31 weeks of pregnancy, weighing 16 pounds, how much do you grow?

How many pounds do you grow? "" How big can fetal treasures now? "From the beginning of pregnancy, the weight of pregnant mothers and fetal baby has always been a question that everyone cares about. Looking at the number of updated numbers on the electronic scale, pregnant mothers will inevitably worry aboutWhether you can restore your former proud body, but when you check, you can see babies who are growing every day, and they are more difficult to hide. HoweverSome pregnant mothers are worried about the small weight of the fetus and the fetal development.

Pregnant mother Xiao Zhang is 31 weeks pregnant now. Recently, she has a bad appetite, and she eats a lot of daily. A meal has a maximum of one bowl. As a result, I went to the hospital for examination the day before yesterday.For two weeks, Xiao Zhang has been worried after returning from the birth check -in, for fear of affecting the baby’s development, but the milk powder of her pregnant woman has been drinking, but also a variety of nutritional supplements every day, but the weight is not long.How to be good.

If the fetus is small, it is generally recommended to find the cause from the following aspects.

Check the pregnancy week.When the fetus is small, the general doctor will check the gestational week to see if the pregnant mother remember the wrong number.Then check if there is a chromosome problem.

Adjust the diet structure and strengthen nutrition.The most common reason for the small fetus is that there is a problem with the diet of pregnant mothers.Pregnant mothers should pay attention to observing whether the dietary structure is reasonable and whether nutrition is enough.If the fetus is small, pregnant mothers should eat more meat, fish, and animal internal organs, and can also drink pork bone soup.In addition, pregnant mothers should eat less watermelon, peaches and other fruits, because this will make your uterus more tight and restrain the development of the fetus.

Whether the husband and wife are inherited.The small fetal is also related to genetic factors.If the parents have had a small situation in their mother’s belly, then your baby is less likely to be less likely to be in the fetus than other babies.

Regular review.Once the development does not meet the standard, the pregnant mother should pay more attention to the checkup. The B -ultrasound should be reviewed regularly to eliminate abnormal factors and pay attention to the baby’s development at any time.

In addition, many pregnant mothers now control their diet and weight in order to be able to give birth, but to remind pregnant mothers here, the weight of pregnancy must be controlled, but it must be scientifically.Come to monitor your weight during pregnancy, not blindly.

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