"The puppy only knows you opened the door for it, it must love you well"

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Separation of anxiety refers to an emotional response that infants and young children are separated from their relatives.Such emotions are also suitable for people and dogs.

Once the guardian or residence or life rules are disrupted, puppies will cause stress reactions. For example, excessive dog barking, hiding everywhere, not close to things and people around, restless.

The owner will also be anxious.A US survey found that nearly 47%of the dog owners said they experienced separation anxiety when they stayed away from their pets.

Of course, the same is true of cats, and this separation anxiety is even more prominent in the era of the (later) epidemic. A blogger wrote on Weibo, "I don’t remember the first few times, and I dreamed of it.The only thing I have been afraid of hurting the epidemic -I can’t protect my cat. "

In Shenzhen on March 14, a dog queuing as a nuclear acid.

Last week’s “Lens night talk, we asked everyone, what kind of time did the puppy accompany you.In fact, the special bond between humans and pets has long appeared in the happiness and peace of daily companionship.

@大 May

My Wangzai, usually calling him to love to hear, but when I was wronged to sit on the sofa and shed tears, he would jump to me without calling himself, sit quietly and accompany me.I never thought about raising dogs before meeting him, and even didn’t like dogs. After meeting him, he was the only dog I loved.

I’m dripping dogs @llllacked

@Chiastolite Li Yan

The longest dog with me is called Duoduo.When my 29th birthday and 7 months pregnant, my husband bought it as a gift to me.I saw it in the dog market with long ears, so we chose it.Its former owner took it to me and said, "Go, I hope you find a good master.

This card can accompany me to experience all kinds of life encounters that I want to get and think of.It also became the first partner in my daughter’s life.It accompanied her to grow up, and they went to be volunteers -because of the docile character, it was admitted to the dog doctor of the Asian Animal Foundation.Therefore, on the weekend of several years, I will bring my daughter, holding a dog doctor, and visiting the elderly, SOS Children’s Village, Special Children’s School, and Puchai Medical Center under its leadership.Its happiness and cuteness warm many people. We all realize the power of love and nourish the ability of love in a subtle way.

When he was 10 years old, he left us forever.That year, my daughter was exactly 10 years old.In the time we can never come back, the memory of it is there.


My hometown’s marshmallow is only string. It is the protagonist of my father who often talks with my father. The interesting thing I heard tonight is: I often go to the square to dance in the square with my father, and I recently scared a big dog.Now every morning, after he goes out with his father, one person and one dog are scattered. He goes to the morning training, it returns to his ancestral house, and then the father picks it home from the night, just like the little princess.

@S 惗榀 惗榀 惗榀

From reading, single, love, marriage, and child, it accompanied me to experience all stages of life. Due to illness, I left before the Spring Festival this year.

@此 此

Because of the Shanghai epidemic, I couldn’t go back after a business trip, and I was very worried about the dogs at home. Fortunately, it would help with his wife to take care of it.But the news that those positive infections cannot carry pets to isolation still make me feel anxious.

@欢 欢:

I just hope that I can spend the epidemic with the dog safely …

@C, you tangled a wool

@in vain

My Wang Wang was picked up, and it was injured when I picked it up.It thought I saved it, but in fact, I think it saved me.


Because I want to leave home, I am afraid that my mother will be alone, so I will receive it.When it was a kid, he took it to Tibet. The chase of the grassland could not be chased at all. He could only wait for him to be tired and set off.It’s really wild. Later, I lost it several times, and I was fortunate to find it.Recently, let it go to the lawn to urinate. I did not expect that I had dropped the manhole cover, and finally got it up …


My smelly treasure, every day teases me with carefree, grow up and healthy, grow up and healthy.


He accompanied me, I can’t have him.

I and Dr. Niu.@NotRealz-

@ @主义

He has raised dogs since childhood, and has raised many animals, but the longest is the puppy. Many people ask the dog to die if you die?Are you still raising?I’m sad, every one is unique to me, but I can’t have no dogs, it is an indispensable part of my life.

