3 The wedding girl defeated her boyfriend all savings, and secretly stole the child who was pregnant with her ex -husband

Today, a video is brushed. The quarrel in the video is a couple. Among them, the young woman with a bluffing momentum is Wang Shiqi, the help of today, and the man who fell against her opposite is her boyfriend Liu Ren.

It is understood that the two have been dating for several months, and their feelings during the period are very sweet. Not long ago, Wang Shiqi even found the good news of pregnancy. However, when Wang Shiqi looked forward to thinking that he could eventually become a dependent with his boyfriend, his boyfriend not only proposed directlyHe broke up, and even suspected that his child was not his biological flesh.

Why is Liu Ren so distrust about his girlfriend so much?What happened between them?As soon as Wang Shiqi saw the reporter’s grievances, she also told the reporter about the bitter experience of these years. Although she was only 28 years old this year, she had experienced two failed marriages.It wasn’t until she met her current boyfriend Liu Ren that she found the feeling of being really loved, but who knew that after a few days ago, after finding her pregnancy, her boyfriend had no warning.Accepting, when she kept her boyfriend, her boyfriend not only did not have a trace of heart, but directly blackened all her contact information.What made Wang Shiqi collapsed even more that her boyfriend also suspected that the child’s life was in the life, and Wang Shiqi said more and more aggrieved.

The boyfriend was abandoned by her boyfriend.

Looking at Wang Shiqi’s grievance, the reporter also felt very puzzled. Liu Ren accused Wang Shiqi accusing Wang Shiqi betrayed himself. Now he wants to find himself after he conceives his child. This obviously treats himself as an injustice.This made him unacceptable anyway. Hearing Liu Ren’s statement, the reporter was also stunned. Is his prosecution true or false?Does Wang Shiqi really carry his children’s children with other men?

Liu Ren told reporters angrily that he suspected that the child in Wang Shiqi’s belly was not his own flesh. If Wang Shiqi wanted to bear the responsibility of support, then he had to complete the parent -child identification after the child was born.It doesn’t matter, then he will never bear the responsibility of support, but for Liu Ren’s statement, Wang Shiqi said angrily that the child is indeed Liu Ren, there is no problem, and he has never betrayed their feelings.

Although Wang Shiqi’s vowing, the reporter couldn’t help wondering. What is the strange male netizen in Liu Ren’s mouth?In this regard, Wang Shiqi explained calmly that he did chat frequently with a man named Li, but the two sides were just ordinary friends.

But Liu Ren obviously couldn’t believe it. He questioned Wang Shiqi on the spot. If the two sides were just ordinary friends, why did Wang Shiqi ask the other party to come to his residence?Liu Renyue said that the more angry, and then the big secret of Wang Shiqi revealed. Before Wang Shiqi explained that the man was his ex -husband after catching himself, the two were discussing things about their daughters, but these lies were being.Liu Ren dismantled on the spot. Wang Shiqi did give birth to a daughter with her ex -husband, but her ex -husband was obviously surnamed Liu, and the man named Li that Wang Shiqi had been contacted. The two were obviously not the same person.

And what makes Liu Ren confirmed that the relationship between the two is not simple is that Li sent a red envelope to his wife many times, and even some more ambiguous amounts.This obviously proves that the relationship between the two is not simple. In order to verify his own statement, Liu Ren later provided a chat record. Li kept expressing love with Wang Shiqi in the information.The other party, you come and go, you are happy, it is a sweet couple who loves love.

In the face of Liu Rongtie’s general evidence, Wang Shiqi finally changed her strength and stood silently. It seemed that she did conceal some excessive things from her husband before.

Liu Ren helplessly told reporters that he had a failed marriage before. Although the family’s economic situation was average, life was very stable, but who knew that his wife was not flattering and hidden with himself with other men eloped with other men.Then, leave myself to depend on each other.When he first met Wang Shiqi, he saw that a woman was very hard to pull her daughter and admired Wang Shiqi very much in her heart. She thought that she was a responsible woman, so she started a fierce pursuit of Wang Shiqi.

But for Liu Ren’s complaint, Wang Shiqi continued to justify himself. In order to prove that he had completely cut off the relationship with his ex -husband Li, he called Li on the spot.After calling his wife directly, after being scolded by Liu Ren, Li did not care about chatting with his wife, and anyone couldn’t control it. After that, he hung up the phone directly.

Wang Shiqi wanted to prove that it had nothing to do between the two through Li, but now he was beaten on the spot, which made everyone instantly fall into embarrassment.In this regard, Liu Ren even said with a speechless expression that Wang Shiqi had more and more excessive things.It turned out that Liu Ren’s son had been with hearing aid since he was a child because of congenital hearing impairment, but Wang Shiqi was so poisonous. Not only did he not be distressed by the child’s situation, he often abused his son as fools and deaf.Liu Ren angrily revealed to reporters that since he associated with Wang Shiqi, Wang Shiqi has occupied all his savings, and even his daily salary must be paid in full.But who knew that some time ago, when his son accidentally injured, he wanted to find Wang Shiqi to get some money to the hospital, but Wang Shiqi said that all the money was lost by him, causing his son’s treatment fee to be paid.

However, in the face of Liu Ren’s accusations, Wang Shiqi stated his words that he also proposed that Liu Ren would borrow money to treat his children, but Liu Ren hindered the face of a man and was worried that he had not borrowed money.The reason why children do not treat well because Liu Ren’s inexplicable vanity.

Who knows that Liu Ren’s various practices make Wang Shiqi feel that she is not a person, and now she is completely disappointed with this relationship. If Liu Ren is unwilling to accept the child, she will agree to give upEssenceBut in this regard, Liu Ren said that Wang Shiqi spent all his savings during this time and owed high arrears. These all needed to be borne by himself.In addition, Wang Shiqi was entangled with other men during her relationship. She had no reason to ask her to pay compensation as a wrong party.

Regarding Liu Ren’s statement, Wang Shiqi refuted on the spot that there was no problem with the child’s life, but Liu Ren made rumors everywhere and ruined his reputation.The two were arguing because of compensation. In order to completely solve this matter, the reporter also contacted the local neighborhood committee for mediation. Under the persuasion of everyone, Wang Shiqi and Liu Ren finally coordinated and reserved 3,000 yuan than Wang Shiqi.After that, the two completely cut off their relationships and did not disturb each other. A pair of lovers reached this point today, it was really sighing.

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