38 ℃, my mother -in -law does not allow the air conditioner, and the fetus is almost dead in 20 weeks!What should I do when I encounter such a mother -in -law?

Recently, the weather is really a lot of energy, so that I feel the courage to go out every day. It ’s okay in the morning. At noon, I really do n’t want to go out. I rely on the air conditioner to continue my life!

However, in such the weather, there are still people who are more aggressive. They do not let the air conditioner open at 38 degrees. As a result, the pregnant women and fetuses who were pregnant at 20 weeks lost their lives!Bleak

This hot search news took place in Guangdong. Sister Sister, I have been to Guangzhou, knowing how powerful the temperature there is!

However, when the temperature reached 38 degrees that day, a mother -in -law was not allowed to turn on the air conditioner in order to save money. As a result, the daughter -in -law of 20 weeks of pregnancy was hot and heat stroke, and the child almost couldn’t hold it!

According to news reports, this mother -in -law is suspected of abandoning her daughter -in -law and spend money on the air conditioner without making money. As a result, the pregnant mother’s heat stroke suddenly fainted., Directly send ICU to rescue!The doctor said: children almost can’t hold it!

Seeing that Sister Sister really feels speechless, this is good for the rescue in time, and there is no more serious consequences. Even if the air conditioner can spend an electricity cost?

Don’t say that the daughter -in -law is not said, is this electricity bill more important than his own grandson?What exactly is this mother -in -law and grandma?It is really suffocating!

In fact, let alone this kind of thing is really not an example. For so many years at work, some of the bad habits of confinement that Sister Sister often encountered is:

Do not let the air conditioner open on a hot day, and he hates the central air conditioner in the ward. He has to turn off the air conditioner doors and windows in 378 degrees, and even block the air conditioner out of the air outlet;

The cold sky is clearly indoor heating, but also wearing cotton pants, sweat and cotton hats, adults and children cover a dumplings!Bleak

Do not let the air conditioner prevent the blowing fan, let the brushing teeth prevent the face, or even let the water touch the water.

Of course, this theory is unscientific at all. Not only can it not be poisonous, but for the mother, it may cause harm, especially the first, which is often listened to the "covering confinement" that people often say, but alsoRisk great!

Have you heard of "fever?"

Our body temperature regulation is adjusted by the center. If people stay in a high temperature environment for a long time, the human body temperature regulation function disorders caused by high temperatures will cause excessive heat accumulation in the body, which will cause neurological organs to be damaged.

This kind of damage is not just physical discomfort. Thermal radiation disease is severe heat stroke in the grading of heat stroke. It is a fatal disease. The mortality rate is high!

Do you still remember that the maternal reported by the news reported that the confinement died due to heat stroke, and is there an example of the death of newborns because the bag is too thick?

The postpartum mother’s body is relatively weak. In a high temperature environment, no ventilation or even put on a hat, put on cotton socks, many people sweat, and even mentally stunned.Intersection

At this time, if you do not take timely measures, stay away from the high temperature environment, and cool down as soon as possible, it may cause fever, or even dying life!

Similarly, the mothers during pregnancy were because of pregnancy, their bodies metabolized fast, and their temperature was slightly higher in itself. In summer, she was high temperature in summer.The air conditioner must be arranged!

Just pay attention when you drive, control the temperature to the appropriateness, do not drive too low, usually about 25 ~ 27 degrees, it feels cool and sweat!

Don’t blow the air -conditioning wind in front of people. You can adjust the direction of the outlet, blow it to the ceiling, or directly prepare a air -conditioning windshield. This can enjoy coolness without fear of blowing.Bleak

If you are more particular, you can prepare a small shawl or a small shawl, a comfortable home service that does not nake the shoulders or knees, so that the pregnant mothers and postpartum mothers who have shoulders and knees are more sensitive, or have periarthitis.More friendly.Bleak

Moreover, it should be noted that blowing air conditioners should also pay attention to indoor ventilation. You can open the windows for a while to allow the air to circulate.At the same time, it is best not to stay in the air -conditioned room 24 hours a day. When it is not hot in the morning or at night, you can maintain moderate outdoor activities and go out for a walk.

So, if you want to blow, you want to blow. What should I do if I have such a mother -in -law who does not allow such a stall?

The pregnant mother in the news said that after experiencing a ghost gate that almost lost the child, I said that after thinking about it, I was afraid, and I would move out after I was discharged.

Indeed, the thoughts of many elders are indeed deeply ingrained. It is not only caused by air -conditioning disease that turning on air conditioning is not good for the body, but also causes the cold there.Too much money, you can’t carry it if you can carry it!

For the elderly with bronchitis bronchitis, the air conditioner may indeed make them even more uncomfortable, but for normal people who are not wrong, the 40 -degree sky does not open the air conditioner.Essence

If you really don’t want to be tough, don’t live together should be the simplest, fast and direct way to achieve the freedom of air conditioner.After all, in one piece, it may be conflict at that time. As long as it is not one, or the mountain is far away, you can’t see it.

Can’t you turn off the air conditioner along the phone line?

In fact, the mother -in -law’s remarks in the news should still feel that her daughter -in -law does not make money. Perhaps daughter -in -law during pregnancy does not work and has no financial source, so she feels unbalanced in her heart.IntersectionBleak

This is actually very unfair for many women during pregnancy. After all, each person’s physical conditions are different. Some women have serious responses during pregnancy. There is no way to work at all.Essence


So sometimes we often say that the source of economic sources is a necessary condition for a woman’s straight waist. If the situation allows, when the child is old, you still have to return to work. Don’t let yourself disconnect with the society and lose the ability to make a living.Bleak

I really want to say that Sister Sister, where did my husband go?

If it wasn’t for a migrant worker and did not know what happened at home, then such a high -temperature weather could not turn on the air conditioner in his wife and the children in the belly. If the husband did not dare to put one, it was really better than a air conditioner!

Sometimes my mother -in -law is contradictory. I really need a smart husband. Sister Sister has seen a opposite. After giving birth to the ward, my mother -in -law does not let the air conditioner open.As a result, the son came forward and pulled it out:

Doctors said that the air conditioner had to be turned on this day. I was so afraid of heat. Are you afraid of getting hot? Do you want to heat me?If you get this again, go home, don’t come here!Bleak

From then on, the air conditioner in their house was driving to discharged. Compared with other houses, they were lonely to cover their children out of her dumplings. When their baby was discharged and took a bath, she was slippery and slept well.Open the air conditioner.Bleak

How about brothers and sisters, have you learned?What would you do if you encountered such a thing?

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