"Vomiting blood during pregnancy, postpartum suppression …" Men do not experience giving birth, and never understand these cruel truths!

Two days ago, I saw a very hot Weibo on the Internet:

The vomiting of an urticaria pregnant mother during pregnancy attracted countless mothers to recall the difficult time when she was breeding her children.

@I want to drink big cups of milk tea every day

She bluntly said on Weibo that she was "cheated" by her elders.Although everyone thinks that being a mother is great, I really feel deceived.Some people are really just for their mother. They feel that they can survive everything for their children, but I really don’t.Why ca n’t you be ugly?

Everyone is urging you to have children soon, but no one has told you that having children will bear so many hardships and hardships.

Spiritual torture cannot be felt together, and physical pain cannot be shared and eliminated.

It’s really difficult to have children!

Below this Weibo, tens of thousands of mothers recalled those bitter experiences of having baby and bringing baby.

Democratic vomiting

I have to get an injection every day

Spit out once in ten seconds

Can’t eat a bite for a month

Can’t eat for pregnancy and vomiting

But think about the child in the stomach

I can only cry while crying

Image source: @The Man is just so so

Can’t sleep for a few months

Two legs are sour and swollen

During pregnancy, sweat herpes

The doctor said it cannot be used

Sitting in the doctor’s office, I cried

Allergies, motion sickness

It can only be supported in order to feed

Tomiting blood, sour water during pregnancy

There are various situations in giving birth to a child

Milk once every two hours

But I can’t get the understanding of the family

Persist in breastfeeding

The nipples are about to be bitten

Blocking breasts is particularly painful

Each time you can urge your teeth, you can only stick to your teeth

Breastfeeding is not as good as dead

My mother -in -law does not help but also instigatt them with her husband

Simply unbearable

Natural scar constitutional constitution

Scar is like a huge cricket

The child is three years old, and the scar will itchy

Questions before pregnancy

After giving birth, all came out

You can recover from your body

Psychological collapse is not saved

A few days ago after giving birth

Family ignoring and indifference

It is easy to cause psychological collapse

No matter how much the woman suffers, there are still many men who think:

It is the obligation of a woman to have a child. It is the duty of a woman. Women who do not have children are not women!

Yesterday in the background, I saw such two messages, which brushed my three views.

"Women are born with children."

"It is hard to have children, and women can still say this for a lifetime?"

In the eyes of many men, having children and bringing children can do what they can do by watching TV by the way.

However, they did not know how much suffering and tears they had suffered in the process of giving birth and bringing children.

An irresponsible man can never imagine, and Dabao and Erbao were annoyed and desperate when they cried together.

One person with two babies is endless year.At that moment, the mother’s body and mind were exhausted, crying without tears!

Everyone only cares about whether your child brings well, but no one cares about you.

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"How easier you to bring your children, where to play with the baby."

A few days ago, listening to a relative at the dinner table, I couldn’t wait to turn my face on the spot.

Because he didn’t know how helpless when a woman took the child in various conditions, facing the doubts of doubt in all directions, she couldn’t help annoying …

At the station, a mother roared twice in the face of a child who was crying.

Behind her, how ironic the woman’s gaze and the man’s laughed face!

Only women who have experienced the same experience can feel the same, and most men have no sympathy at all.

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Of course, there are not only arrogant straight male cancers in the world, and there are also good men and good husbands who are also reasonable.

Recently, the text of a male compatriot in the circle of friends has received a lot of praise and recognition from pregnant mothers.

There are many suffering wives that can only carry themselves and complain about what happened?What are the positions of men to scold her?A girl is afraid and grievances are normal. It is clear that men’s insufficient care can make the wife feel insecure and complain more!

If a woman is willing to give birth to you, she should be taken care of by her husband.

When they are uncomfortable, many men always say "don’t affect their children" but never care about how uncomfortable their wives are, how helpless …

Real pain is not the physical and spiritual torture brought by children, but when you are grievance, you can’t find a vent.

All the worries are carried by themselves, and postpartum depression may come like this.

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Some people say that women may be born less than men, but they are willing to face pain or even death when they welcome new life. This is the greatness of mother love.

Although there can only be women who can do children, fertility is not the responsibility and task of women.

If a woman is willing to have a child for you, it is a big love division. Men must stand up to protect her and love her when she needs you.

A victory requires thousands of troops, but his wife only needs a qualified husband to win the maternity.

The wife had just given birth to a child, and all relatives ran to watch the baby and put her aside.

The husband stayed in front of the sick bed and teased and said, "You see these people, no one cares about the child’s mother."

The wife’s face was not disappointed at all, because she knew that her husband was still waiting for herself.

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"I don’t care much about it, it’s enough to have you."

What a wife cares most is always the attitude of her husband.

The husband’s words and deeds can even determine the happiness of his wife and the whole life.

She may not take the initiative to ask you to do something, and she may suddenly complain about a few words, and even if she will not reply to your news, pull your WeChat …

But as a man and husband, you must always ask yourself:

Have you ignored the feelings of his wife recently, did you not take the initiative to help her share a bit of life?

Those who should give their wives and care for love are not less at all. The love she needs is really not much. It is enough to have you …

Practice each other and tolerate each other.After all, two people move forward side by side, and life will be happier and meaningful, isn’t it?

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