38 weeks of pregnancy, will the fetus grow?Many people say that they are late

A girlfriend of Rui Ma, she has been pregnant for 38 weeks now. She feels that she is about to give birth, so she does not want to eat and drink as before, and wants to control it. This is convenient for her postpartum recovery.After a few days of diet, she had a friend who was a doctor.The friend told her that the fetus will continue to grow in 38 weeks. If the fetus is not enough to give the fetus enough nutrition, it will affect the normal development of the fetus. In severe cases, other complications will appear after the fetus is born.She is very puzzled, will the fetus continue to develop after 38 weeks?

When it comes to this problem, I must first talk about when many expectant mothers are pregnant, because they want to recover to the past after giving birth to a child in the future, they will choose to eat diet during pregnancy, but this is wrongEssenceWomen’s pregnancy will definitely change. It is like Huo Siyan in the entertainment industry when she is pregnant. It is really terrifying. For the first time, Rui Mom sees a quasi -mother mother with such a real entertainment industry.

Because many women in the entertainment industry will strictly control their diet during pregnancy, so that they can recover as before after giving birth, so some people don’t look like pregnant at all.This has also led to many netizens who think that these people are false or surrogacy.Just like Yang Ying, she has not changed at all during her pregnancy, and she is not like a pregnant person at all.Although this may indeed be a problem with the expectant mother system, this is still not good for the development of the fetus.Therefore, the suggestion that Rui Ma gives you is that do not control your diet during pregnancy. If you want to eat, you should eat what you want. This is the best for the fetus. Give the fetus a place to develop naturally and develop adequate nutrition.

The first half of the fetus during pregnancy must be growing in their bodies. Their limbs and various organs in their bodies will grow during this period.In the 30th week of pregnancy, it is a period when the fetal weight increases the most, which is the highest peak.During this period, expectant mothers must pay attention to their diet and living habits to let the fetus thrive.

After 30 weeks, the growth rate of fetal weight will slow down, but they are still growing, so the expectant mothers still cannot take it lightly.But expectant mothers can not eat casually. Everyone knows that if the fetus is too large, it will cause difficulties to the birth process of the expectant mother, and if it is serious, it will cause difficulty in giving birth.So what should I pay attention to in the last period of my expectant mothers?Next, Rui Ma came to tell you.

The first point of Rui Mom is to say that expectant mothers must have a reasonable diet.Although expectant mothers are the biggest and should be given sufficient nutrition for expectant mothers, these nutrients must be balanced and cannot be partial.After 38 weeks of pregnancy.The fetus has entered the pelvic cavity, so that he will be much smaller to the oppression of his mother’s uterus, and the stomach will be much smaller, so at this time, the appetite of the expectant mother will become better and can eat more things.At this time, expectant mothers must eat food with high protein content, which is helpful to the baby’s development, but it cannot be eaten too much.difficulty.

The second point is that during pregnancy, the expectant mother’s clothing must pay attention to.Dunmo is pregnant.Generally, physical edema occurs.At this time, expectant mothers must wear some loose clothes to avoid restraining their bodies, and wearing flat -bottomed and non -slip shoes. In this case, it is not easy to wrestle.You should also choose some clothes with good breathability, especially underwear, which must be comfortable.When it is about to give birth, expectant mothers will participate in many medical examinations, so it is best not to wear skirts. It is better to separate clothes to wear.

The last point is the cleaning of expectant mothers during pregnancy.Specific mothers will secrete a lot of things when they are pregnant, especially when they are about to be born, the taste of expectant mothers will be more serious.At this time, expectant mothers must pay attention to the hygiene of their private parts. They should often change their underwear and clean them, but do not frequently use the cleaning of the shower gel, just use water directly.

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