10 seconds!The pregnant woman in Jiangsu jumped to the lake and gave birth to a light, and the small man in the Malaysian jumped down!Really!

Look at these 10 seconds first:

Patrol staff can not even stop even battery cars

Throw the car and rush to the lake not far away

Can’t care about undressing and shoes in the running

Flute into the cold water one by one

There is no hesitation or hesitation of this series of actions

Finally, the light -born woman was saved on the shore!

This short 10 -second video

Xiao Bian has repeatedly watched it many times

Every time I look at it, I respect the patrol staff!

He must know that people are in the sky

A woman in the water will be more dangerous

So he ran all the way and did not delay any second

He must know that the water is dangerous

But he jumped into the water without hesitation …

Where is this?who is he?

His name is Liu Shaohua, 37 years old, native of Heilong Temple, Jiaozhuang Township, Xiping County, and security guards in the Kunshan Times Building in Jiangsu.

It is reported that at 5 am on May 12th, Liu Shaohua called for help during the patrol during the patrol and found that a young woman jumped into the river in the Times Park near the Times Building.

Liu Shaohua rushed straight to the lake as soon as possible after hearing the voice of the masses.After successfully saving the woman, he actively psychologically guided the light -born woman, and he brought a coat to the woman.

Afterwards, the Suzhou News Comprehensive Channel reported:

Video loading …

As soon as the incident was in the local area, the circle of friends burst into the circle of friends.

Netizens have praised this behavior.

He is Liu Shaohua!

Faced with the overwhelming appreciation, Liu Shaohua humblely stated that these were his work in his division.

"At that time, the situation was urgent. I didn’t have to think about anything. I just thought about saving people first. If I encountered this kind of situation in the future, I would still come forward." Liu Shaohua responded.

He also said that changing to other people will go down to save people regardless of this situation, and he just does something that everyone will do.After Liu Shaohua saved people, he had many abrasions on his body and had a cold afterwards, but he still insisted on his post.

Liu Shaohua, you are really good!

Source: Tianzhong Evening News

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