the second half of the episode, the overall style of painting changed. After the temporary washing, Xie Guangkun actively searched for flying.Crying.

In the end, Xie Guangkun asked the whole village to eat in Xiejiayuan.

Like the previous few, each time only at this time, the people in the village would sing as singing in the song.

Every year when "Rural Love" ended, the taste of the year has been disappeared. With the end of the plot, the audience will always feel a little lost.

This year is different.

Earlier, the official has released news that this year’s "Rural Love" will be broadcast "two seasons".

"Rural Love 15" ushered in the finale, which means that "Rural Love 16" is about to start.

At the time of "Rural Love" is about to be fixed, the first preview of part 16 was announced on the Internet. In the new season, the plot has made new breakthroughs.

"Rural Love 16" was shot shortly after the Spring Festival of the Tiger Year. The shooting background is winter, and there will be a Chinese New Year.

There is a paragraph in the trailer that Song Xiaofeng convened a family conference. The theme of the meeting was about children.

When the ending of "Rural Love 14", Song Xiaofeng announced the good news of the child’s birth.In "Rural Love 15", Song Xiaofeng named Song Yaozu, a nickname "Ancestor".

In the process of named the child, a lot of interesting things happened. What "Song Jiang", "Song Shui", "Song Zhong", "Song Shangtian", etc., have entered the list of alternatives.

This time the old Song family held a family meeting. Is it Song Qinglian’s second child?No, it was Song Qinglian’s stepmother. Song Xiaofeng’s mother -in -law Li Jingwen was pregnant. In other words, Song Qinglian had to have a younger brother (or sister).

During the meeting, Song Xiaofeng and Song Qinglian believed that the child could not be required. There were three reasons.

First, if this child is born, Song Yaozu, his own family, has to call others. The nephew is older than the uncle, which is not appropriate.

Secondly, Song Fugui and Li Jingwen are both old. When they have children, they will go out for a joke in the villagers.

Third, Xiaofeng and Qinglian also thought for Li Jingwen that the elderly mother had certain risks.

According to the consistent routine of "Rural Love", this child will definitely be retained, otherwise there is no need to mention it.

The Song Xiaofeng family has been rising, and has become another new forces outside the four families of "Liu Wang Zhao Xie".

As a foreigner, he has been mixed well in recent years.

The pregnancy of Li Jingwen made me feel that "Village Love" was in the next game. Before the child was born, Song Yaozu scheduled a uncle, and it was funny to think about it.

Now "Rural Love" is actively cultivating third -generation actors, such as Xie Tengfei, Pi Zhigo, Lannie, Tenglong, Tengfei, and Li Xiaoguo and Wang Jinsheng.

Now the old Song family came to Song Yaozu again, and he was not born yet.

Of course, Li Jingwen’s pregnancy made many audiences feel a little bit jump. After all, in the previous "Liu Laogen 5", the two were staged like this.

Song Fugui’s actor Zhang Xiaofei, and Li Jingwen’s actor He Meiling is the two in life. They are the two pillars and big fat in the TV series "Liu Laogen 5".

In the play, the big fat gave the second pillar to give birth to a daughter, and the storyline is similar to "Rural Love 16".

As for "Village Love 16", Li Jingwen gave birth to his son or daughter. Let’s wait for the sake to see what happened.

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