12th anniversary of marriage!Sun Yan’s long text thanks to Deng Chao, the content is abnormal to attract controversy, netizens: stunned

12th anniversary of marriage!Sun Yan’s long text thanked Deng Chao, the content is abnormal to attract controversy, netizens: stunned

Sun Yan and Deng Chao were model couples in the entertainment industry. In 2005, the two fell in love because of the TV series "Happiness Like a Flower". In 10 years, they got married. When the wedding was held in 11 years, Sun Yan had conceived his son and so on.After three years of giving birth to, another daughter Xiaohua, the family of Sikou envy others.

Now that the two have gone through 12 years, today is the first day of the college entrance examination, and it is also the 12th anniversary of the marriage of Sun Yan and Deng Chao.Sun Yan posted a long article early in the morning, and each sentence was very moved.

Deng Chao is hurting the child. She works in Wenzhou, and they will change their shifts in a month. This is the tacit understanding of the 12 years since they got married.I do n’t know if you have discovered it. This sentence revealed a small detail. Sun Yan is filming in the group now, killing youth next month, and will not take the play in a short time.Deng Chao is not in the group now, and he will enter the group next month.

After speaking, Sun Yan mentioned her childhood. Sun Yan’s parents divorced when she was young. She followed her mother for 7 years.She matures more than her peers and once resisted her marriage, and even said that she was a "unmarried".

Until she met Deng Chao, she changed.She thanked Deng Chao and her children for bringing her energy and warmth, so that her ice cubes from the beginning became a temperature that could soak her feet.I believe that in a few years, she can be covered by Deng Chao, the hot and boiling temperature.

Sun Yan also mentioned four meaningful days, namely the days of getting certificates, holding weddings, and other births.It is also mentioned that the two people have lived for so many years, is it so meaningful? Filter the 365 -day day by bit.

This long article released by Sun Yan was very moved and surprised.For the first time, I have seen Sun Yan, who has seen so sad, and some netizens said that this long article is a bit abnormal.This abnormal content has aroused heated discussion among netizens. The Sun Yan we see is a domineering, strong, and independent strong woman.

Unexpectedly, she was so gentle, soft, and even a little inferior, and netizens bluntly said: I was stunned.In fact, Sun Yan’s domineering is just a protective shell in the play and outsiders. Because of her bad experience when she was a child, her inferiority and sensitivity had been engraved in her bones.

Only Deng Chao can see the most authentic her, which is why Deng Chao can still love and spoil her for so many years.When Deng Chao saw this long article of Sun Yan, he was probably crying to death.He has not posted and reply yet, and it is estimated that he is writing a small composition.

The two are not only dedicated actors, they are also models in the circle. I hope those young couples can learn from them.Now that you have decided to hold your child, you must understand and help each other and operate marriage together.Instead of getting married or giving birth, they divorced.

Marriage is not a child’s play. Whether it is a star or an ordinary person, I hope that after reading this long article, I can understand how much I can do.

I hope that this year, they can still see the two people enter the group together. The husband and wife cooperate and work.The cooperation between the two is perfect. When the son grows up, the opportunity of the two people should be more.

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