"Shenwu 4 Computer Edition": Children can not choose God’s power, unknown children become darlings

During this time, the players of the powerful God Wu 4 computer version of the unknown valley child are obvious to all. Many people want to have their own unknown children, but they must choose magical power to suffer from children.If you want to experience a powerful "unknown child", you have to start raising from scratch.Now that he finally keeps the clouds, after the maintenance on April 9, 2021, it supports spending more Shenwu coins or gold coins to change children -free children, and supports the choice of different magic transformation programs under the same martial arts.

Playing books: Senior and strong, high -level blood -sucking, senior life -saving, senior bravery

Soul skills: instantaneous, tile cutting

Royal beast: shield, bloodthirsty

Selection of transformation card: Marine

Add point: Add speed to 1.2 times higher than ordinary blood attack pets, and the remaining points are added according to the positioning of blood attack pets.

Analysis: I personally use this set of cultivation directions. It is the creation of the built -in capacity of maximizing the battery life of the unknown valley.

Why choose high -level and strong: choose high Qiangqiang because there is no choice of kinky and strong

Why choose the premium blood -sucking: the passive "draw" of the unknown valley children can be superimposed with the [Warcraft Tips], which means that the number of unknown Valley children has a probability of 50%of the vampire and the high damage of solid God.The crit was almost two -thirds of blood.A blood -attacked child with such a powerful battery life, unless it is killed, can’t die at all.

Why choose a senior life -saving: On the one hand, the signature skill of Gu Shen has no blood limit, and 1 drop of blood can also shoot. On the other hand, if you can rely on life -saving effect, you can survive.Immediately raising your blood line, and if you fight with God, you are easily targeted at your baby.

Why choose senior bravery: I am afraid of running such a powerful unit.

Why don’t you choose a high -level nirvana: In fact, the most ideal state of the courageous amulet and then do not fight high, but how can there be so many small brave amulets.

The status quo of unknown children: fast rhythm, concentration of clear pets.

Recently, most of the 99, 109, 119, and 150s of the unique Valley children are really outrageous. The unknown children who are full of the battle are not strange.Surviving under the fire, at the same time, the attributes of the children also stabilized the ordinary baby, which caused the scene of the five unknown valley children to basically only choose to make violence.Unknown Valley children are so "popular" because of the "renovation of God" skills not only powerful, but also ignore and then save their lives.After the emergence of unknown children, Shenwu once again entered the era of violence, and the three output +5 violent pet lineups emerged endlessly.I don’t know if there will be more gameplay in the next way, it is really looking forward to it.

Attachment: Children’s way of getting

There are two ways to obtain children. The first is that the married couples have been obtained, and the second is to use the orphan roster to adopt the use of an orphans in Yao’s mother -in -law (specified race).

When husband and wife have children, the friendlyity between husband and wife reaches 2000, and the level is above 55 or more. Using thousands of years of ginseng or alphabetic river water at the housekeeper office of the homeland.I am not pregnant, and the letter river is used to buy gold coins at Mother -in -law Yao. I directly obtain a child. It is recommended to use the letter river. The cycle of ginseng is too long.

Raising plan

Go to the house to find a housekeeper to pick a high qualification.

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