10 signals in pregnancy, count small changes in the body

From the moment of the fertilized eggs, various changes have begun to undermine the expectations of expectant moms.Among them, the body became fat, menstruation stopped, and nausea began to nausea.These symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy are the most obvious, while the breasts become sensitive, emotional fluctuations, sensitivity to odor, etc. are relatively not obvious.

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1. 1-4 of the 10 signals of pregnancy

1. Men stop menstruation

For women who are preparing for pregnancy, the most obvious and most direct pregnancy signal is: menopause.It can be said that when you are pregnant, menopause will definitely occur.But the phenomenon of menopause does not mean that the city is really pregnant.If women find that they have menopause, they can also compare other symptoms below to help judge whether they are pregnant.

2. Fatigue

After pregnancy, almost expectant mothers will become more drowned, which is also the result of progesterone in the body.For example, your usual workload, or shopping, etc. will become high -consumption activities, which will easily make you feel very tired and even light.Therefore, when you are confirmed that you are pregnant, you must pay attention to your personal rest schedule.

3. Frequent urine

When the baby develops slowly in the uterus, the expanding uterus will put some pressure on the bladder, so you start to "patronize" the toilet more frequently.At the same time, pregnancy can also cause more liquids in the kidney and bladder, and the symptoms of frequent urination will continue to be presented in the next nine months.

4, nausea

In addition to your gastroenteritis, if you have nausea and nausea, this may also be congratulations.This symptom is mostly in 1 week of pregnancy.Many women will vomit when they drink coffee and breakfast in the morning. When you enter the fourth month, its extent will slowly reduce it, and the human body will slowly adapt to various changes caused by the body due to pregnancy.

2. The 10 signals of pregnancy 5 ~ 7

5. Greed or anorexia

Every pregnant woman has some small stories about greedy.This is also a good time that many women can toss and toss.Suddenly what you want to eat can make your family prepare more.There are also some pregnant moms changing their tastes after pregnancy. You will find that you will lose your appetite about what you like to eat before.

6. Sensitive to odor

In fact, it is these complex odors that make the expectant mummy nausea.Even a very pleasant taste, such as the fragrance or perfume flavor of food, may make the quasi -mummy vomiting.This is of course the result of estrogen flooding in expectant mummy.

7. Morning

This is a well -known pregnancy signal associated with the symptoms of disgusting, and the cause of it is relatively complicated.You really want to eat, but you do n’t eat all night, which causes you to nausea; the hormones in your body are more usual, and you can also cause morning vomiting.In short, the situation of each pregnant woman is different, so various foods may cause morning vomiting.

Third, 8 ~ 10 signals of pregnancy 8 ~ 10

8. High body temperature

Many pregnant mothers will feel that they are hot after pregnancy, which is not an illusion.Pregnancy can also make the human body temperature higher.You don’t have to doubt whether you are cold because you feel a little hot.You know, this means that the baby develops smoothly in your uterus.

9. I feel pain in the low waist

The waist pain of the early pregnancy signal is a real pain.There are many causes of pain in low waist.Perhaps because of the changes in the weight of the pregnant mummy, maybe it is because the internal mummy lacks sleep at night. Of course, there are also difficulties in hormones and internal changes in the body.

10, bed bleeding

A pregnant signal that few people know is: when the fertilized eggs start to bed in the uterus, they can cause minor bleeding.This is the so -called "bed bleeding", which will appear 3 to 6 days after fertilization.So, if you are a woman in pregnancy, when you find some red or pink blood stains, it means that the chance of success is very high!

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