@Alex and his son

Wangwang was very obedient and good. I came to my house during elementary school. I was 12 years old. I returned to Wang Xing when I graduated from my university.I have been studying during the period of raising it. I have no financial ability to eat it well. They are leftover and leftovers leftover. For some time, I often put it in a small cage on the balcony for a while.Gui and sad.How did it spend those days.


When his father was dying, the soil dog at home hid in the bed and shed tears. After his father left, it didn’t eat or drink for three days … it knew everything, it just couldn’t say.

The puppy is 一, I want RUA as soon as I meet.@万 万 1


When I went to work today, my mother went downstairs to walk the dog together. The dog kept following my feet. I walked out of the gate of the community and took a few anxiety to pat the door.The dog is so nice, and today I also gave the dog a snack.

@吃 @ @

The night before studying abroad, I sat on the sofa, and I lay on my legs and looked at me tears, as if I knew everything.

@7 1997

@万 万

I used to go home before, I always passed through the alley to go to the door of the house. Each at the other end of the hutong, there is always a puppy. It does not know what Monday, but it is knowing that I will come back someday.

It will always move a few steps forward, stretch the neck to see if it is me, know it is me, and rush over from a distance. We walked home together.Those happy days remember tears.After it left, I couldn’t meet such a smart and cute puppy anymore, and I never raised it anymore.



In elementary school, I picked up a puppy at the door of the community unit, crying and making my mother accept me to raise it.The puppy is particularly good, maybe to make people happy, eat whatever you give. When I write a job and play a computer, it often lie on my feet, and I rub my toes with my toes.Later, one day I took it out. The rope was too long. It ran faster than me. It was killed by a neighbor’s car at the gate of the community.I have forgotten many details for a long time, but I always remember that at that time I stood at the door and cried and cried. I remember it was rolling on the ground. After that, I never raised a dog.In fact, I really miss it until now, it is my only puppy.


Abu, who accompanied me for 12 years, left in 2020.Thanks to it for spending a period of time with me, I will always miss it.


My Bluse has left me for 20 years, and I often dream of it at night, and I wake up the pillows wet.

Miss and love you forever, my seven.@马 trembling _


My dog has accompanied me and my family for more than 7 years, and has always been very lively, bringing us a lot of joy. At the beginning of the year, I suddenly left because of kidney failure.When the snow was snowing that day, I premoned that she couldn’t support the next day, so I took her out to see the last snow with her family, hugging along the way, and called her name. Although it was very strenuous, she still worked hard to respond to us.Maybe because there was no regret, she left after two minutes when she entered the house.We put her little body in the nest and sorted out the hair, hoping that she would be clean and bright when she left.The next day was sent to the cremation, waited for the seaside to sprinkle her ashes into the sea.

If you raise your pets, you must be responsible for them, regular medical examinations, pets will not speak, and it will be serious when it shows it.I really felt sorry for this, sorry, peanuts, we will have a period later.

@哈 哈 鱼

It’s not that I raised it so simple.Those days with me, I am extremely grateful and always miss.I hope my cub is everything in the sky.

love you forever.@QueenLoveliuliu

The life of the dog has never been a puppy. It has its own name.

For the masters, they are pets, family members, and the unique life in this world.They brought and witnessed a lot of happy time in our lives. When you are sad, you can’t leave, always chase your footsteps, and give you 100%love.

The Nobel Prize winner Eugene O’Neal describes the joy of the dog in "A Dog of a Dog": "No matter how heavy I slept, I can still hear your call" "Except for love and trust, I don’t have any valuable value.Things can be left for my master. "Just like that sentence:

"The puppy won’t remember it because you locked it in the room for ten minutes or two hours. The puppy only knows that you open the door for it, and it must love you well."

An afternoon of a dog.@

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