3 months of pregnancy is gone, don’t you want to be pregnant if you don’t say, you must go to the hospital for vomiting blood.


Friends and friends of the headline said that real people are true, and they are super serious. The degree of vomiting blood cannot be eaten. The hospital rescue is not rescued. People are gone. It is really terrible.

Some netizens are more serious. It is said to take mineral water, 5L, from the first floor to the third floor. As a result, the bleeding is bleeding. Go to the hospital immediately. The doctor recommends resting in bed.

This was seen before. I also saw some friends and friends sneezing and bleeding from the lower body. I always felt exaggerated. Now that the Internet is popular, I better understand the knowledge during pregnancy.

Pregnancy, pregnancy vomiting, spitting the capillaries, vomiting blood, really suffering, and vomiting yellow bile water. I also have the right to speak.

When I was pregnant for 3 months, my body seemed to know that there was a small life inside. I would vomit in the stomach every night and daytime brushing my teeth.It’s too powerful, I missed urine, I couldn’t control it at all, so I came out by myself.

Until 4 months of pregnancy, I was not fat at all, but I lost 5 pounds. After 4 months, the fetus stabilized and the pregnancy was reduced.So women are pregnant and have children. Some people are really not easy

There are also some people who have good luck, do not respond strong, and even have no pregnancy vomiting. The appetite is good, so it is fattened during pregnancy.Even production is relatively easy.

In fact, it is really not easy to get pregnant. I remember that I found that I was pregnant for more than a month. I do n’t know. I also help others to expose rice and carry rice.At that time, the body had no response. Later, the electric vehicle was out of power. It was necessary to get a long slope. It should be called a colleague to help, but she was too thin. I had to bleed at night.

After telling my husband, he told me to go to the hospital immediately. I think the problem is not big. I did not listen to persuasion. Later, the doctor said that there is a possibility of threatened abortion, but it is possible., Let go back.

Now I remember it, it ’s really a blessing, because after the electric car incident, taking other people’s trams to do things. People did n’t pay attention. We fell off the electric car. At that time, we had a little stomach pain. I did n’t say.My heart is big, but it’s okay. If it appears unexpectedly, there is no place to cry

Now many people, including some older generations, feel that young people do not work when they are pregnant. In fact, some of the human body is like that., But I want to say that since I am pregnant, I decide to have a child. She is a pregnant woman.

Everyone has a different constitution. She is pregnant, can take care of dolls, and even complete all housework, and can solve all troubles for you, but not everyone has such a good constitution. Maybe she just can’t do it.It is normal to vomit, even vomiting to doubt life. It is normal to vomit bleeding. Do not use the old generation of thoughts to ask the current pregnant women. Different times, different environment, physical constitution, not everyone is walking like a walk, and it is easy to get pregnant.Yes, treat the person who has a child who has a child, that is the change of her life for you

Now medical development is developed. If you are uncomfortable, you must go to the hospital.Don’t be afraid of spending money, if you decide to welcome a small life.Then the safety of the mother is also very important. It is serious for pregnancy. Doctors will take nutrition needles or have other measures for you. Don’t carry it hard, and don’t listen to the old people so much.You are gone, men will marry again, there are only one life, women, we must cherish ourselves, in short, where is uncomfortable, we must go to the hospital, do not carry it hard.

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