"You Like it" Fanwai 11: Cao Mu vomits in the ward and accidentally discovered pregnancy

I just finished watching "You Give Me" and want to try to write a few couples to write a few couples. The story is pure fiction. It is not easy. I hope everyone can like it!

"You You Like" stills

When he heard Min Hui’s hungry, Xin Qi was distressed. He wanted to call and reprimand Hadi.

Before the phone was called, Hardy pushed the door of the ward with two big bags.

"Boss, Sister Min Hui, Xiao Quanbao, eat!"

Hadi took out the food on the table, and each looked delicious, and these dishes were specially prepared for the mother.

Xinqi quickly picked up chopsticks to pinch a piece of shrimp for Min Hui. Min Hui had long been hungry, and ate his mouth with a chopstick. He stared at the dishes on the table.Feed her to eat.

Hadi also hurriedly packed a bowl of meals and sat to take care of Xiao Quanbao to eat.

After half of it, the little princess cried again. This time Xinqi had experience. He put down the chopsticks to the small bed and opened it to be unbuttoned to check. It turned out to be uncomfortable.With the new urine, she replaced her without wetness, and then she didn’t cry, opened her eyes, and put her fingers in her mouth.

It seems that the little princess is also hungry. Xinqi quickly hugged her daughter to Min Hui, pulled the bed curtain, and blocked Min Hui’s mother and daughter.

Min Hui made her daughter’s fingers out, and the little guy began to cry. It was probably that Min Hui had the taste she liked. The little guy cried and buried his head into Min Hui’s arms to find her food source.

Min Hui glanced at Xinqi, who was still standing by the bed, and the meaning was obvious: Why can’t you go out yet?Intersection

Xin Qi didn’t want to go, but Min Hui would not eat this set of him. He watched his eyes with a threat: he could only turn around under the gaze of Min Hui.

Seeing Xinqi walking out, covering his mouth with Hardy’s mouth and laughing.

"You You Like" stills

Xin Qi noticed the small movements of the two of them, glanced at them, and they all concentrated with Hardy, and they died their meals.

Five minutes later, the little princess was full, and Min Hui’s voice came from behind the bed curtain: "Xinqi, come, come here!"

Hearing Min Hui’s call, Xin Qi stood up and drilled in, and soon held the little princess out, and pulled the bed curtain away.

Min Hui continued to eat her dinner. She didn’t eat it almost a day. She was so hungry. This meal ate a lot. Fortunately, the amount of food brought back by Hardy had enough food, otherwise it would not be enough to eat the four of them.

It didn’t take long for them to eat it. Cao Mu and Chen Jiajun came with the thermal insulation pot. They were contained in Cordyceps flower chicken soup. Chen Jiajun poured a bowl of soup and prepared to cool off Min Hui.

Because they had just eaten in the room, the ward was mixed with a taste. When Cao Mu had thought the chicken soup was pretty fragrant when he was at home, the two flavors were mixed together.The bathroom rushed into the toilet and vomited with the toilet.

The others were also taken aback and watched her rushing in dumbly.

When Chen Jiajun saw her situation, she immediately followed, stroking Cao Mu’s back gently, and asked nervously: "Cao Mu, what’s wrong with you? Is it okay?"

"Vomit ~"

When Cao Mu spit out all the things in her stomach, she felt more comfortable.

Min Hui stared at the direction of the bathroom thoughtfully, listening to Cao Mu’s vomiting sound, and an idea hit his heart.

Chen Jiajun helped Cao Mu, who had a pale face, walked out of the bathroom and asked her to sit down on the sofa for a while.

I walked over and pulled her hand, "Do you, are you okay?! Let’s go to a doctor."

Cao Mu shook his head for Quanquan, "All are all good, the godmother is okay."

Min Hui’s eyes did not move out of her from Cao Mu. Xinqi saw a little jealous, and Min Hui hadn’t seen himself so focused.

Instead, Cao Mu was confused by her, "Min Hui, do you stare at me? I have makeup?"

Min Hui directly cast a bomb, "Cao Mu, shouldn’t you be pregnant?"


Cao Mu and Chen Jiajun exclaimed at the same time, and then looked at each other, and they could be surprised from each other’s eyes.

"Cao Mu, are you really pregnant?!" Chen Jiajun was very excited after being surprised. He was going to be a father?

It’s all very excited, "Do you get pregnant? I have another younger brother and sister."

Cao Mu didn’t know. She thought about it carefully. It seemed that the holiday was here for two days last month. There was only a little bit. She didn’t pay much attention. Min Huiyue was big. She had to follow many things.Causes disorder.

She and Chen Jiajun seemed to drink only two months ago and did not take any measures. Shouldn’t it be that time?Intersection

"You You Like" stills

Chen Jiajun looked at Cao Mu’s expression, very nervous, did she not like children?No, she likes to be full.

"Cao Mu, let’s take a look at the doctor to check it. Anyway, it’s all in the hospital. It’s more assured to see it."

Chen Jiajun held Cao Mu’s hand tightly, and the other hand took her in her arms.

Cao Mu came back and glanced at Chen Jiajun. "Now it’s night, the doctor is off work. Who is looking for it?!"

Chen Jiajun patted his head, "Yeah, the doctor is all off work, not afraid, I go to the pharmacy outside the pharmacy to buy you a pregnancy test stick, you can sit here and wait for me."

After he said excitedly, he ran out of the ward and went to buy a pregnancy test stick.

Cao Mu carefully stroked his flat belly. There is really a small life in it?IntersectionShe felt a bit incredible.

After fifteen minutes, Chen Jiajun came back with a bag. He pulled Cao Mu up and walked to the bathroom door, and then stuffed the bag to her arms and pushed her in.

"You can check it out!"

Cao Mu took things in and closed the door. She felt a little nervous during the verification process. Chen Jiajun outside the door was tense than her. How long did Cao Mu enter and forth at the door?It’s right.

The "Kaka" door was opened, Cao Mu came out calmly, and Chen Jiajun’s heart was stunned. Is it not pregnant?Intersection

Cao Mu handed the pregnancy test stick to Chen Jiajun, and let him see it himself. When Chen Jiajun’s fire testing the pregnancy inspection stick, he closed his eyes subconsciously, and then opened the pregnancy inspection stick in his hand, showing two bars on it!

Chen Jiajun looked at Cao Mu with excitement and hugged her, "I’m going to be a father!"

Cao Mu also hugged him happily, "Yes, I’m pregnant, you are going to be a father!"

Hearing this good news, Min Hui was also very happy for them.

I am even more happy to jump: "Yeah! I have another brother and sister!"

(To be continued)

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