23 weeks of pregnancy baby changes and precautions for pregnant mothers!

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Fetal development: Baby can hear you more and more clearly, just coax him.The baby’s body is getting more and more well -wary. Although the skin is still a bit transparent, it looks much better.His hearing is keen, so Bao Da Bao Mom remembers not to quarrel, the baby can hear it.Now his skin is wrinkled, rest assured, it will support it when he grows fat in the future.His lips, eyebrows, and eyelashes have their own each. It is clearly visible that the retina has also been formed and has a weak vision.Below the fetal gums, the tooth embryo of the permanent teeth also begun to develop.Is this what you didn’t expect?To this end, you need to add more calcium to lay the foundation for your baby to grow a good teeth in the future.The tissue and blood vessels of the baby’s lungs are developing, preparing for his breathing. Of course, the lungs have to wait a few months. The lungs are the final organic organs of the fetus.

Mother’s change: Your weight is still increasing, the breasts are significantly increased, you usually feel swelling, and you may even start to secrete a small amount of thin colostrum to prepare for breastfeeding in the future.

Your gums may bleed!Maybe you are depicting various small actions of the baby with a curious colleague, and the other party reminds you: your gums are bleeding.In fact, there is nothing to be embarrassed. The secretion of progesterone makes your gums swell and may bleed at any time, especially when brushing your teeth, these are normal, it is not so easy to be a mother.

Emotional change

His fighting is not good for your baby’s health, don’t always quarrel with your husband

do you know?After pregnancy, your emotional changes have changed a lot, and it is easy to quarrel with the intimate people around you. The first one is your husband.When you quarrel, it will also affect the baby in your stomach.And your loud atmosphere in the quarrel is tantamount to noise, which will directly endanger your baby.

At 23 weeks of pregnancy, you do not need to be inspected now, and the next delivery time is in the 24th week.Learn from some data from the production inspection form in advance so that you can know the results of the production inspection, so that you can alleviate the nervous mood of expectant mothers facing the production inspection.

Be careful back pain in the middle of pregnancy

After entering the middle of pregnancy, the prospective mother’s belly began to have obvious bulges, and the movement was slightly inconvenient, and even back pain.

Causes the cause of the quasi mother’s backache and back pain include: hormone changes during pregnancy and loose joints; the mother’s physical center of gravity changes, gradually moved forward with the fetusPulling; excess water flowing to the pelvic part of the pregnant woman’s body makes the waist nerve and spine fail to get sufficient oxygen.

Therefore, when the prospective mommy is activated during the day, it is best to wear elastic socks and a bit of low -heeled shoes to adjust the center of gravity back.When you lie flat at night, you can put a pillow under your knees or hold your stomach with a special pillow.If necessary, you can also give appropriate local hot compresses and massage to do some exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles.The most important thing is to avoid standing for a long time.

Don’t drink milk at first, pay attention to these particular attention!

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