10 days after menstruation, 3 feelings remind you to ovulate, grasp the opportunity to conceive

For women, the possibility of pregnancy during the ovulation period is possible, but it is not equivalent to the same room during ovulation, and the pregnancy rate is 100%.

Women who want to get pregnant are the result of the comprehensive effects of various factors. Not only must they be healthy, ensure sperm and egg quality, but also have good uterine health. Then you need to find the ovulation period and ovulation day, especially the ovulation day is very criticalEssence10 days after menstruation, three feelings remind you that you are ovulation and grasp the opportunity to conceive!

On the ovulation day, the body will remind you through these 3 feelings, don’t miss it anymore

Increase leucorrhea and drawing brushes: All women will have leucorrhea, and leucorrhea will change with the changes in the menstrual cycle. After the menstruation has just left, the amount of leucorrhea is very small. You will find that the leucorrhea is increased as time goes out. At this time, you may enter the ovulation.Period.

When the ovary is about to ovulate, the voter secretion will be more secretion, and the leucorrhea will be transparent, like an egg white, and there are obvious drawing, which will ovulate about 12 to 48 hours.Arrange the same room reasonably.

Ovulation pain, ovulation and bleeding: When ovulation ovulation, the moment the egg breaks through the green robe, it may make women feel pain on the lower abdomen on one side, and there may be a capillary rupture, which may cause a small amount of vaginal bleeding in women, orThere are only a small amount of blood wire. These two symptoms are called ovulation pain and ovulation bleeding, and are typical ovulation signals.

Body temperature rises: After entering the ovulation period, the ovary is preparing for ovulation, and at this time, hormone secretion in the body will also change, and the changes in these hormone secretion will affect the basic body temperature of women, and women’s basic body temperature will rise.

On the day of the ovulation day, the basal body temperature will decline, and the second day will rise. This symptom is called ovulation and cooling, and it is also a typical ovulation signal.

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