19 -year -old Chen Ting, pregnant with Zhang Yimou’s child, did Zhang Yimou give her to choose?

Speaking of Zhang Yimou and Chen Ting, many people like to use the two words to describe Chen Ting. They are not back, because Chen Ting finally came together with Zhang Yimou.

Speaking of Chen Ting, in fact, she is just an ordinary person born in 1981. Because he likes to dance, coupled with his only child at the time, her parents also had the ability to dance, so she successfully entered the Beijing movie in the end.College Dance Department.In fact, her life has not been related to Zhang Yimou. If she has never met Zhang Yimou, then she may be an ordinary actor. Regardless of the fire, she will only be an actor, but fate is to arrange for the arrangement.She met Zhang Yimou.


In 1999, Zhang Yimou’s movie "Happy Time" lacked a heroine. At this time, Zhang Yimou’s choice of the heroine made Chen Ting eager to try, so she signed up for the sea election, this time, and Zhang Yimou knew this.Women who are about to spend their lives with him.Zhang Yimou was attracted by Chen Ting at the time, so Zhang Yimou was careful. After he eliminated Chen Ting, he took the initiative to ask Chen Ting to ask Chen Ting while Chen Ting was lost.She will definitely find her. In this way, Zhang Yimou successfully reached her contact information.


Everything in the back is smooth. Zhang Yimou began to pursue her. Although Zhang Yimou was 19 years old at that time, Chen Ting still fell in love with him without any care. After becoming a couple, Chen Ting found that he was pregnant.When drinking head -making makes Chen Ting very scared, her parents are still hoping that Chen Ting is out of place, and her studies have not been completed. As a result, she is pregnant. She calls Zhang Yimou at a loss, and Zhang Yimou is very excited after learning that she has a child., But he knows that Chen Ting is very panicked now, so he can only pretend to be calm to tell Chen Ting’s arrangements and plans in the future. In fact, he just gave Chen Ting’s two choices. The first is to drop out of school and go home to give birth to birthIn the next child, Zhang Yimou promised that he would be responsible. The second was to kill the child. He would give some compensation, but the two would no longer come and go.Chen Ting loves Zhang Yimou so much, and he must have chosen the first one.For Zhang Yimou, there is basically no difficulty for Zhang Yimou. After finishing Chen Ting’s parents, Chen Ting raised his tire at home and waited for production.


Chen Ting later gave birth to three children for Zhang Yimou, but Chen Ting had no name. Although she gave birth to a child, she and Zhang Yimou still did not get married. Until a actress broke the news to the public, saying that Zhang Yimou had three children three children.This made Zhang Yimou and Chen Ting get married smoothly. Although Zhang Yimou was fined 7.48 million for this incident, Zhang Yimou was still very happy because his wife and children finally stood beside him.


I have to say that Chen Ting is really very kind. There are a lot of scandals around Zhang Yimou, but she has never been fighting for anything. All she is willing to give her Zhang Yimou, including Zhang Yimou willing to marry him. This is also because of her.Outstanding and excellent, now Chen Ting’s children have grown up. Zhang Yimou no longer taboos her wife, and the two still love each other. I have to say that Chen Ting is really smarter than most women. In this regard, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, youWhat do you think?

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