22 years of research on Peking University: Eating garlic for a long time, the risk of gastric cancer death is reduced by 34%, is it credible?

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Many people like to eat garlic, and even think that garlic has better sterilization and anti -cancer effects.

However, after 22 years of research on Peking University, they found that eating garlic for a long time may reduce the risk of death of gastric cancer to 34%. Is this true or false?If this is really the case, is it a well -deserved king of anti -cancer?

Nowadays, cancer is becoming younger and younger, and even a teenage child may appear in the ward of chemotherapy. Whenever they see their pale faces, some people will have tears of sympathy.As of now, humans have not found obvious effective measures to curb cancer, and even overcome cancer.

However, if there is a relatively common food in kitchens that can achieve a good anti -cancer effect, do you believe it?This is not soy sauce or salt, but the most inconspicuous garlic.

As we all know, garlic has a obvious smell, because of this, many people do not like to eat garlic, but to many northerners, they do n’t eat meat and do n’t eat garlic. In addition to the good taste, from medicine, from medicine, from medicine, from medicine, from medicine, from medicineAs an angle, the ancient Chinese people discovered the benefits of garlic with cold, dampness, swelling and pain, and alleviating the accumulation of food.

When more and more people value dietary therapy, some scientists focus on some common foods.In 2019, the dean of the School of Clinical Oncology at Peking University led a team to formulate such topics, and also started to study the relationship between garlic and inhibiting cancer mortality.

According to the results of 22 years of research, they were surprised to find that eating garlic can prevent gastric cancer mortality well, and even greatly reduce the risk of gastric cancer death. After this research results were published to authoritative medical magazines, manyPeople have also become very shocked.

In this study, they mainly selected more than 3,000 volunteers in a county in Shandong, because this place is one of the areas with high gastric cancer mortality in the world.

After the 22 -year research, they found that compared with the vitamin supplement group and the pylori treatment group, the garlic supplementary group can well reduce the risk of gastric cancer death, but it is strange that the risk of gastric cancer in patients with garlic is reduced.The effect is not too obvious. It may be far lower than the two interventions of Helicobacter pylori and vitamin therapy.

In addition to the unpleasant smell and spicy taste, if it is continuously unpleasant and spicy, garlic may also have obvious stimulating effects on the stomach and intestines, and even gastritis and various gastric diseases occur.

As early as the last century, many famous medical experts in the UK published a number of papers.They use garlic as the main research object, and they also believe that garlic contained in garlic can inhibit tumors or cancer well.However, his research results were also opposed by many industry insiders.

In fact, in real life, if you want to inhibit cancer by eating garlic, this may make some people overwhelmed.For example, in order to achieve a significant anti -cancer effect, theoretically, a person may have to eat a few kilograms or tens of kilograms of garlic.Of course, whether it is the results of the research of Peking University or the scientific research results of British, they just think that garlic extract can reduce the mortality of gastric cancer, but cannot reduce or avoid people to suffer from gastric cancer.

Objectively speaking, these two concepts cannot be stolen concepts, let alone confuse audiovisual.

From a medical point of view, no food is found to be gastric cancer at present. However, in daily life, everyone can also achieve a certain auxiliary treatment effect through diet therapy.

For example, in addition to eating more garlic, you can also try to eat more vegetables such as tomatoes or onions, which is also recognized as one of the anti -cancer foods.Because it can inhibit the growth rate of cancer cells well, and can also kill cancer cells.

Of course, in order to raise a good body, in addition to developing a scientific eating habits, everyone still needs to adjust the poor life and rest and exercise habits, and strive to raise the body from changing the details.

For example, some people stay up late for a long time, and even eat the sea and drink, and they will fall into the thinking misunderstanding of excessive exercise or sedentary exercise. The above -mentioned bad work habits may also make cancer come to the door.If you don’t want to be a cancer patient, everyone still has to nourish the stomach and health through various ways to achieve the effect of strengthening the body.

In general, although gastric cancer does not rule out some genetic mutations or the influence of family genetic factors, whether it is young or middle -aged and elderly people, everyone is better to treat this disease scientifically. Once there is repeated gastrointestinal pain, the degree of pain is obvious.If you become severe or stomach bleeding, you should seek medical treatment in time. Do not drag again and again.

Generally speaking, most gastric cancer patients have only three months to half a year. Therefore, the mortality of gastric cancer is relatively high compared to bowel cancer or other cancers.It can be seen that the stomach care and stomach care is a big project. In addition to taking care of the stomach and intestines in daily life, everyone should also maintain a normal heart. It is best not to be too anxious.

What do you think about long -term eating garlic and gastric cancer, welcome to discuss together!

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