"South Korea" 2021 South Korea’s welfare policy

[South Korea] In 2021, South Korea ’s parenting and welfare policy, (South Korea 2 in the eyes of the editor 2)

According to the requirements of some friends, Xiaobian followed the standard of living in South Korea’s national living standard.The education of children today has become the top priority.According to statistics from 2020, South Korea ’s fertility rate is already lower than 1, so what are the policies for this?

1. Democracy before and after production (including miscarriage, death)

The Korean state stipulates that maternity leave is 60 days. If it is a multi -birth, 90 days of delivery, it is necessary to ensure that it will take more than 45 days after production.

2. National subsidies for parenting vacation (700,000 ~ 1.5 million/month = 4200 ~ 9000 yuan/month)

The baby is directly at the age of 0 to 8. Baoma can apply for a year of childcare vacation. During the parenting vacation, the state subsidizes the salary of Bao Ma.50%of the salary of a month (up to 1.2 million, at least 700,000).75%of the deserved parenting subsidy is obtained every month.The remaining 25 % will be paid at one time after the return of the childcare leave.

3. Parenting time work time reduction (15 ~ 35 hours per month)

Because the needs of parenting can apply for work hours, it can be applied for 15-35 hours per week, and the children can apply for up to two years (childcare vacation+childcare work time can not exceed two years)

4. National Subsidies for Parenting Parenting and Parenting (700,000 ~ 2.5 million/month = 4200 ~ 15,000 yuan/month)

Bao Ma Bao Dad will repair the parenting leave in order, the subsidy that the second vacation can get the first three months is 100%of the salary (up to 2.5 million), and only 50%of the salary of the next 9 months (at most at most (at most at most (at most, at most,1.2 million, at least 700,000)

*** Bao Ma Bao Dad has other regulations at the same time.The editor code to repair the childhood leave of Bao Ma Bao Dad.

5. Subsidy for medical expenses for pregnancy production (600,000 ~ 1 million = 3600 ~ 6000 yuan/month)

A disposable subsidy of 600,000 and 1 million twins.When you hit the corresponding card, you can only use it in the hospital.

6. Baby care subsidy (10 ~ 45 yuan/h)

In response to some families such as many twins, Baoma and Dad are at work and other conditions, they need to hire care.The state will subsidize 1560 ~ 8534/h = 10 ~ 45 yuan/h.

7. Infants and young children to watch guard subsidies (free nursery)

South Korean countries subsidize all the fees for babies at the age of 0 to 5.(Generally, they are public trustees, and the private one will subsidize some of them)

8. Baby raising subsidy (600 ~ 1200 yuan/month)

For some babies who are not going to school, South Korean countries will give corresponding subsidies.

0 to 12 months, 200,000/month = 1200 yuan/month

13 to 24 months, 150,000/month = 900 yuan/month

25 ~ 86 months, 100,000/month = 600 yuan/month

9. Child subsidy (600 yuan/month, 7 years)

On September 1, 2019, children 0-7 years old (0-83 months) give 100,000 = 600 yuan subsidies per month

** For all babies, and the raising subsidies above can be applied at the same time.

10. Parenting tuition subsidy (480 ~ 1560 yuan/month)

For families at the age of 3 to 5 years old, the national public school subsidies 80,000 won (480 yuan) per month, and a maximum of 260,000 won (1560 RMB) for private per month

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