"Should I tell the current for the predecessor?" A girl said so well

I have nothing to go to the newly opened love hall to walk around. There are a lot of things in it, and there are many trembling items, but the most sad is the three pregnancy tests donated by the girl.

The introduction column wrote, "Three years of pregnancy and three times of pregnancy together, now you are already the husband of someone else and the father of other children. My child does not even have a chance to be born."

The girl she saw was crying, and the girl who scolded the boy scum and was distressed, but the boy said the most but the honest people who took the pity.

As a girl, I only feel harsh when I hear this kind of words, but from the perspective of boys, I can’t pick any mistakes. After all, people always have to be responsible for their own behavior and bear the consequences, so what decisions do you make?Individuals should think twice.

Once you have done unfair behavior of others, there are girls who respect others to hand over the right to choose, and there are also girls who concealed them for thinking for themselves.

So, "Should I tell the current for the predecessor?" Among the divergent ideas, a girl said it was so good.

First place: Don’t ask, ask, ask, let’s talk about it

Boys must be more or less mindful about this kind of thing. If two people are in love and decide to bring each other for a lifetime, you suddenly say "I have been fetal before", so how do you get along with?

If you break up, there is nothing more than a heartache for a while. The terrible thing is that the two people cannot be divided into feelings. In this way, the puppets in their hearts will torture each other for their lives and even become the incentives of divorce and derailment.

However, we really have to deceive and conceal with conscience. It really shouldn’t be, because they can’t do fairness and just, at least they must give corresponding respect.

So if I have miscarriage, I will not take the initiative to mention it. As long as he does not ask, he will never happen. In case of questioning, I will confess from the width, see how he chooses, break up, and cherish it for a lifetime without breaking up.

The ostrich mentality is the best way I think of.Maybe there will be what you want to escape what you do?In fact, this is the selfishness of human nature. Anyone who takes care of others first

Second place: Don’t talk about it, be good to everyone

Girls have miscarriage, and the responsibility has never been alone. It can even be said that most of the errors must be attributed to boys. You let her get pregnant first and abandon her to find a new love. Who is the scum?

If you don’t have to marry her, you will follow the bottom line. If you have gone the line, you must take responsibility.When everyone has done this, what is the bridge section where the serious girl is out of dysfunction and love others?

The girl is really wrong. The fault is not knowing how to protect herself. The mistake is to look at it, but I believe that the original intention of the good girl is simple and want to love each other for a lifetime.

Since she is a very good girl, why should the mistakes of the two people continue to the current, so I will choose to close it. This is for yourself, and for him.

Otherwise, you will say nothing about it. Boys will only blame you will not see the essence clearly. At that time, the girl will be hit by the girl, which may destroy all her longing for love.

In fact, this is the truth with boys to make her predecessor pregnant. They never say that the girl does not know and can still live for a lifetime.

Third place: It must be said that it is at least respect for respect

Whenever you love him, you should tell him the truth. This is a matter of principle.

In order to avoid the situation where you have been in love to the separation, it is best to make it clear before the relationship. See if he can accept it. If you can all be happy, if you ca n’t be hurt each other, your feelings are not very deep anyway.

In case you hesitate, when you establish a deep relationship, you will be discovered by your boyfriend or you say, so the pain will follow, whether it is separated or continued.

Some people will question, suppose you like a boy very much, he just likes you, do you dare to say?My answer is still, because he really minds, indicating that there are still inappropriate factors between us.

This potential three views will affect a lifetime. Instead of becoming a man and a woman in the future, it is better to have a short pain when it is found inappropriate and find a suitable person to get married and have children.

Do something wrong, even if you are not wrong with you, you should choose to choose from others. Those who understand that you naturally have different identifications. People who look down on you are always difficult.And no matter whether anyone should deprive others of knowledge and choice.

It is worthy of being able to live and be honest, respect each other, and in order to get relative love. Marriage is also a matter of life. We must take every step seriously and carefully.

"Girls have flowed up before, should I tell the current boyfriend?" The girls each said.Presumably the answer is almost these three.

After doing this survey, the first two types of people have the most, and the last one is the least. After listening to their rhetoric, I really feel that the girl who tells her boyfriend is really good, and the three views are also very positive.

As she said, frankly, you are respecting you to him, and you can also distinguish whether you are suitable.

In fact, for such sensitive topics, I believe that many girls are struggling with restlessness. I do n’t know what to do. After all, the cost is a bit heavy, but you still have to have a charter to solve it.The damage caused is inestimable.

If you have a perfect solution, then you can only be cleaned up.When you protect yourself and avoid such things, there will be no distress in the future.

And this is not only to reduce trouble in the future, but also to be responsible for you, because the crisis of pregnancy abortion is healthy, but also to be painful.

Love yourself a little bit, there will be no chance to appear.

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