30 -year -old Internet celebrity is obsessed with medical beauty, and I do n’t know if the injection is too much.

Recently, Internet celebrity Xiaoxue shared her previous abortion experience, which caused a lot of controversy. Many netizens felt that she was a bit irresponsible, and the problem was on her abortion.I found that she was pregnant and had to choose to give up the child, and the child was also the first child of her marriage with her husband for many years.

Xiaoxue himself was very clear. The responsibility of this incident was exactly in herself. The child’s arrival was not an accident. Their husband and his wife had planning to ask their children at the time, which means that Xiaoxue still went to do medical beauty during the pregnancy.After consulting the doctor, she also said that she had a great impact, and she also hated herself in particular.

Subsequent Xiaoxue also conscientiously educated how to avoid accidental pregnancy and related abortion experience according to her experience. However, in the eyes of netizens, she avoided the impact of medical beauty on pregnancy.Large doses of injection, no check before doing it, and the big selfie selfie of the mood just finished the surgery, which is a bit "jump".

Regarding the problem of pregnancy and medical beauty, there are many relevant science popularization on the market. TV stations and media have already had similar news. Like Henan Public Channel reported, some girls found pregnancy after plastic surgery.Children, this girl is not as lucky than Xiaoxue. She is purely an unexpected pregnancy. She does not want to be responsible without a wedding boyfriend. She can only go to the operating table alone.

There are also girls who have made a general anesthesia for the beauty of the medicine. They found that she was pregnant two days after the operation. Before the agency had done a medical examination for her, she thought that this was not the responsibility of the hospital. In the end, she could only go to court to solve the lawsuit.

It is also because there are negative examples such as this. Internet celebrity Xiaoxue’s consistent attitude towards medical beauty makes many netizens unable to agree. She thinks that it is a beauty blogger, but the video sharing content is mostly related to the medical beauty. She also mentioned that she also mentioned herself.I know the related industries very much, and I have been injected from the age of teens. With a full 10 years of shooting experience.

At that time, this video caused a lot of controversy. Netizens in the comment area were also merciless. It was better not to do it as well as Xiaoxue’s medical beauty. Obviously, he was only 30 years old but tossed alive like 4 or 50 years old.

From the video shared by Xiaoxue, it can also be learned that she is a little overlapping for medical beauty. She has not been let go from head to toe or even more private parts. In this regard, she invested at least 1 million.

In order to pursue the so -called beauty, Xiaoxue also ran to a foreign institution to do the fundamental project that was not approved at all. It was unusual to encounter a medical accident. She was so severe that she had not completely recovered after two years. There were very obvious scars on her legs.

And even if Xiaoxue has a wealthy family and complete evidence, it is still difficult to defend her rights. She is still in lawsuits. For this reason, she almost suffers from depression.

What is even more impressive is that Xiaoxue’s cause of this medical beauty is that after she finally gave birth to a healthy baby, she began to feel that she was very swollen and fat, and her legs looked thicker.means.

Remember that scene caused Xiaoxue to give up the large dose of injection medical beauty of the first child?She did not have a psychological burden to do it again in the future. She also played once a year, so that netizens couldn’t help question whether she was addicted to medical beauty.

The problem of the beauty of the net red circle and even the entertainment industry has been exposed many times. Ten years ago, a 24 -year -old singer died of cosmetic surgery. After 10 years, a lady did not go out of the operating room in overseas medical beauty.After being sent into the ICU, he missed the best treatment time and died of complications.

These real examples are repeatedly verified. Medical beauty is highly risky. It may be a shortcut but definitely not positive. In recent years, including stars, they have called for rejection of appearance anxiety. I hope that all girls or boys can listen carefully.Don’t brainwash by some interested people, learn to accept and appreciate yourself, especially don’t hurt your body to sacrifice health to follow the trend to pursue the so -called beauty, it is really not worth it.

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