35 days pregnant, she gave birth!Next Monday, you can come to Nanjing to watch her baby

Remember the excitement at the beginning of this year?

One male and one mother, two koalas, came to Nanjing, crossing the ocean,

Later, the people of Nanjing set up the Chinese name "Indus" and "Jasmine" for them

Indus, it means that the sycamore trees in Nanjing are as tall and upright

Jasmine is a famous Chinese flower, which means fragrance and beauty

In March of this year, two Koala met with tourists officially

Just a few months later, their babies were born

This is the first natural breeding baby in East China


How many months, Baby Koala was born?

Nanjing meals are so good?

Let’s take a look at the story of Koala!

In late May, the breeder was very excited.

They observed that Jasmine’s abdomen had a change of movement and was suspected to be happy.

On May 30, the breeder arranged the nursery room for Jasmine,

Putting on curtains, isolation of their interference with the outside world.

Koala mother and child

In late June, Koala’s baby from his mother

The head of the head and the paw was exposed in the childcare bag

This is the first time the breeder has seen the true face of the Lushan of Koala’s baby

The little guy’s skin is semi -exposed, his eyes are ignorant

In late July, Koala baby began to try out of the bag activity

It’s curious about the world

However, the scope of the Koala baby’s activities is on the mother

Sometimes in my mother’s arms

Sometimes sleeping on my mother’s back

More often, I lie on my mother’s back,

Follow Jasmine to climb, exercise, and go to the ground

Is it amazing?

A series of doubts are here

Why did you come to Nanjing for 5 months?

Little Kobera was born?

It is said that Koala Jasmine and Wutong grew up since childhood,

Emotional foundation is very good

In addition, eat well in Nanjing and sleep well,

So develop well.

The important thing is that Koala’s pregnancy is only 35 days to 37 days.

Therefore, the Koala baby was born smoothly.

In addition, Xiao Kaola grows quickly,

The height of visual inspection has reached 30 cm,

So, the breeders gave it a nickname "Nezha"


Because the breeder is unwilling to interfere with the mother and child too much,

Therefore, the sex of Xiao Corira does not know yet

Currently, Baby Koala is still in the stage of drinking milk

Occasionally, the breeder will hold the small koji to the sun outdoors.

Want to see it?

On August 20th, Koala’s baby will formally meet with tourists,

Let’s make an appointment ~

Jiangsu News Broadcast

Reporter Sun Xijiao

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