20 -year -old woman has high blood pressure after pregnancy!I am afraid of affecting children, not taking medicine, I am afraid of affecting myself!

Yesterday, a friend on the Internet consulted: She said she was 20 years old and was just pregnant, but when she checked, she found that her blood pressure was high.

I am particularly depressed, I don’t know what to do.And she is so young, how can there be hypertension?

I told her:

First, hypertension is getting younger and younger, even if there is no pregnancy, it will be hypertension.

Second, if it is pregnancy hypertension, it has something to do with pregnancy.

Hypertension younger:

As the lifestyle changes, the so -called "good" of eating is getting less and less.Blood pressure 4-5%!

Children’s hypertension sustains to adults. Without intervention, about 40% of children with hypertension have developed into adult hypertension patients.The risk of cardiovascular disease and kidney disease in hypertension in high blood pressure increased significantly.

Therefore, even if there is no pregnancy, 20 -year -old people may experience hypertension.

The main reason is: obesity, no exercise, inheritance, too salty, too sweet and too sweet, staying up late, etc.

Of course, since you are pregnant, you must consider from pregnancy:

At the age of 20, I only arrived at the legal age of marriage. You are pregnant, especially in today’s society, everyone is late and late. It is also rare to get pregnant so early.

High blood pressure in pregnancy accounts for 5-10%, 70% of which are hypertension during pregnancy, and the remaining 30% have hypertension before pregnancy.

Risk of pregnancy hypertension:

Increase the risk of complications such as premature placental peeling, cerebral hemorrhage, diffuse intravascular coagulation, acute liver failure, acute renal failure, and delay in the fetal house. It is one of the important causes of maternal and fetal death.

For the health and safety of your and children, it is recommended that women must conduct pre -pregnancy assessments before pregnancy to understand the cause and degree of blood pressure.It is not recommended to conceive with blood pressure ≥160 /110mmHg.

If you find hypertension, you can first conduct non -drug intervention:

Treatment measures are mainly to improve lifestyle and non -drug intervention. Some patients relax their emotions and control the amount of salt to about 6g. The blood pressure can be reduced to less than 150 /100mmHg, thereby shortening the time of taking antihypertensive drugs during pregnancy.Reduce the possible impact of drugs on the fetus.

Non -drug treatment includes appropriate activities, emotional relaxation, controlling weight, and ensuring sufficient sleep.Recommended salt volume is controlled to 6g / d, but it should not be excessive to limit salt, so as not to cause low blood capacity and affect the placenta cycle.

And actively monitor relevant examinations such as blood pressure and regular review of urine.

If you are pregnant, you must not take the medicine messy:

For patients with pregnancy hypertension, drug treatment is recommended when blood pressure is ≥150 /100mmHg. The treatment target is below 150 /100mmHg.If there is no proteinuria and other target organs, the drug treatment can also be considered when ≥160 /110mmHg can be considered.

The most commonly used oral drugs are Labelor, methyl Dobaba, and Plazanopine. If necessary, consider small doses of thiazide diuretics.

During pregnancy, Puli or Satan, patients with chronic hypertension with pregnancy plans should also be discontinued.

For the safety of you and your baby, the lady must have high blood pressure before pregnancy.There are side effects!

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